A Proposal to Restore Peace to Europe: Kant or Kalinin

Kalinigrad, FKA as East Prussia with its ancient port city of Königsberg.

Kalinigrad, FKA as East Prussia with its ancient port city of Königsberg.

After two vicious aggressive attacks upon Russia by Germany in a single lifetime, it seemed reasonable at the time to leave Germany divided. The permanent cession of East Prussia and its port of Königsberg to the USSR was accepted by the US and Great Britain, mostly because it was already a fait accompli. And the thought of a resumed war against our former Uncle Joe Stalin was unthinkable.
The ethnic cleaning that the Soviets inflicted upon the Germans (killing or forcing out 200,000) the importation of the Polish minorities from Byelorus, the Ukraine, and “mother” Russia herself.  (from Wiki) was ignored by the West.

From a description of Soviet era Kalinigrad by Allesandro Torello from “SAIA Review of International Affairs Volume 25, Number 1, Winter-Spring 2005:
Tucked away on the Baltic coast is Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave bordered by Lithuania and Poland, both members of the European Union. Once an important Soviet naval base, it has become a passage port for numerous illegal activities. Drug smuggling and human trafficking are the main problems, alongside the smuggling of amber, cigarettes and alcohol. Statistics show the crime rate in the region is 20 percent higher than in mainland Russia, and organized crime controls the illegal activities in the city, fomenting corruption and undermining economic performance. The AIDS incidence in Kaliningrad is the highest in Europe, spread by widespread prostitution and drug use. Tuberculosis and diphtheria are similarly common. Pollution smothers Kaliningrad, spurred by the poor condition of what industry remains and abetted by the region’s investment in technological innovation. Currently one of the poorest areas in Europe—its people are 65 times poorer than the average E.U. citizen—the city is a receptacle of criminality, organized crime and drugs. (Emphasis mine).


Immanuel Kant and the mainstream of European Civilization (for better or for worse [ Kant is the antithesis of Ayn Rand!]) OR—>>>Kalinin


KANT OR KALININ: Stalin, Lenin, Kalinin or Moe Larry and Curly of Soviet Terror

Traditionally in European balance of power diplomacy, Germany was the keystone of any alliance constructed to oppose Russian aggression. With Germany divided, and with East Prussia occupied by the USSR, the implicit palliative was that the USA would replace Germany as the keystone to an alliance system to oppose Soviet or Russian aggression.
70 years later: Germany is unified. It is integrated into the EU. Yet the Russians are allowed still to keep their foot in the door to the heartland of Europe. Kalinigrad (Russian name for East Prussia) remains as a permanent threat on Germany’s left flank. And as such, forces the USA to replace Germany in her traditional role.
The ethnic cleansing done by the Soviets after the war is barely spoken of.
MY PLAN: Russia removes itself form East Prussia. USA removes ourselves from the former Warsaw Pact and USSR Republics.
Germany, France and Britain ought be able to guarantee the Eastern marches of Europe: the Baltics, Poland, Hungary. We do not guarantee those formerly Soviet or Soviet controlled states. But the Europeans do. If there is battle, it will be between Germany and her European allies, and Russia. The battlefield would be, once more in the Blood Lands that suffered so from WW1 through the fall of the USSR. (Geography, unfortunately for them is fixed.)
We remain in NATO but do not deploy into the former Soviet and Warsaw pact states.
In summary East Prussia for US withdrawal to the initial NATO states. Please call to set time for delivery of Nobel Prize.
MY SOLUTION: Russia leaves East Prussia. Königsberg returns to Germany.  America withdraws to previous NATO borders.

Read more: http://www.rferl.org/content/kaliningrad-russia-nato-west-strategic/27079655.html#ixzz3dWaoCYOd

Absolutely Boycott Absolut Vodka

Not so fast hombres.

Not so fast hombres.

If only people would wake up and see the absolute (pun noted, unintended) parallel between Hispanics in America (USA) and Arabs in Israel much clarity would be gained.
Both believe they were there first. Both are wrong.
The Land of Israel was a barren backwater of the Ottoman Empire. Mark Twain wrote “Palestine sits in sackcloth and ashes. Over it broods the spell of a curse that has withered its fields and fettered its energies…. Renowned Jerusalem itself, the stateliest name in history, has lost all its ancient grandeur, and is become a pauper village; the riches of Solomon are no longer there to compel the admiration of visiting Oriental queens; the wonderful temple which was the pride and the glory of Israel, is gone, and the Ottoman crescent is lifted above the spot where, on that most memorable day in the annals of the world, they reared the Holy Cross. — The Innocents Abroad
Many writers, such as the Reverend Samuel Manning, mourned the atrophy of the coastal plain, the Sharon Plain, “the exquisite fertility and beauty of which made it to the Hebrew mind a symbol of prosperity.”But where were the inhabitants? This fertile plain, which might support an immense population, is almost a solitude…. Day by day we were to learn afresh the lesson now forced upon us, that the denunciations of ancient prophecy have been fulfilled to the very letter — “the land is left void and desolate and without inhabitants.” (The Reverend Samuel Manning, Those Holy Fields (London, 1874), pp. 14-17. W.M. Thomson reiterated the Reverend Manning’s observations: “How melancholy is this utter desolation! Not a house, not a trace of inhabitants, not even shepherds, seen everywhere else, appear to relieve the dull monotony…. Isaiah says that Sharon shall be wilderness, and the prediction has become a sad and impressive reality.” Thomson, The Land and the Book)
The parts of Mexico ceded to the USA after our victory over the corruptocrat regime in Mexico City was sparsely settled. Obsolete mercantilism forced all exports to flow from Tampico or Veracruz.  California was but a series of Missions, where Indians were forced to farm and become good Catholics.

The folkways of El Norte were always peculiar from the Mexican POV. These “northerners” that emigrated to Tejas and Nueveo Mexico were the rugged individualists of Mexico. The Iberian mindset in the Americas was always sited on URBAN life. The system of peonage allowed whiter more European Mexicans the luxury of absentee landlord over farming and mining. The peasants were never interested in ambition for self-improvement. They were NOT of the Bourgeoise mindset.
The very few that sought their own terms went north. The region was populated by the toughest of Indians. The geography was unfit for anything but ranching.
Americans spread west into what was Mexico at the invitation of the Federal District. More settlers, especially ambitious “Yankees” would increase the tax-revenues.
The economy grew and BOTH Americans and Mexicans of El Norte rebelled against their treatment by Mexico City. There were Mexicans and Americans IN the Alamo.
In any case as the USA built dams railroads etc, the region became wealthy. This NEW economy began sucking in Mexicans from the interior; i.e. not El Norte. When Air Conditioning was invented the small cities of the Southwest BOOMED. This increased the need for labor and that attracted  more Mexicans.

This is exactly to the T the story of Arabs in Israel. The European Jews (as opposed to the Ottoman Jews who were as backward as anyone in the region) came and drained swamps, irrigated land and turned Twain’s vacant dusty forlorn land green. This NEW economy sucked in Arabs from Syria as agricultural hands.
Thus SWEDEN and all the enemies of Israel are also anti-Americans.

Vultures vs Hyenas: Either Way Blood Flows

There is a deep and hidden battle taking place in America. Neither side is OURs. We do not have a dog in this fight.

Obama did not want to be a “FOREIGN POLICY” War Fighting President. He wanted to defund the military, reduce America’s strategic footprint. And thus distance us from the global chaos.  This is not a terrible idea.  There is room to discuss how much of the world we will write off as not our business.  But for sure the entire world’s status quo can no longer be a goal of US policies.  Obama also sought to fundamentally transform America.  He has done so.  The American Nation is gone.  There is a Leviathan Government acting sitting atop a multicultural state where everyone will belong to a minority.  This anti-nationalism elevates the Federal Government to arbiter over a non-people with a non-language.  And he seeks a World Government that would mirror this multi-ethnic non-national state.

He is opposed by the West Inc: the Military-Industrial-Banking Complex. This side also includes those patriots that revel in American superpower status. Theirs is a sports-like quality of rooting for the HOME TEAM. The USA has won the World Series every year since 1944: like the Yankees. Much of this sentiment is anachronistic, for rooting for the Home Team requires a Home. And the de-Anglo-Saxoning and the “de-privileging” of English-speaking bourgeoise i.e. the true Middle Class, has made the USA like the Yankees or Dodgers. IOW there are no boys from the NY City on the Yanks, nor Californian boys on the Dodgers.  Major League Baseball Inc. is mostly played by Hispanics, and Japanese, and the rare WASP found on the diamond is unlikely to be from the city in which he plays.

The Military-Industrial-Banking gang encourages the fans,sponsors them  just like Bud or Coors.  They too are Globalist! The NATO/EU connection, is the embryonic form of their Global Power.

The USA has put itself in the role of keeper of the Status Quo forever. The Great Post-WW2 Peace was a benefit of American dominance. But that dominance MUST recede. In the wake of WW2 Europe, Japan and the USSR were beaten down, bled out.

America’s share of the Gross Global Product was therefore huge. It could not be maintained.  Though our wealth was maintainable the relative wealth of the US viz. the rest of the world could never again be what it was in the wake of the War.   The recovery of Europe, Japan and Russia and the vast modernization of Korea AND China in the face of US Free Trade have all come at the cost of USA market share.

The West Inc. is the alliance of USA EU NATO Japan S. Korea and their banks etc. It is their aim to maintain their global share of wealth. Russia, China and the rest of BRICs want to increase their share of the world’s wealth.

There are two competing New World Orders: they are The West Inc. which is cloaked as rah rah patriotism on the one hand and the Socialist Utopians of the UN academentia, the left, the greens, LBGT-activists Agenda 21 etc. on the other hand.

Their Civil War is not ours. The America of our youth, face it: a White majority with 10-15% Blacks and where virtually everyone spoke English, and all, whether Catholic or Jewish had internalized the Protestant ethic, is no longer.  It is no more!  Their (not “our”) Civil War is over the fate of the vast power and wealth built up over two centuries of living in America The Beautiful and the Blessed.  Both sides seek to lend this power and wealth to their cause. But this civil war is NEVER admitted by either side because to alert us to it is to awaken us to what they have done. Our AMERICAN NATION was deliberately destroyed through immigration policies, the mysterious Muslim invasion, (who recalls being asked if they thought that America needed Muslims?), the war on American culture etc etc. All were aimed precisely to bring the death of our nation and its replacement by a totalitarian state.

The Civil War is made manifest in the strange inconsistencies of current events. The Libyan fiasco has levels within levels of sparring between the sides. Why the rush by Hillary Clinton to bring down Qadaffi who was being cooperative? Why was the US Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi working out of a CIA annex? WHAT WAS HE DOING THERE? Running guns from Libya to anti-Assad forces in Syria? When Obama warned Assad against chemical weapons, remarkably within weeks Sarin was used by somebody. McCaine and his boyfriend Grahamnesty the Senate’s chairmen of the Military-Industrial-Banking Complex committee (there is no such thing, just sayin’) immediately wanted the USA to intervene. The “War-As -Sport” Fans cheered. USA USA USA brought to you by Bud and Chevrolet.

Obama and his New World Order wanted Stevens stopped. Thus he was assassinated. At that point the West Inc side backed away quickly so as to distance themselves from any publicity about being complicit with feeding the flames of the Syrian war.  This civil war has pitted the Clintons against the Obamas.

Now the newest kid on the block with lots of US weapons is ISIS. Team Obama of the UN-Climate Charade-Agenda 21 side of the civil wars between the two competing Globalist visions knows who is ultimately running this.  Obama knows that ISIS is but the cats’ paw of the West Inc. Thus his “JV” comment was so relished by the Warcasters.  The public televised beheadings were done by fanatics, true; but by fanatics empowered by West Inc. The same Senators of the M-I-B Complex Committee and the same War-as Sportcasters rah rah Headbanger rah rah Leprechaun brought to you by Coors and Ford Motors, are screaming for more robust attacks on ISIS.

The American nation is no more. RIP.

An Honest “Liberal” Admits The Anti-Christ Nature of the Left

Is Amos Oz the “conscience of a liberal and anti-Messianic Israel”? I do not know who Amos Oz is, nor have I read any of his works. His name is familiar, that is all. But those details are unimportant because Roger Cohen uses it merely to namedrop and to emboss a literary watermark upon his Op Ed.
Despite my admitted ignorance of Amos Oz, Roger Cohen has filled in all relevant blanks by his naming the former as the “conscience of a liberal and anti-Messianic Israel”. What Cohen has done is establish the equality of “liberalism” in regard to Israeli policies and “anti-Messianism”. Finally an honest liberal!

Utopian Statists have ripped off the word “liberal” and all its derivations. They succeeded to the point where one must add the caveat “Classical” to “Liberalism” to place John Locke in his proper category.

So, WHY does “Liberalism” (State Utopianism) equal Anti-Messianism?

Modern “Liberalism” is the drive to overthrow culture and nationality by the apparatus of State. Its stated aims are the creation of some mythic status of Social Justice and Equality of Outcome. Its unstated means is dictatorship by the “enlightened”, by those who have been given the “brilliance” to see through or to Deconstruct the entire edifice of organic societal norms as being arbitrary yet simultaneously conspiratorial in their tendency “to privilege” (as a verb) those “on top”.
Its enemy is Modernity. It does not name itself “anti-Modern” partially because the very act of “labeling” is dismissed as Bourgeois. But more insidiously it is the very exactitude and precision of vocabulary that it opposes.
John Locke espoused the view that the alternative to despotic authority is not necessarily anarchy. Unlike Hobbes, Locke saw that humans have a natural propensity to self-organization. That point of view, coupled with the explosion of literacy enabled the prescient to envisage a self-governing republican nation.
This Modern worldview is first encountered in the Anglophone world. Great Britain and its settler colonies seeded the world with pockets of Middle Class Protestants-in-ethics (if not theology) creating bourgeois societies. These societies created States in order to establish stability, and protect the individuals from criminals and foreign invaders. The Modern worldview perceives the State as a secondary creation, created by the Nation. And by “Nation” the Moderns mean the largest organizational level. The Nation is the totality of the all the individuals who share a large degree of cultural norms, including language, religion, and worldview including a sense of common history and literature. For instance there is without debate a German nation, a French nation, a Japanese nation etc. But when it comes to the American nation there one finds much debate. Is there an American nation? Those who say “Yes” are called “conservatives” at best, “racists” at worst. They are constantly confronted with Michael Stiviks fresh from the University. “Not so” they hear. And then the explanation of the many myths is begun: the “myth” of American exceptionalism, the “myth” that Liberty is truly the goal of the political system, the “myth” of history as told by “white males” etc and in such manner America is “deconstructed” into being the result of ravenous white men who having ravaged the native population, imported African slaves to build an imperialist exploitive machine to rape the earth and pillage the brown races of the world.
This, the toxic brew concocted in the Academy and exported to all the nations that made up that entity formerly known as “Christendom”, is Post-Modernism.

The West emerged onto the world stage as The West in its Christian faith. The deconstruction of the Rise of The West “demythologizes” the role of Faith in the motives of the Conquistadors. It mocks the Pilgrims’ motivating impulse, i.e. to build a New Israel upon actual Biblical concepts. It presumes the deliberate genocide of the Indians, although disease preceded the Mayflower and the Pilgrims decamped into a post-apocalyptic landscape they mistook for simple woodland pastoralism.
American History is never taught as a whole. The Big Picture of the unbelievably meteoric rise of America from a dozen isolated Atlantic colonies of Great Britain to Superpower in the historic blink of an eye is never shown.
America having grown to Superpower status has begun tippling from the Kryptonite Koolaid. It can do so and run on momentum for a relatively long time: far longer than the State of Israel will be able to run.
The State of Israel unfortunately has allowed itself to be seduced by the MTV University. The DECONSTRUCTION Of The State of Israel is ongoing.
If the Deconstruction of Christianity has destroyed Christendom, what can be expected in the Deconstruction of the Judaism to Israel? Judaism itself is under relentless attack from within. The entire Tanakh (the “Old” Testament) is being deconstructed. Though Zionism claimed to be a secular movement of progressive Jews, nevertheless it retains the Jewish component. To what can the Jewish component refer if the Tanakh is denied relevancy?
Amos Oz and Roger Cohen have nailed the essence of Judaism: and it is Messiah. Judaism without Messianic expectations is as dead as Christianity without the Resurrection. And handily we now have it on authority of the NY Times that Liberalism is based upon the demythologizing of the central tenets of the Judeo-Christian worldview. Liberalism is indeed the Anti-Christ.


If only the exact and parallel analogy between the USA and our Latino threat and that of the State of Israel and their Arab threat were made clear the rising numbers of Americans proudly criticizing Israel might STFU.
There are two nations under sustained attack by an alliance of Pre-Modernists and Post-Modernists.  In other words, PRE-moderns and POST-moderns are out to destroy two nations, the USA and the State of Israel.
Let us define the Modern Age before we look at its enemies. The Modern Age accounts for a tiny sliver of world history.   One of the few new things under the sun is the Middle Class. The Middle Class is not merely defined by income levels. In reality it is not the middle rank between the Wealthy and the Poor. We here in America are prone to make this error.
Americans are all Middle Class!
Because we lack a history of feudalism we no more notice this fact than a fish notices the water.   To understand the Middle Class we must recognize its exceptional nature.
Before the early fifteenth century (an instant ago in the long view) there were only Princes, Priests and Peasants.
The Princes were the descendents of the chiefs of the last barbarian migration into a given area.   They owned almost all the tillable land. Agriculture was by far the predominant means of wealth production. Peasants or serfs worked the landlords’ lands and in return were allowed to work a certain area for themselves.
At the time the Church was the second largest landholder in Europe. The Priests acted in the same manner as the Princes in regard to their lands.
Priests and Princes also taxed the Peasants.  The Prince not only made use of the Serf’s free labor he taxed his produce. He taxed his movement of his surplus to market. However there were rarely surpluses to sell or trade.

The Priests were given their tithes, and their fees for the sacraments, and of course the labor of their serfs.
The lack of significant surpluses caused the stagnation of Europe called now, “The Dark Age”.
Two forces converged around this time in Europe that started a five hundred year boom. Not surprisingly, the first is rarely thought of as a positive. That was the Black Death. In its aftermath Europe had lost more than one third of its population. Suddenly as the survivors inherited the land that had formerly fed so many more that with little effort there were now food surpluses. With surpluses available, trade increased. A surplus of beans and wheat for instance might be swapped for the surplus of another region’s wine and cotton. Money quickly rose in importance to facilitate trade.   Clever traders were able to gather information regarding differential in prices for differing commodities and could apply that knowledge to buy low and sell high. However this occupation required self-control. The temptation to consume one’s own inventory especially of luxury items like wine was a risk. The complex prices throughout the trader’s networks required the maintenance of records and bookkeeping.
The second force was the invention of movable type, i.e. the Gutenberg press. Reading, previously restricted to the Priestly and Princely classes expanded.
The knowledge base of many trades grew. Just as traders acquired greater and greater financial acumen and information, so too did blacksmiths, printers, lawyers and physicians. And like the traders, these shopkeepers or professionals depended upon a clientele that had options, or competition. Unlike Priests and Princes these folks needed to be very protective of their good name. The requirement to forgo consuming one’s inventory, seen clearly in merchants is also active in other occupations.
As printing became common and less expensive, literacy soared. It soared especially in these new men, and their families. These shop-keeps, merchants, bankers, doctors, lawyers, dyers, bakers, pharmacists, goldsmiths all were empowered by literacy. Their Bibles were translated into their vernacular languages. They no longer depended upon Priests to teach them what the Bible said. They did not depend upon agriculture to create their wealth; the Princes had no claim to their surpluses. These were the first Bourgeois. This word, spat out by revolutionaries “Bourgeois”, merely arises from the fact that the early Middle Class was a creature of the cities and towns. (It is derived from the same “Burg” that is a suffix in the name of many towns, it means “town”.)
The successful Middle Class entrepreneurs developed all the traits we identify with the “Protestant work ethic”. It is an unfortunate name, which would be better termed the Middle Class Ethic. The traits can be listed as: thrift, sobriety, seriousness, honesty and responsibility. It valued reading and education, and frowned upon the Princely excesses of horseracing, the hunt, gambling, drinking and sexual promiscuity.
The Nobility was disgusted to discover that some Middle Class men had more wealth than they. And even more furious were they to have to come hat-in-hand for loans to maintain their lifestyle and wars.

The Priests also felt anger against these upstarts. Reading the Bible their parishioners were struck by how overly complicated and corrupted the Churches had become.
The Protestant Reformation was both cause and effect of these trends.   There developed simmering battle lines in Britain. There were two poles and many shades in between. For the sake of length the two poles were Cavalier and Roundhead. The former were the Old Guard. One may picture the England of jousts, fox hunts, horse races, Maypoles, Christmas revelry and much debauchery, i.e. Merry Old England. The “Roundheads” were the “nouveau riche”. They were the capitalists with the Middle Class Ethic described above.


Here is a key point. As British society was more and more polarized the peasants were co-opted to the Cavalier side. The High Church, with its “Smells & Bells” and retention of traditions derived from the folk paganism of the remote past, kept the loyalty of the Peasantry. The Princes and Priests used the masses to attack the Middle Class.

This is important in the peopling of America. For the moment it should be considered that Jamestown was never a healthy growth center of America. The original Jamestown immigrants were far more connected to the late medieval period than to this budding new world. Their portraits and fashions seem more similar to Spanish Conquistadors. And their demographics were the same: namely second or third sons of noble families in search of gold and treasure. They hoped to return to Merry Old England with wealth. Also significant was the near absence of women, since there was zero interest in establishing a new life in this New World.
Therefore, though Jamestown has primacy of place, it is truly to Plymouth Rock that one looks for the true founding of America. Some Puritans decided that Merry Old England was beyond purifying. These became the Pilgrims. Everything the Jamestown settlers were, the Pilgrims were the opposite. These were families coming to the New World to establish a new life devoid of Princes, Priests and Peasants.   They were highly literate. They were students of Hebrew and the Old Testament.  They likened themselves concretely not even analogously to the Israelites coming into their Promised Land.
The British Civil War finally went hot. The upshot is that the Puritans/ Roundheads won. King Charles lost his head and for a brief period England was a Republic! It was then like a heart pumping out this time Cavaliers. Refugees of Merry Old England however now with their wives and children sought refuge in the New World. This second wave of immigration into Tidewater Virginia was a true migration and not a profit seeking enterprise. The ancestors of Washington, Madison, Jefferson etc were among its number. Their society developed to resemble Merry Old England rather than New England. Nevertheless once here in America, titles, or names meant nothing. Nature is always a meritocracy. So even if originally these Virginians were Cavalier, necessity molded them into a less aristocratic society than that from which they came.

America was founded by men without titles, without any pre-existing social order. These were all Middle Class.
The only exception to the pure Middle Class nature of America was in the antebellum South. It required a second Civil War between the middle class/capitalist north, and the aristocratic slave-labor exploiters of the south.
WE ARE OF THE MODERN AGE. Rule of law, formal Constitutions, liberty, property rights are the attributes of the Modern Age.
THEY HAVE NEVER FORGIVEN US OUR INDEPENDENCE. America the only nation created consciously by for and of the Middle Class has been a thorn in the side of the Old World since independence.
The Modern Age is under assault.
There is an alliance of Pre-Moderns and Post-Moderns.
Who are Pre-Moderns?   In regard to America there are three Pre-Modern groups of concern.
1. There is a growing anti-Capitalist movement within the Tea Party that is populist. However this is tiny and unimportant compared to the Leftist anti-capitalist movement. (It is unimportant in regard to American politics, only. See below.) American Pre-modernism has regressed to the tribal-level of organization. These folks are the Jew-hating, “brave fighters” against the “Global Zionist-Conspiracy”.
2. The Hispanic Peasantry is being imported in order for the Elites to use them against the Middle Class. These folks are illiterate, used to corruption, ignorant of the rule of law and hungry. They will be used as shock troops and voters.

  1. Why are we allowing Muslims to immigrate here in their millions? I know I was not asked.   Like the Latin culture, Muslim values are alien to America. We share no common philosophical, or cultural heritage with either of these groups. The oppression of women, their chronic state of war against all non-Muslims places them in a Pre-Modern turdworld.

These are the academic elite. They are politicized to the point of totalitarianism. They have taken on the role of the Priests and Princes of Europe’s middle ages. They correctly understand that the key to the Middle Class is our access to the ownership of our own means of production.   They have moved in myriad ways but one goal is always discernable. Like guns only more so, they see allowing the production of wealth to be in the hands of private citizens as giving us too much power. They do not want to make the same mistake that the Princes and Priests made viz. the Middle Class. Recall, the Middle Class emerged by creating its own means of wealth production INDEPENDENT of the landowners. They mean to destroy those people who created this nation and who benefited it, and were benefitted by it.   “Who are you to own the goose that lays golden eggs?” They do not even want the goose. They just don’t want anyone having golden eggs.
The Marxists, the Climate Thugs, the enablers of the Hispanic Migration, the people who seem to be deliberately destroying America, are indeed acting to destroy us! We ARE the Modern Age.

Parallels between the State of Israel and the USA:
Both nations are treated as enemies of the World Community. Only the US has the ability to return to a Fortress America and lack for nothing except perhaps excess luxury.
The lesson learned by the failure of the USSR is that no single nation can become Communist so long as large areas of private property exist. Capital like water cannot be stopped from finding its outlet to the sea. So long as America remains free, our economy alone can hold as much capital as escapes from a socialist world.   The USA must cease being Free, or cease being independent. Both avenues are being pursued.
Both nations face restive pre-modern peoples at their borders and within their territory.
In both cases the primitives argue, “they did not cross the border, the border crossed them”.
Yes the USA conquered northern Mexico in the Mexican War.
Yes the Israelis conquered the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria in the Six Day War of 1967.
But what was the demographic reality at the time back in the time of Texas settlement by Americans, and of the region of the Middle East between the “river and the sea”?
In both cases the land was nearly empty. The Hispanic ideal has always been urban. The descendents of Conquistadors were satisfied with the wealth created by their serfs in the Central Valley. Ferocious Indians populated the north of the country. At this time the Indians had gained control of horses and these horse-warriors were able to stand up to most Mexican troops. The few Mexicans that settled in the north, in California, New Mexico and Arizona were atypical. Even today in northern Mexico the locals are considered fiercely independent. Just recently armed Mexican ranchers threw out all the criminal cartels operating in their region. These few hearty Mexicans ran isolated ranches in what is now the US Southwest. The Mexican Government forced all commerce to use only ports under more control of Mexico City: Vera Cruz, Tampico etc.
As Americans began entering Tejas, the Mexican central government was glad to have a new tax base. But as they increased in numbers they were less willing to be ruled from distant Mexico City. There began an independence movement of Anglos AND Mexicans of El Norte. There were several Mexicans killed in the Alamo! The Mexican People of El Norte were far more similar to Anglos than they were to ruling class in their Distrito Federal.
After the Mexican War the several states carved out of the Mexican north began to attract Anglos. Modern agricultural techniques brought more settlers. Dam projects created verdant valleys of irrigated orchards fruits vegetables of all kinds. This economic boom attracted impoverished Mexicans from the south. These were NOT the descendents of the original Mexican population of El Norte.
The advent of electricity and air conditioning allowed for the massive surge in population of cities like LA, San Diego, Tucson, Phoenix, San Antonia etc etc. This again attracted uneducated labor from Mexico. So many that today many make the La Raza claim that “we did not cross the border, the border crossed us”. That is a lie.
Compare this to Israel and the Arabs. There is an exact analogy between that situation and America’s!
Mark Twain wrote of the dusty backwater of the Ottoman Empire that was Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Jews from Europe began to trickle back in the 19th century equipped with modern farming techniques, and the middle class work ethic. Where a few impoverished Jews and Arabs stagnated for a millennium, a modern wealthy nation was built. They created drainage systems to create cropland in former swamps. They dug irrigation systems to make green the formerly brown desert.   They created an economy that attracted Arab laborers, much as the development of the American Southwest attracted Hispanics. No, the Arabs did not build it. No, the border did not cross them: they crossed it.

American patriots who criticize Israeli policies should reflect on the deep similarities between our modern national histories.

Money In Politics; Politics in Money: Two Sides of the Same Coin

NY Times “Dark Money” on the Midterms

The NY Times “explains” the Midterm results. “The next Senate was just elected on the greatest wave of secret, special-interest money ever raised in a congressional election. What are the chances that it will take action to reduce the influence of money in politics?”

In the manner of all “clever” rhetoricians they are expert at asserting their conclusion as a “given” in formulating their “question”.  But wait a minute Mr. Trendy Times man, hold your horses.

Why is it presumed that the influence of money in politics is something we ought work towards reducing?

Federalist # 10 addresses this. *…[T]he most common and durable source of factions has been the various and unequal distribution of property. Those who hold and those who are without property have ever formed distinct interests in society. Those who are creditors and those who are debtors fall

under a like discrimination. A landed interest, a manufacturing interest, a mercantile interest, a moneyed interest, with many lesser interests, grow up of necessity in civilized nations and divide them into different classes, actuated by different sentiments and views. The regulation of these various and interfering interests forms the principal task of modern legislation and involves the spirit of party and faction in the necessary and ordinary operations of the government. . . .

It is in vain to say that enlightened statesmen will be able to adjust these clashing interests and render them all subservient to the public good. Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm. *

YET the NY Times presumes that a “Common Good” is thwarted by the influence of INTERESTS. How is The Common Good established? IS IT IN VAIN to await the ENLIGHTENED Statesman? YES!

So without a recognized Enlightened Statesman to weigh the various interests what are we to do? The various “special interests” are… VARIOUS. (Duh!)

To use an idea from Physics: each interest can be considered a VECTOR. (A Vector is a direction and a magnitude.)   Each special interest seeks government to help them in specific ways. In Representative Republics the various myriad vectors are summated. How? By forming alliances with those interests that share some of the same legislative goals and which do not have any strongly opposing goals. IT IS THE FINAGLING among interested representatives that succeeds in producing the best approximation of the common good.


In addition, MONEY is necessary for the magnitude component of the vectors.

In other words, all the legislative ends desired by an interest group are not held in equal strength. Money signals the importance that is given each particular interest.

If interests are symbolized by ABC… and abc indicating interests of major importance and minor importance and + and – equals pro or con the interest then one interest group whose vector contains A++ b- C— might be amenable to compromising with a different interest whose vector contains A+, b+, c+. Both share a strong desire for pro-A, they disagree on b and c but these are not as strong as the shared desire for A.

Campaign contributions precisely reflect the perceived magnitude of the vectors of each interest.

“Oh but what about the unconnected citizen?” asks the Glib Lib. To the degree that a particular citizen is concerned about AB or C then he will support the candidate closest to his perceived interests. AND DESPITE ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD the Politician MUST still get a majority of votes!  Indeed people are easily manipulated by cynical marketers. But only to the degree that a person is not interested in the issues might he be swayed.  But one need not be a rocket scientist to perceive one’s immediate interests and vote accordingly.

Finally there is the Constitution. The less the Government has power to impose or forbid activities the less it offers to lobbyists. Lobbyists and Money are directly related to Government Power. IF ONE WISHES LESS MONEY IN POLITICS, WEAKEN AND CONTAIN THE GOVERNMENT!

Back to Federalist #10: “There are . . . two methods of removing the causes of faction: the one, by destroying the liberty which is essential to its existence; the other, by giving to every citizen the same opinions, the same passions, and the same interests. “
Here the author has remarkably foreseen Fascism, Communism and Totalitarianism. The choice is between true representational republicanism and one of the flavors of Totalitarianism.

Money in Politics is merely the obverse of Politics in Money.  “Politics in money” is the intrusion of majoritarian government into the private economic affairs of otherwise free people.

NY Times Runs Pre-Election Day Ad For Obamacare!!! Extra Read All About It!

http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/10/27/us/is-the-affordable-care-act-working.html?action=click&pgtype=Homepage&module=c-column-middle-span-region&region=c-column-middle-span-region&WT.nav=c-column-middle-span-region – /
The NY Times is out shilling for the Democrat party this weekend before Election Day.  Smug elitists will read the bullet points and pretend to know the data.


The NY Snides will pompously rebut Conservative critics of Obamacare by glibly asserting, “The number of Americans Without Health Insurance is Down by About 25 Percent”.

I doubt more than 25% of NYT readers will read beyond the first paragraph. And I bet they, the Times, know that. So the vast majority of the intilektchuals will not have read the third paragraph. “Of that total, it appears that more than half of people who are newly insured signed up for Medicaid…”
AND even IF the percentage of uninsured is decreased by 6-8% the question ought be AT WHAT COST?
The Second Bullet Point to listen for is “HAS INSURANCE UNDER THE LAW BEEN AFFORDABLE?”

The NYT says, “When President Obama signed the measure in 2010, he pledged that it would protect Americans from ruinously high medical bills by guaranteeing them access to comprehensive — and affordable — coverage.” WAIT A MINUTE Mr. New York Snide; there is a BAIT AND SWITCH in the very sentence! NOTICE THE DELIBERATE CONFLATION of “Medical Bills” and “affordable coverage”.

You might (but I know no one who has) pay less of a premium BUT you will PAY MORE for Co-pay, and Prescriptions.

IN addition the Slimes are comparing apples and lemons. Most Obamacare Plans do NOT cover elite hospitals and medical centers: not Sloan-Kettering for instance in NYC. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH. Those who promise it are scamming you!
On this Second Bullet Point The Times conveniently provides a summary “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW”. (Yes, what you need to now to confound conservative critics of Obamacare is my guess.

Here is “what you need to know”: *Of the 7.3 million people who signed up for private insurance through online exchanges during the first enrollment period, 85 percent qualified for federal subsidies that decreased the cost of their premiums.

Though many people have found policies with affordable premiums, high deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs have discouraged some people from using their insurance.

Early rate filings by insurers in 21 states suggest that rates will vary widely, but the median premium increases for 2015 for silver plans will be around 4 percent and there will be more insurers in the market. But consumers will need to shop around to keep their costs down.

Insurers are expected to continue trying to control costs by restricting consumers from using doctors out of their network. *

These points are meant to be positive comments about 0’care. Silver Plans will herd their plebeian buyers into smaller and smaller pools of doctors and make seeing a specialist very difficult. If you like your doctor maybe you will see him in the supermarket and you can say Howdy, but you will not see him in his office.

The Intilektchual posers will read the “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW” to pretend to be knowledgeable and will not read the body of the article. In this slimy way the NY Snide editors can signal the talking points, but protect their own shrinking credibility.

3rd Bullet: “Did the Affordable Care Act improve health outcomes?” Notice in lighter gray beneath the question a subtitle “To Gauge Impact on Nation’s Health, More Time Will Be Needed”. Oh. In other words it is unknown. Their first paragraph “Of all the pledges made for the Affordable Care Act — that it would reduce the number of uninsured or make insurance more affordable, for instance — perhaps the loftiest and hardest to demonstrate was that it would make the nation healthier” is plagued by the fundamental flaw of leftist philosophy. That flaw is considering “the nation” to have the same qualities as individuals. If we were to take the nation’s temperature, so to speak, with an old-fashioned thermometer would we place it in DC, or Newark, or Gary, IN? The “nation” is an abstraction; it is a term that is handy for considering a collective. But it is only INDIVIDUALS that might be healthier or not!

The Times gives us again “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW” (again with my “in order to appear to be knowledgeable” refrain.

*Most experts say there is not enough data yet on the entire population to determine whether the law is improving the nation’s health.

The best early data is on young people, and it suggests that the law is benefiting that group by allowing them to stay on their parents’ insurance. The share of 19- to 25-year-olds without health insurance declined to 21 percent in the first quarter of this year, from 34 percent in 2010, a reduction of about four million people.

Young college graduates were far more likely to report excellent health, to have a primary care doctor and to go to the doctor regularly than before the law.

Indicators for how well the law is working for older people are few, but one – screenings for colon cancer – shows marked growth, as screening rates for people with private insurance rose to 56 percent in 2012, from 48 percent in 2010.*

Studies are cited in the body of the article (probably unread by 75%) and at least the one I looked at does NOT…NOT support the claim “young college graduates were far more likely to report excellent health, to have a primary care doctor and to go to the doctor regularly than before the law.” Below is the link to the study on which this claim is made.

http://www.nber.org/papers/w20148 “Impacts of the Affordable Care Act Dependent Coverage Provision on Health-Related Outcomes of Young Adults

Silvia Barbaresco, Charles J. Courtemanche, Yanling Qi

NBER Working Paper No. 20148

Issued in May 2014

NBER Program(s): HC HE

The first major insurance expansion of the Affordable Care Act – a provision requiring insurers to allow dependents to remain on parents’ health insurance until turning 26 – took effect in September 2010. We estimate this mandate’s impacts on numerous health-related outcomes using a difference-in-differences approach with 23-25 year olds as the treatment group and 27-29 year olds as the control group. For the full sample, the dependent coverage provision increased the probabilities of having insurance, a primary care doctor, and excellent self-assessed health, while decreasing unmet medical needs because of cost. However, we find no evidence of improvements in preventive care utilization or health behaviors. Subsample analyses reveal particularly striking gains for college graduates, including reduced obesity. Finally, we show that the mandate’s impacts on 19-22 year olds were generally weaker than those on 23-25 year olds, although we observe a reduction in pregnancies for unmarried 19-22 year old women.”

Nowhere in this paper cited by the Times is there justification for their “young college graduates were far more likely to report excellent health…. than before the law.”
Bullet 4

Will the online exchanges work better this year than last? “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW” (in order to parrot the party line):

Federal and state officials say that the online health care marketplaces that performed so badly last fall have been upgraded to ensure smoother service when they reopen Nov. 15.

But both new and old customers are expected to flood onto the exchanges, testing their capacities, and the “back end” of the federal system, where insurers receive applications and bill the government for subsidy payments, is not completed.

Though many of the 14 state-run exchanges are fine, several remain question marks, including those in Maryland, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Vermont.

NOT MUCH HERE EXCEPT THE “COINCIDENCE” that the test of functionality occurs AFTER Election Day!

It is here we should recall how it was that the Canadian company CGI got the NO-BID contract to create the 0’Website.  Michelle Obama and the Failed Website To summarize, the company with a terrible record on similar projects in Canada received a NO-BID contract. It is happenstance that Michelle Obama’s classmate and fellow member of Black Princeton Alumni, Toni Townes-Whitley is Executive Vice President of CGI-Federal.

Bullet 5: Has the health care industry been helped or hurt by the law? “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW” to rebut conservatives:

Wall Street analysts and health care experts say the law helped the industry financially by providing new customers to insurers and new paying patients to hospitals.

The most direct beneficiary of the law is the insurance industry, which is now experiencing growth in the demand for private insurance.

The number of insurers participating in the online health exchanges is projected to grow in 2015, an indication of the anticipated profitability of the marketplace.

So, who cares how well “the industry” is doing? Only Crony Corporatists benefit. Not patients, not doctors. Only bureaucrats and corporate tools win.

The NY Slimes first sentence in this bullet ‘From the beginning, opponents of the Affordable Care Act have warned that it represented a “government takeover”…’ WHY THE QUOTES? Air quotes are pathognomonic for the presence of an underlying Statist, Collectivist, Fellow Traveler or Trendy Tool. If the “Affordable Care Act” were not a government takeover of 20% of the US economy what would an actual takeover look like?

And as to the Crony Corporatists: Alinsky boasted “I have on occasion remarked that I felt confident that I could persuade a millionaire on a Friday to subsidize a revolution for Saturday out of which he would make a huge profit on Sunday even though he was certain to be executed on Monday. — P.150 Rules For Radicals. From the Times article: For the insurers, the health care exchanges are now “really the only game in town in terms of growth” for private insurance, said John F. Holahan, a policy expert from the Urban Institute.
IS THIS THE PLAN: lure in the Crony Corporatists then destrpy them? Not necessarily a bad thing. But it will be used as an example that “Capitalism failed… and failed fairly… spectacularly” per Hillary Clinton.

Bullet the 6th is:
“HOW HAS THE EXPANSION OF MEDICAID FAIRED?” with the subtitle “Some States Balked at What They Believed Would Be Hidden Costs”. The NY Times presumes to be smarter than entire states!!!

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW (to sound like you’ve been watching MSLSD):

The Affordable Care Act allows states to expand Medicaid to people not previously eligible, including some people above the poverty level – but the United States Supreme Court in 2012 ruled that expansion was optional for states.

As a result, only 27 states and the District of Columbia have expanded, while Republican opposition in other states has blocked expansion.

In states without expanded Medicaid, a coverage gap exists for people who earn too much to receive Medicaid, but too little to receive federal subsidies to reduce insurance premiums. About half of the people who fall in that gap nationally live in Texas, Florida or Georgia.

Under pressure from hospitals that stand to gain federal funds from Medicaid expansion, Republican governors in several states are now moving toward expansion, some through so-called private option plans.

This one begins “Architects of the Affordable Care Act saw the expansion of Medicaid, the government health care program for low-income people, as a crucial step toward President Obama’s goal of reducing the number of uninsured. And in states that have expanded eligibility — to include people with incomes up to 138 percent of the poverty level (up to $16,105 for an individual) — Medicaid appears to be achieving that goal.” BUT as pointed out above try to find doctors that take Medicaid!!! Since most uninsured poor people have no assets like houses to place liens upon their hospital bills are probably laughed at as they are tossed in the trash. So this law merely pays hospitals a token of their admission and care.  It does not provide care to any one but hospital financial officers. It is all but wealth redistribution. In this weekend before Election Day the NY Times donates free advertising to the Democrat Party.

Not all states have expanded Medicaid, because the Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that the expansion was optional. So governments in 23 states, most of them Republican-controlled (BOO HISS), have blocked expansion, asserting that the cost could eventually become a state responsibility.”

The Times implies the Republican Governors are stupid. Don’t they know “that will not be the case: Under the Affordable Care Act, the federal government pays all costs for newly eligible Medicaid beneficiaries through 2016, and after that the federal share never goes below 90 percent. Under traditional Medicaid, states pay a higher share — 26 percent to 50 percent.”

IS IT NOT POSSIBLE OR EVEN LIKELY THAT AFTER 2016 the far larger pool of Medicaid-insured would generate costs such that 10% would cost more than the 26-50% reimbursement states currently get?

And further, like Alinsky’s “I have on occasion remarked that I felt confident that I could persuade a millionaire on a Friday to subsidize a revolution for Saturday out of which he would make a huge profit on Sunday even though he was certain to be executed on Monday”, the Crony Governors and their states will be exactly in the same position.

The final bullet, #7 is “HAS THE LAW CONTRIBUTED TO A SLOWDOWN IN HEALTH CARE SPENDING?” with the somewhat hemming and hawing subtitle ” Trajectory of Costs Levels Off, but There Are Many Reasons”.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW (to sound glib and lib).

Health care spending had begun slowing even before the Affordable Care Act was signed into law.

The reasons included recession, higher-deductible policies that discourage people from seeking health care services, and a decline in the development of new, costly prescription drugs.

But reductions in wasteful or unneeded care may also be factors in the slowdown, and experts say the Affordable Care Act may help reinforce those changes.

In the short term, the law could actually drive up health care spending by bringing more insured people into the system.

The kick off to this last essay is “For decades, health care costs have been rising much faster than the rest of the American economy...” This is an important factoid that must NOT be taken at its face value. Again, it is comparing apples and oranges. In the 1950’s there were no Cat Scans, MRI’s, Interventional Radiology, drugs to treat all the things we now take for granted. People live longer, because of pharmacologic and technologic interventions in Atherosclerosis, Hypertension, Congestive Heart failure, Diabetes, Asthma COPD, Kidney Failure just to name a few of the major killers of the past. They are all now managed longer and allow for a longer life with good quality.

What is the percent increase in the cost of Television watching. Remember when it FREE! As long as you had a decent and well-placed antenna it was free. Oh but there were only seven channels and nothing between 2AM and 6AM! Now we have cable or dish or telephone line input with 1000 channels of perfect picture! But it is not free. Why is there no hubbub over the television-viewing costs rising much faster than the rest of the economy?

So the very first premise is mistaken. The rest is therefore moot. To end this NY Times pre-election day review of Obamacare and ad for the Democrat Party: ““The experiment is on, and everyone knows they’re a lab rat,” said Douglas J. Holtz-Eakin, the president of the right-leaning American Action Forum and a former director of the Congressional Budget Office. “Now we’ll see if it sticks.” To the Times, “right-leaning” might mean anything! I suspect that this “right-leaning” think tanker is a Free-Trading Corporatist of the Crony Clan.

To the ELITES we are indeed lab rats! We will remind them that rats have teeth!