Attila’s World, welcome.

This is my first attempt at a Blog, so I hope we will grow together, you (the reader) and me.  Actually I mean “to grow in stature, wisdom, love etc”, not intertwine and grow together in the sense of becoming one.  “I don’t know where you have been!?”, Basil Faulty said to a nurse who was trying to touch his body!  So a working knowledge of Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, South Park, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Ayn Rand, Herberrt W. Armstrong, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and  The Grateful Dead lyrics, American and European History, Middle Eastern History, Douglas Hofsteder, Fractals and Scale, Chaos Theory, Physics (optics and gravity esoecially) will all be helpful in our growth.  But what is our point?  Is there a teleos for this blog?

Almost everything I write is to clarify for me the meaning of current events in their historical context in order to recognize the Hand Of God operating in History.  And once recognized, to look back at History to see if there is a direction to which it points.  This way of analysis can and has led to a unique worldview.  Wrongheaded or on the money I can’t know, but it is unique.

What is the Worldview? It is hard to define. It becomes more apparent when various pieces are looked at.  Like individual iron filings are unaware that they form a particular pattern in the presence of a magnet, none the less a pattern emerges.  So my worldview is a view that includes as a subset our worldviews.  Now that I have made myself clear (NOT) where do I start?  I guess from here.  No, from here. And now, no now…

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