Atlantis was a prophecy, not a memory!

The Dollar is about to plunge into an inflationary death spiral, and the Pound seems to be equally imperiled.   The article about the dollar’s peril talks of its decline being tied to the rising stock market.  I guess that means that investors have more faith in corporations then they do in the security of the buying power of the dollar!  But since American corporate stock is bought and sold with dollars, the simultaneous rise in the stock market with the decline in the dollar means that the stock prices must be going up because of purchasing by foreign holders of dollars.  In a healthy bull rally wouldn’t the dollar increase compared to world currencies, as the demand increases in order to buy American Corporate stock?  So the dollar’s decline, despite a rising stock market must, must mean that all the dollars held abroad as the “official” medium for international exchange are being looked at as one might look at a piece of used Kleenex!  They’d rather be rid of them and use them to buy American Corporate Stock since it is clear that the US government is more interested in keeping the Dow up than it is in fighting inflation.  And on the article under the one about the Dollar, is this one; “Britain’s Debt Lookout Lowered”, meaning that the ability for Britain to borrow in the worlds capital markets becomes more expensive if not more difficult.  This is bitterly ironic because it was Great Britain that was the first nation to develop a sophisticated financial system that allowed her to assume the massive debt used to defeat Napoleon, the Kaiser, the Sultan, and the Emperor of Austro-Hungaria, and Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo.  

The Anglosphere is not contemporaneous with English history.  I would suggest that an identifiable English Speaking world power with global rather than local European interests is first seen in the wake of the British Civil Wars.  From the execution of Charles I through the Glorious Revolution which put King William and Queen Mary in power, Britain was almost totally self-involved. But by the early 18th century, the outlines of the coming Anglosphere are forming.  Britain reaches a unwritten Constitution with a tripartite power structure and a Bill Of Rights.  The industrial revolution is underway.  And why in Britain and why at that time?  There was finally political stability, a recognition of Property Rights as being adherent to one’s own individuality, and not held under “license” from a government or Church, and a liberal world view interested in the rational understanding of nature for its own sake and for benefiting the here and now.  And it was this same period that saw the first English Colonies begin to flourish in their own right. Though the colonies formed in and because of the previous religious and political turmoil, it was not until the early 18th century that they went from being tenuous outposts on the edge of a wilderness peopled by religious “cults” as we would mockingly call them today, to actual functioning polities in their own right.  Thus, though England’s history disappears into the deep mists of prehistoric time, The Anglosphere: the American Colonies destined to become the United States Of America, Great Britain, and the ousting of French and Spanish power from North America (above Mexico) and the creation of Canada, as well as the first settling of Australia Capetown, and New Zealand all occurred in and around the same period.

And now, The Dollar, and The Pound are in deep trouble.  America’s border with the non-Anglophone Mexico is virtually nonexistent.  Catholicism is now the single largest Christian sect here!  (I have nothing against Catholics, though to understand American and British history one must be familiar with the deep and well founded fear of Catholicism that prevailed since Elizabeth the 1st defied the King of Spain, His Most Catholic Monarch.)  England and Elizabeth I saw herself as the bulwark of Protestantism, in fact earning the wrath of Philip by aiding her fellow Protestants in The Netherlands fighting for independence from Spain. Philip’s Spanish Armada fiasco was widely seen to be the Hand Of God approving Protestant Britain and the soon to be founded United Provinces of the Netherlands. And if in fact God’s Hand might be seen in History, it is interesting that The Netherlands is now a nation on the brink of having Sharia Law imposed on it.  England is in a similar bind, but with worse economic problems, and America is in this unprecedented  crisis.  Our three nations have essentially risen together, the Pilgrims having incubated in Leiden in Holland, typify the whole history.  Devout Christians wanting to separate from the fallen false churches of England, they found a temporary home with the tolerant but like-minded Dutch Reformed Church. And then on to Plymouth Bay destined soon to be absorbed by the Puritans (wanting to purify rather than separate from the church) arriving in their thousand to Boston and vicinty.

And now The Netherlands a close cousin of The Anglosphere (especially since linguists trace ancient English to Frisian, a language still spoken on some small islands and coastal areas of Holland) and we, the Anglosphere itself have come to mock the very word “puritanical” by using it pejoratively.  All of our nations can be described as Post-Christian to various degrees.  The Dutch, further along the road than the British, who are further down the road than America.  And now all three have within one generation gone from power and wealth and national pride to the opposite extreme.  The Dutch East Indies were ripped from the Netherlands.  The fall of The British Empire is well known, and now America is the center of The Perfect Storm.  

What a coincidence!

The preeminence of The Anglosphere is fading quickly, to the delight of the entire world.  The Cemeteries of Normandy, and the many others stretching from Crecy and Agincourt, to Waterloo, Ypres, Gallipoli, the Somme, Morocco and Algeria and Tunisia, Sicily, Anzio and Salerno, Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, Saipan, Tarawa, Iwo, Okinawa, Seoul, Bagdad, Basra, and everywhere lie the graves of the English Speaking soldiers dying in their duty as the true vanguard of the revolution.  No, not the melodramatic class struggle revolution of Marx, but the true revolution of Rational Enlightened Scientific Liberty called “Capitalism”.

If history continues much longer into a post Anglosphere World, (I personally think it won’t), the World may one day come to mourn the one they pierced. The brief flicker of the Light of Liberty will go out, and the World will once again be ruled by Tyrants in Crowns, from Castles and Cathedrals.  And around the huddled serfs’ fires in the night will be told tales from the Age of Atlantis, when a Great Group Of Nations held sway across the Atlantic Ocean and the poorest of their poor were like the princes of their own time. An Empire of Liberty where the knowledge of all things physical was available literally at anyone’s fingertip!  And their children will gape in wonder at these tales, as their elders chuckle inside at their sweet naivety and belief in such things.  “If only” their parents might wistfully think, “If only it were true that such a time and place as Atlantis had actually been real, would that they could have been blessed enough to have seen it but once!”  And we are throwing it all away!  And for what?  To be demonstrably Politically Correct?  The World and its pomp and popes and history of deadly “isms” has longed for the day when the Nations of Shopkeepers are knocked off their high horse so they, the descendants of Chivalry and Feudalism can once again resume their “rightful” place!

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