The Third Way: Organic Grassroots Social Cohesion vs. Statism or Anarchy

France has long been in the business of legislating cultural activities. This is most apparent in its laws concerning keeping the French language “French”. Unlike most of the world, France creates strange new French words, rather than adapt the global/ English name for most new technical terms. 
Let us Libertarians be consistent. There are those who claim to be Libertarian, yet are all too glad to use the power of the State when it suits their purpose. I personally think that Islamic practices in regard to most everything are abhorrent. Yet, if there is no coercion involved, the State has no legitimate role in regard to dress codes. Yes, we accept the cultural norms against public nudity and agree that laws in this regard have by virtue of ancient custom a basis for legitimacy. And, if security becomes the issue, for instance, suicide bombers cloaked in burqas, that can also be a legitimate State interest. The would be tyrants frame the question as having only two possible answers: anarchy or statism.
But: To continue in our republican form of government we must remain a people of moral character, in the Judaic-Christian tradition. As in most cases there is often a third way. In the past, the 3rd way has often been the Anglo-American Way. A more natural way to maintain societal cohesion is to allow organic interpersonal power to naturally constrict the the circle within which “normality” is defined.. This, however, requires a society that has the self-assurance necessary to reject the notion of moral relativism. It requires a society in which nonconformists risk being ostracized. And one in which social sanctions have real teeth. Playground “bullying” and kids being “made-fun-of” are the mechanisms by which societies resist change, organically, not politically. This is (was, alas) the Anglophone Way. We read how the British Empire was founded by men who grew up as boys in Public School who bullied and were bullies. No, not a pretty picture, but when seen in the perspective of other cultures’ rites of male passage, actually quite tame! The purpose of societies having male rites of passage is to establish a generally agreed upon range of behaviors considered to be normal, and to be specific enough as to allow a sense of self vs non-self in the society as a whole. When non-self is detected, it is the military-aged males that become wary, and often dangerous. This is a natural organic characteristic of human culture, and is analogous to the immune system in an individual. Despite the New Age attack on masculinity in the West, the Rest have not been keeping pace. No, I’m afraid Ivan, Abdul, and Pedro have grown up in “backward” macho cultures. Our demasculinized school marm culture has eroded that natural immunity to the point where our society is essentially immunodeficient! Our elites have attempted to indoctrinate our boys into accepting that sports ought not be about winning, but about cooperating. And there is always Ritalin for the would-be future alpha-males. The attempts at eradicating or taming the testosterone ballsy male youths by our liberal education and media have created an entire generation of young men devoid of the sense of natural healthy empowerment. Instead, we now have the vision of hyper-masculine caricatures in Urban Hip Hop Bling paraphernalia treating their ‘ho’s like commodities. (But we wink at the not quite acknowledged creation of the stereotyped “shrewd street-wise” woman who uses the brainless testosterone crazed male to buy her conspicuous wealth signifiers.)  Or the caricature of young White men, privileged to booze it up in frat house culture a la “Animal House.
The French/Continental/European/Catholic way of control is through legislating behaviors; much like the Muslim way, though of course the European behaviors legislated are more enlightened. 
We need to get back our own sense of identity, that we are heirs to a Great Civilization: The Anglosphere, the English-Speaking World, and we ought not rein in our boys for they are our own organic natural immune system. I am not encouraging physical bullying, but merely considering a second look at the old adage “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me.” Too often we have over- protective parents and lawyer-phobic schools forbidding the name-calling that might make that Burqa, or Turban, or Fez, or Viking Helmet wearer hesitate and decide whether that it is on that hill he (or she) wants to fight.  This allows for an organic social cohesion without the meddlesome micromanaging of the European and Muslim societies.

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