Response to the Sunday NY Times Report On National Security Implications From “Climate Change”

I am nauseous, no really I am!  Having read the entire article is like being confronted with a gelatinous creature with myriads of claws and a multitude of tusk-lined mouths, and one does not where to begin, or whether to even bother.  Just run off shrieking maniacally head craned backwards to see if It is gaining on me.  Or freeze, hope it won’t see me, or at least let it be fast.

This article couched in “scientifical” sounding sobriety can’t even decide to commit to Warming or just the safer bet of Change!

Like Beowulf, I will clasp on sword and shield and sally forth, yet again.  And like Beowulf, I have no illusion that if successful It will stay dead, or if its mother will come slithering after me.  And my luck, she’ll look more like the one time secretary of state Ms Halfbright, and not the heavenly Ms. Angelina Jolie.  But foolishly and uselessly I will spend the next x amount of Sunday afternoon trying to bell this Cat.  But, on the bright side, it is yet another cloudy damp cool August day in New England.  So much for the Dog days of August!

OK, if one must do an especially onerous task, it is always best to plunge right in.  Like going to the beach, you want to get in the cold water fast, and get your hair wet!  The misery is in the slow wading out deeper and deeper, and cringing as the icy Atlantic waves reach up beyond the level to which the testes can retreat without surgery.  No, you have to just dive in as soon as it is minimally deep enough for quick and sudden emersion.  And you better do it soon, because the days of cold and brownish waves at Jones Beach may soon be a fond memory.  Yes, we will tell our spoiled and disrespectful grandchildren, that once, a man had to brave the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean until at least August when they became merely cool in order to ride the brownish waves.  “Now you little snots you don’t know how lucky you are!  Go ‘head, jump in the tepid brownish waters, and play, not one of yiz would have the stones to swim in June back in the 1990’s! Ahh whud d’yus know.”

See, I am procrastinating, I really don’t want to have to tackle this hydra headed Big Lie again and again for eternity.  But, if that is my cross, I will bear it.  If my cup, I will drink.

Paragraph by paragraph let us see what we see.

The New York Times

Climate change seen as threat to U.S. security

Issue could become central in Senate debate over energy legislation

By John M. Broder

updated 8:25 p.m. ET, Sat., Aug 8, 2009

First matter of business, we must ask ourselves “Why?” Why is it that “Climate Change Is Seen As A Threat To National Security”, is new news?  Has there been a new study that has raised the level of concern among military and intelligence analysts?

WASHINGTON – The changing global climate will pose profound strategic challenges to the United States in coming decades, raising the prospect of military intervention to deal with the effects of violent storms, drought, mass migration and pandemics, military and intelligence analysts say.

This IS the New York Times, is it not?  Since when has The New York Times taken so-called military and intelligence analysts at their word?  I guess, if they are nameless, the Times can quote “them” saying anything it would wish actual analysts to say.

“Such climate-induced crises could topple governments, feed terrorist movements or destabilize entire regions, say the analysts, experts at the Pentagon and intelligence agencies who for the first time are taking a serious look at the national security implications of climate change.”  Excuse me, this is only the second paragraph, so I am not sure which “climate-induced crises” the unnamed analysts are referring to.  But, of course we need not worry, because “experts” at the Pentagon and intelligence agencies are taking a “serious look”.  Oh my!  A serious look at the national security implications of climate change is finally (whew, thank God) being done!  Unstated and therefore invisible is the subliminal implanting of the surety of the coming climate change.  The experts have assumed the coming change, just as You The Reader, must assume, like Algore, that the consensus is in, and only “flat –earthers” (and I suppose “birthers”), deny the reality of nonspecific anthropogenic (man-made) climate change!  We must remind ourselves that this article is not purporting to show any new evidence in that regard!  As if anymore is needed!  No, these experts are taking Climate Change as given, and now inserting it into war games and intelligence studies.

“Recent war games and intelligence studies conclude that over the next 20 to 30 years, vulnerable regions, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South and Southeast Asia, will face the prospect of food shortages, water crises and catastrophic flooding driven by climate change that could demand an American humanitarian relief or military response.”

“An exercise at the National Defense University, an educational institute overseen by the military, last December explored the potential impact of a flood in Bangladesh that sent hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming into neighboring India, touching off religious conflict, the spread of contagious diseases and vast damage to infrastructure.”

Well no wonder this is a big Sunday New York Times Headline!  Climate Change (of unspecified type) will cause all the same exact disasters that have plagued these parts of the world since, like, forever! Only, they will now be caused by Climate Change, instead of being caused by whatever it was that has caused them throughout the previous ten thousand years of human history!  Despite the reticence so far of the author, journalist, reporter, John Broder to commit to Warming, or Cooling or whatever; the results are apparently predictable!  How uncanny; that the results of various changes in the climate can all cause the same horrible outcome.  And what a sudden and startling change it will be, indeed!  Imagine, religious conflict, yes actual religious conflict in the Indian Subcontinent!  Hard to imagine, I know.  But, contagious diseases, in Bangladesh!  No, this is not possible.  There must be such an excess of doctors over there that they must abandon their homeland to seek employment over here; so there could not be contagious disease amongst the people who live in the flood plains of the Bay Of Bengal, where the Brahmaputra and Ganges Rivers converge in a tangle of waterways and swampy lowlands.

The article goes on.

“It gets real complicated real quickly,” said Amanda J. Dory, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for strategy, who is working with a Pentagon group assigned to incorporate climate change into national security strategy planning.

Yes, living in the delta of the Ganges/Brahmaputra Rivers, which forms the perfect concave coastline for maximal, Tidal Surges when the frequent cyclones make landfall is a risky and potentially complicated situation.  But, the rivers, which carry the run off of the Himalaya Mountains to the sea, deposit fertile soil, and the low-lying lands have always attracted rice growing subsistence farmers.  And there have always been devastating floods.  It goes with the territory!  Am I in favor of floods?  No.  Yet, it is the floods that bring the soil that brings the farmers that the floods cause to “flood” upstream into India.  This has been the state of things for as long as mankind farmed and lived in that part of the world!

Here comes a pair of paragraphs.  Keep your eyes as open as possible; they are counting on you glazing out!  Mr. Brody, will attempt to conflate two separate lies into one new super better lie!

“Much of the public and political debate on global warming has focused on finding substitutes for fossil fuels, reducing emissions that contribute to greenhouse gases and furthering negotiations toward an international climate treaty — not potential security challenges.

But a growing number of policy makers say that the world’s rising temperatures, surging seas and melting glaciers are a direct threat to the national interest. If the United States does not lead the world in reducing fossil-fuel consumption and thus emissions of global warming gases, proponents of this view say, a series of global environmental, social, political and possibly military crises loom that the nation will urgently have to address.”

And Beowulf must go forth again.  The first fib is that “Much of the public and political debate on global warming has focused on finding substitutes for fossil fuels, reducing emissions that contribute greenhouse gases and furthering negotiations toward an international climate treaty-” Mr. Brody has committed himself now, off come the gloves.  It is no longer Climate Change, but an actual commitment to Warming as The Change That Is Occurring!  What courage!  Except that is a lie. No my friend, most of the public debate is on the question of the very existence of so-called Climate Change, and even if it is present which is becoming les and less likely, it is even less likely that human industry has had any role!  This is a window on how THEY do things.  They hide their main assertion in the part of an argument which is typically considered the “given”.  Mr. Brody, like Mr. Obama is trying to literally pull a fast one!  They quickly, as fast as possible, make the very gist of the debate the assumption of the “real debate”.  But, the real, “real” debate is skipped over, and relegated to “flat birthers” (to simplify THEIR labeling of dissenters, I will combine ‘flat-earthers’ with ‘birthers’).

So after speed-talking us quickly past our critical faculties we are now discussing the consequences to our National Security of the still undemonstrated Climate Change.  And, like the late night commercials, we have to act now!  But we have to stop and read carefully. Lets just slow down and unpack (as THEY love to say) this complicated statement! We need to seriously look at this point because this is the story!  This is the NEWS part of this newspaper article!  The NEWS is that “a growing number of policy makers say that the world’s rising temperatures, surging seas and melting glaciers are a direct threat to the national interest”.  That’s it. Period. The only fact that is even claimed to be newsworthy is this tiny factoid!  A growing number of policy makers?  How many is a growing number?  How did they get to be policy makers?  By being skeptical scientists and by applying the critical methodology of Science?  Do you think that?  I don’t!  I think that these policy makers are so invested in the Climate Change Industry that anyone with any shred of decency should be ashamed to claim impartiality.

But as we know “never waste a good crisis”, is our leaders’ concept of Public Service.  And in fact THEY will keep the crisis atmosphere going to prevent any time to think about the basic assumptions, and of the ultimate consequences if their assumptions are accepted as being True!

“If the United States does not lead the world in reducing fossil-fuel consumption and thus emissions of global warming gases, proponents of this view say, a series of global environmental, social, political and possibly military crises loom that the nation will urgently have to address.”  Once again we are prodded to act now before it is too late!  And again, who exactly are the proponents of this view?  And, why is it that it is the United States that is required to lead the world in reducing fossil fuel consumption and emissions etc etc?  I am surprised and happy, that Mr. Brody views the United States as a moral force and the necessary and indispensible nation!  I betcha he and his friends do not typically have many nice things to say about America.  (And I betcha the use of “betcha” in respect to Sarah Palin really ticks them off.)  Why in the world would the United States Of America voluntarily bind herself to an international treaty that would essentially require us to pay this International Body (whatever or whoever that is) a fee to emit Carbon dioxide.  This is wrong on so many levels that I am getting that facing-hydra-feeling again!  But just for my sanity: 1. CO2 is not toxic at the less than 1-2% concentration it is found in the atmosphere.  In fact, it is essential, green plants take CO2 and water and sunshine and make sugar! Isn’t that sweet?  2. The earth has stopped its slight trend of warming and is now cooling.  None of this had anything to do with CO2 levels.  And, in fact, the percentage of that miniscule amount of atmospheric CO2 that is man-made is also miniscule!  For instance, when one of the Philippine volcanoes erupted not too long ago, it released more CO2 in that eruption than so many years of man made emissions!  3. Mars was warming at the same time that Earth was.  Therefore it seems more likely that the Sun’s variable output is responsible for most of the temperature change, the little bit that there was, was! 4. Even IF America reduced its CO2 output, and China and India did not, the total global CO2 would not decline.  Only America’s manufacturing would decline, further, if that were possible. 5. The Europeans are all in favor of cutting down on CO2, so that the USA ‘s economy becomes more in-line with their sluggish systems.  Capital flows into nations that are more efficient at producing things, than to nations that are less so.  The EU wants to continue its 30 hour week, and innumerable holidays and endless vacations, but then those pesky Americans attract the global capital excess and the EU must raise its interest rates to get any!  6. This whole thing is designed to put America in chains, to make it “compete” in “free-trade” with this dead weight strapped on.  And worse, it is not really a dead weight.

It is the Coach of the Kings and Princes of Europe that will be pulled by America.  The European snobs have never really cared much for us.  Yes we were good for fighting in their wars, and for paying them to rebuild, and for protecting them from the USSR.  But, to them we are still the grasping Yankee, or the other half of the hyper-liberal Anglo-Saxon duo that has so humbled their catholic majesties, and fascist Il Duces, der Fuehrers, and their Politburo Chairman.

I can understand how evil forces in the world would conceive this plan, but I cannot understand why Americans are pulling so hard for this.

This is the reason I think.  There are those who just plain hate America.  They despise the middleclass.  America is the first nation designed by and for its middleclass.  There are those who crave power.  Like Napoleon said, “It is better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.”  Rev. Wright made no bones about it.  He hates this country.  Louis Farrakhan hates this nation.  The elitists are embarrassed by their countrymen’s bumptiousness. They cannot dissociate themselves fast enough from our suburban bourgeois liberty.  And what better than a Prius, to show one’s superiority to the World?

Oops, off on a tangent, so I must force myself back to Hydra.  There are so many other things I want to write about, I just have to stop this Climate Trojan Horse!

The article goes on:

“Lawmakers leading the debate before Congress are only now beginning to make the national security argument for approving the legislation.

Senator John Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat who is the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and a leading advocate for the climate legislation, said he hoped to sway Senate skeptics by pressing that issue to pass a meaningful bill.”

Is this not transparent enough for anyone to see through?  Do I have to “unpack” this crap too?  The National Security angle is just the newest way to sell the same sticking old fish, Leviathan.  They even say so.  They are “beginning to make the national defense argument” is just outright honesty and is a surprise!  The wording says it all.  They are not concerned with the national defense!  They are using the lie that Climate Legislation is a matter of defense!  They insult us with their obvious disdain for us, which is shown in their “clever” ways of packaging their Climate Crap.  One insult was to their image of the “typical” capitalist Republican.  The assumption was that capitalist businessmen are small-eyed cold-hearted haters of nature and they could be jollied along by the promise of lots of new Green Industry to exploit!  And that worked so well that now the assumption is that the “typical” Bible-clinging, beer guzzling, wife beating, gun-owning, racist, white male protestant will go along with anything if its “good for the national security”!  Think “Gomer Pyle” and that’s what the elitist “liberals” in Washington think of us.  Yep, just market Cap & Trade as part of keeping the US Military strong.  How stupid do they think we are?

And it goes on:

“Mr. Kerry said he did not know whether he would succeed but that he had spoken with 30 undecided senators on the matter.

He did not identify the senators he had approached, but the list of undecideds includes many from coal and manufacturing states and from the South and Southeast, which will face the sharpest energy price increases from any carbon emissions control program.”  Translation: it is only pecuniary interests that stand in the way of “saving the planet”.  Those self-interested so-and so’s in the hollows of West Virginia, eastern Kentucky and Tennessee and Ohio, all they care about is themselves.  “We all have to make sacrifices!”  Right?

And just when you thought those hillbillies couldn’t be any worse, we learn that they are responsible for the killing in Darfur!  And in fact, sniff, sniff, mea culpa, by golly we all are at fault for driving our SUV’s and living in suburbs and not in efficient state housing!  Because, get this:

“Mr. Kerry said the continuing conflict in southern Sudan, which has killed and displaced tens of thousands of people, is a result of drought and expansion of deserts in the north. “That is going to be repeated many times over and on a much larger scale,” he said.”  Shameless lying.  Un-f’ing-believable!  The fighting in Darfur is over control of mineral and natural gas resources.  The Peoples Republic Of China wants what it wants and will deal with whoever can deliver it to them.  The fighting and massacring in Darfur is due to humanity’s penchant for money.  Greed kills, green saves no one!  I am sorry, as much as I despise Kerry; I know he is not as stupid as to believe the climate in anyway bears responsibility for one death in Darfur!  Therefore he is lying!  These shameless bastards will use genocide as a marketing ploy to get Cap & Trade!

“The Department of Defense’s assessment of the security issue came about after prodding by Congress to include climate issues in its strategic plans — specifically, in 2008 budget authorizations by Hillary Rodham Clinton and John W. Warner, then senators. The department’s climate modeling is based on sophisticated Navy and Air Force weather programs and other government climate research programs at NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.”

Why, would Hillary Clinton and others in Congress prod the Department of Defense to include climate issues in its strategic plans?  Why, if the climate modeling is based on “sophisticated Navy and Air Force weather programs…” did the Defense Department need prodding?  And look carefully at the words, every single one!  This “prodding” by Hillary (that evokes nasty pictures doesn’t it?) to include climate issues was seemingly done coincidentally at the time of the 2008 Defense budget authorizations!  Do you think any quid pro quo just possibly maybe perhaps unspoken, and deniable, was made?  The Military is of course completely at the mercy of the Congress in its funding (as it should be).  Its funding ought to be based on the best thinking by Congress in considering the Defense budget, and not on whether or not one or another computer climate model is chosen.

Computer Climate Modeling is not anywhere near being a proven method with any positive predictive value.  Only recently the Hurricane Center predicted a very active season of tropical storms and hurricanes.  Yet, it turned out to be one of the more quiescent years on record!  And it is well known that computer modeling, especially of chaotic systems like weather, is extremely sensitive to initial conditions. Like the so-called butterfly effect; a butterfly stirs the air in a particular spot at a particular time in particular circumstances and a hurricane forms.  In computer talk, there is the adage GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out. Depending on the model chosen and the data selected one can produce models “predicting” anything one wishes to predict!  And we are being asked to sacrifice the sovereignty of our nation, the liberty and independence that has been so jealously guarded, the living standard for ourselves and our children’s in order to reduce the output by America of a nontoxic gas to a level that will have virtually no effect on the total atmospheric CO2 concentration, which in turn has no significant effect on reducing the greenhouse gasses which in turn are not even causing any problem.  This is insane!

This is insane, and obviously is not aimed at saving the world or maintaining the global temperature.

Insane, but we have apparently a “Climate Office” and a State Department “climate negotiator”!

“ “The sense that climate change poses security and geopolitical challenges is central to the thinking of the State Department and the climate office,” said Peter Ogden, chief of staff to Todd Stern, the State Department’s top climate negotiator.”  I consider myself fairly well informed but I am embarrassed to admit that I did not know we had a climate office or negotiator.

I am afraid Grendal is back, and I am tiring.  We need to find out who in the hell Peter Ogden and Todd Stern are!

To Be Continued

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