A New Post (for a new year?)

Two weeks ago, we went from the Jewish Year 5769 to 5770.  In this fresh new year, I have had an evil letter from my professional board.  Then, my hot water quit, and thinking it needed an acid flush my HVAC guy had the duty to report the death of my boiler.  And now the basement is flooded from washing machine back wash.  Happy New Year, LaShona Tova indeed! 

Luckily for me, again I find myself in a minority of one (I believe).  Despite the forests of trees and oceans of ink spent in endless writings of Sages, Gaons, Talmudi and Rabbis, a year can only begin once a year.  And though they write of the new year for planting, a new year for trees, a new year for rain, and a new year for people, there is only one day for celebrating and counting the new year in the Torah.  And thankfully for me, it aint Rosh HaShana!  Therefore I am not beholden to accepting these misfortunes as omens for a new year!  Whew. 

Like the old joke, a wife comes home unexpected and finds her husband in bed with another woman, or given our moral level, another person!  And without missing a beat he asks “Who are you gonna believe me your loyal loving husband or your lyin’ eyes?”  Is there a “new year” for trees, one for planting, one for rain, and one for human beings, or specifically Jewish human beings?  If you are the sort who trusts your own eyes over others’ opinions you can see for yourself.  Open the Torah, find the Book of Exodus.  Turn to chapter 12, and see verse two.  From now on, this day, this Passover shall be for you the first of your months.  Thats what your eyes will see. 

So what matter is it, celebrating New Year in the seventh month (Tishrei) instead of celebrating it when God, the deliverer of Israel from Egyptian bondage demands?  I don’t know, but it is reminiscent of the question of which is the proper day on which to observe the Shabbat.  Our “lyin” eyes tell us, all of us in the family of Israel, in the Ten Commandments to “Remember the seventh day and keep it Holy.”  Now, in Romans, Paul the apostle states that through Yeshua gentiles are engrafted into the tree of Israel.  Thus, nowhere in the Bible, Old or New Testaments is the sabbath changed from the seventh day to the first.  And is there not some similarity in treating the seventh month Tishrei as if it were the first?  God said the new year is to begin on Passover, and the Sabbath to be on the seventh day!  Yet Churchianity has taken it upon themselves and their Tradition to reverse Sabboth from the seventh day, to the first day, Sunday!  And Jewish Tradition has made the similar change, celebrating  the “New Year” in the seventh month, instead of in the first month on Passover! 

See, I am usually in a minority of one. Its OK gettin’ used to it.  And kind of used to the constant Tests to which I am put.  Satan kiss my ass, keep out of my furnace and washing machine, you will not divert me from My God, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and Yeshua.

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