A Letter To A New King Of A Newly Reborn Kingdom


I hope this Kingdom succeeds where so many other man-made governments have failed so spectacularly. Most Americans, if they recognize the name Uganda at all will only associate one or two names. Idi Amin; and Entebbe (as in the Israeli raid to free the hijacked air passengers).

It is unfortunate that as the Europeans began to de-colonize Africa, European political philosophy was enthralled to Socialism. Thus, the newly independent “nations”, artificial constructions to begin with, had the additional handicap of a leadership made of European-educated men, mostly in law, and steeped in the fashionable Socialism of the time. In the course of two centuries most of Africa went from a condition of tribal polities, with perhaps several larger entities that may reasonably be equated with Kingdoms; to a patchwork of colonies created by European diplomats. Taking pencil to maps they outlined future “nations” which bore no reflection to ethnic or geographic reality. The European Civil Wars of 1914-1945 weakened the colonial powers physically and even more so morally. They lost the Pride that allowed them to believe that they might lead Africa up to a modern economy and society.  The trenches of World War I and the death camps of World War II destroyed Europe’s belief that it could bring progress to humanity. The ideal that through rationalism and knowledge and commerce and prosperity the world could be made better gave way to despair

They left, and they left the worst of all worlds: a system of artificial nations lacking any shared cultural, historical, traditional, or linguistic cohesion; with a leadership steeped in European Socialist statism. These States were not organic entities; they consisted only of a Government. A Government cannot make a nation; a nation makes a government! But this is the ideal “blank slate” with which the Socialists planned to create an enlightened and utopian State.

Europe’s nation-states, all to greater or lesser extents had middle-classes. It is the Middle-Class (and the religious institutions) that provides the only ability to resist the inevitable totalitarian statism resulting from Socialism. Africa had no significant middle-class.

Over 2 millennia Europe evolved from loose tribal organizations, to kingdoms and empires. Some passed though a brief period of Liberalism. God blessed America, because we separated from England (which was the most Liberal Power) in the brief period of time when Classic Liberalism was in style. It was in that brief window in time between the absolutism of Monarchs and the absolutism of the State and socialism that America emerged. Immediately afterwards the French revolution slammed that Liberal window shut! Africa passed from pre-modern tribal and small kingdom organization through colonialism to emerge into post-modern socialism!  It unfortunately missed the brief but vital window of Liberalism.  It was never given the opportunity to live through the excitement of the intellectual revolution of the Enlightenment.

Perhaps the only real solution for Africa is to return to the small Monarchies that predated the European colonization, and under enlightened monarchy allow a new Liberalism to flower.  True individual rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, a right to presume that one’s life is his own, and that through an implicit social contract we cede some of our Rights to a government in order to allow for a civil state.  And wouldn’t it be ironic if that change in Africa served to awaken “The West” to that almost forgotten Liberal Ideal.

May the King read deeply into the works of John Locke, Montesquieu, Jefferson, Madison and The Bible.  May he avoid like the plague the poison of the Marxist Utopian writings that have destroyed Africa and are hollowing out The West.

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