My Response to Interview of Khaled Meshel, Head of Hamas, By A Useful Idiot

Great performance by Mr. Hamas.  (Check it out, in Hebrew, “Hamas” means violence and iniquity!)  I noticed that when he used certain buzzwords he learned from our media, he looked from Mr. Goodey2shoes directly to the camera.  We are open to “dialogue”, and “open to diversity”!  He has mastered the art of victimology as well! Maybe Mr. Terrorist is a community organizer?  “As a matter of fact, the problem is with Israel and the problem is there should be an international will, led by the Obama administration to force Israel not to rebel against the international law.”  A chilling urgency is heard in his words here.  In the Siddur (the book of prayers in Judaism) there is a section called the Pesukei D’Zimrah (songs of praise), and is recited as part of the morning prayers every morning!  It is culled mostly from verses of Psalms and other scriptural texts.  I love “Adenoi hai-fir u-tzat go-im.” translated “The LORD (YHVH) annuls the counsel of nations”.  It then cites psalm 135:4 “For Jacob was selected for His own, by God (Ya); Israel His treasure.”  In this same Siddur is the section called the Shemoneh Esrei (18 benedictions). It dates back to the second temple period, a long long time!  Even if composed after the Roman destruction of the Second Temple, in 70 AD, it would still be almost 2000 yrs. old.  One of these blessings, said at least twice a day for two millennia by Jews scattered through out the world is “Y’Ka B’Shofar Gadol: Sound the great shofar for our freedom; raise a banner to gather our exiles from the four corners of the earth. Blessed art thou LORD (YHVH) Who gathers in the dispersed of His people, Israel.”

Barak Obama (Lightening from above) will dare to attempt to force Israel to first retreat to the pre-1967 borders, which were at that time unacceptable by the Philistines, and trust that they will then be happy and at peace!  But as Khaled clearly stated above, only the Right Of Return will satisfy Hamas!  This would result in the forced invasion of the millions of Philistinian refugees who were kept as pawns by the Arab states instead of allowing them to be accepted as immigrants.  At the time of the creation of the state of Israel, Jews were forced to flee the Muslim nations in which they had lived.  Israel of course opened her doors to her brothers and sisters.  This, the Arabs would not do for their own; imagine what they would do to the Jewish minority in the last days of the state of Israel, before the new Philistinian majority voted democratically to abolish the “Zionist Entity” entirely and establish The Democratic Republic of Philistia!

No, not ever again.  Even if it means a nuclear Masada!  But it won’t come to that, because this time the LORD will re-introduce Himself to the World.  The Christians will rejoice that His name is Yeshua, until he looks at their history and says “be gone, I know ye not!”  And the Jews will be stunned that the Jesus hammer with which we have been beaten with for 2000 years, calls Himself Yeshua, and proceeds to wipe away every Israelite tear, while annihilating Our foes!

That is the day I pray I am made worthy to live to see.  It is coming quickly now, and just as dawn follows the darkest part of night, the day will come!  No we do not know the hour or the day, but we are commanded to know the season!  Just as we know spring is arriving when the Fig Tree blossoms.  (The Fig Tree is a symbol for Israel!)  Read Mark Twain’s account of his travels to Ottoman Palestine (BTW there has never in all of history been an independent nation called Palestine).  He describes a dry dead dusty backwater town in Jerusalem, and the entire province.  He said it was as if the very land was missing its rightful inhabitants.  And in 1948 the Fig Tree bloomed, though buds were seen even in the decades prior to the Holocaust.  The Holocaust stamped PAID IN FULL to every charge of infidelity levied by God against His people Israel which was what precipitated the diaspora.  It wasn’t the Romans, or the Assyrians, or the Babylonians that had conquered Israel in their times.  Only as instruments in God’s hands, they hubristically believed it was their power which had prevailed over Israel.  Wrong!  And as the nations begin their slowly reeling spin around the cup which is Jerusalem and escalates into a death spiral the Day Of The Lord will be upon us.  To the illiterate boors it will come as a thief in the night.   But to us who see with eyes and hear with ears opened by Yeshua, we will be prepared!

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