CARBONISM:It Is Much More Than Cap & Trade

Just as the Junta tried to shift the story of the ACORN groups’ implicit support of bringing in under age girls from Latin America for the “sex industry” to one of attack and legal prosecution of the two brave souls who were doing what the media should have been doing; here the same tactics will be used! The Climate Change Industry is an incestuous partnering of those who seek Global Power for its own sake, with scientists dependent upon grant money for their livelihood. If one wants to advance in that field, the field of Climate Change, it is apparent that grants go to those who can be counted on to bring in the data. Unspoken of course, is the necessity of being willing to torture the data to wring from it a confession of warming, or at least change of some kind or another to create the scenario of the coming critical climate catastrophe . And once again the brave souls who actually stand up and speak TRUTH to AUTHORITY, are the ones smeared by the power-hungry! During the roughly 45 seconds devoted to this issue on BBC, the embarrassing eco-emails were discounted while the images showed huge chimney stacks belching forth clouds of God knows what! “They” deliberately conflate CO2 and air pollution. CO2 is non-toxic, and if it weren’t for the greenhouse gas theory of global warming a slight raising or lowering of the atmospheric concentration would be meaningless. Plants need it and water and sunshine to make sugars (sweet, dude!)  If “they” force us to add CO2-capture technology to our energy production, and require us to “buy” from “developing” countries the unused “portion of their CO2 allotment”, we will spend Trillions and the air will not be anymore free of pollutants than it is now! “They” are not interested in fighting air pollution! They are after power. They are after what they have long craved, the end of American independence from Europe. From the knights and princes of Aristocracy to the van guard of the Proletariat, they all have despised the Capitalist middle-class. We Americans have allowed ourselves to become ignorant of Political Philosophy. And in a Free country at Liberty ,it being easily lived, seems a a waste of time to study. But we have been lulled into the sense of the inevitability of America. We have forgotten how unique America is when seen in the long course of human history. Behind our oceans, with our endless prairies of virgin soil providing pastures of plenty, we have forgotten that America is The Exceptional Nation. We are afraid of looking foolish if we suggest such a thing! Our “leaders” are steeped in the assumptions of cultural relativity; “Who are we to judge?” “They” hate Americans’ sense of exceptionalism. The same sorts hate the idea of The Jews being The Chosen People. It is not for nothing that Iran’s mullahs call the United States “The Great Satan” and the modern Jewish State of Israel “The Lesser Satan”.

The one and only reason for the Global Warming Cult has been to restore the “natural” order of things. Bring America to heel. Restore the uppity middle-class to the serfdom from which Capitalism had delivered them. Or, to force the “historic march of history” as Marx envisaged; seizing the means of production from the necessary but now redundant middle-class. This has been and will continue be the real point of the so-called Climate Crisis.

One must go a further step and ask “how did this all-encompassing Climate Model come to have adherents every bit as fervid as those of any religion?”  As is said “Those who believe in nothing will fall for anything.”  The lack of potential disprovability is often cited as the hallmark of a non-scientific theory.  Any theory that can with a straight face allow its adherents to claim that evidence of cooling and of warming both support their claim is clearly un-disprovable; therefore it is un-scientific.   If not science, what is it?  I believe it is the means to the end which is the establishment of a Global Government which would redistribute the entire world’s wealth in a “more fair” manner.  But what is that end, if not an alternative vision of the means to bring about The Messianic Age?  The Culture War that have  embittered many of us is more akin to a Religious War than a political one.  And that is what it is, exactly.

The New Religion in all its myriads of self-help and self-improvement books and movements is unified on this one point: Man has created God in its own image.   Only Man can fix what he has broken. Through his attempts at defying nature and his daring belief that he is above Nature, humanity has brought us to this unsustainable and teetering edge of doom.  Instead of defying Nature the New Religion has implicitly deified Nature.  This of course is the total repudiation of Judeo-Christian beliefs. “Apostasy”  would have been hurled at these folks at another time.  But nowadays, most wouldn’t even know the meaning of the word, and those who did would take Pride in “speaking Truth to Power”.  Until only these past decades, a blink in human history, God created Man in His own image.  A generous God who extends an invitation to those who choose to be with Him, created humanity with the free-will to make meaningful moral decisions.  The God of the Bible wants volunteers, not an army of robots.  The ability to choose evil was given, in order to define Good.  (In fact the ability to choose choice was given.  The Serpent acting in his perceived self-interest actually enacted God’s script.  By arranging that the choice to choose stemmed from the Serpent, the consequences of evil choices were his to bear.  The first choice was to disobey and eat of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Previous and subsequent verses, state that all the trees and plants bore fruit and seed after their kind.  Thus, it follows that the Fruit of the Tree that Eve ate and shared with Adam also had a Seed.  This knowledge informs the scene in which God prophesies  that the though the Serpents Seed will hiss at (or strike at) the heel of the Woman’s Seed, her seed will ultimately wound the Serpent’s Seed in the head.  I suggest that the Seed of the Woman, refers to the one she had just eaten that was the seed of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil!  This is the first reference to a Messianic Age!  All of Western Civilization believed until five minutes ago that human beings constantly faced moral choices.  The choices that seem to fulfill our animal appetites and lusts at other human’s expense have always been seen as “evil”.  But Thankfully, because the consequences of the first choice: to choose or not to choose to eat the Fruit will be laid at the feet of The Serpent (Ha!  Until the episode in The Garden, he did have limbs, such as feet!), there is a space to choose repentance and atonement.  During the days of The Temples and  back to the Mishkan (Tabernacle) in the Wilderness there where Priestly Sacrifices that restored one to the purity necessary to choosing God.  With the end of the sacrificial system repentance alone may have sufficed.  Or not.  In pre-reformed and un-neutered Judaism there was the belief in the coming of The Messiah. Maimonides (Ram Bam) listed that belief as a requirement for all Jews.  This is as close as Judaism has come to having a Dogma.  Obviously, the Christian part of Judeo-Christianity believes The Messiah of The Jews has come, was rejected and will come in the Last days when humanity will be teetering on the edge of doom. Historically Jews also believed that The Messiah will appear at a time that seems as if The Jewish People as well as humanity in general will be teetering at the edge of doom; at a time when Jerusalem will be like a cup around which the drunken nations will be reeling.  Until ten minutes ago the entire Judeo-Christian World would have gasped at the scene of the fulfillment of prophecies in of a modern nation-state of Jews in The Land , with Jerusalem the capital!  Over the past five minutes we have become “used to” the idea.

Modern mainstream Jews if pressed will speculate on something ill-defined but called The Messianic Age.  The sense of an actual individual Messiah is stepped around and avoided, as long as possible without actually getting pinned down.  Until five minutes ago mainstream Christian denominations would have been reading the Prophets and singing Hallel at the vision of the Jews returning from the four corners of the world to Eretz Israel.  Though indeed there are those who preach prophecy, they seem to be more of an embarrassment to the mainline.  (The incredible symmetry discovered by the Media between Obama’s Rev. Wright in whose pews he sat for untold Sundays, and McCain’s John Hagee who merely offered his endorsement, for crying out loud, was a tip off to just how Biblically Illiterate the Main Stream Media have become.) Yes, Hagee and many many other Christian preachers are noticing a convergence of current events and the constellation of signs heralding the return of Yeshua.  It is important to note that these preachers are mocked by the majority of Americans.  And just as Jews who until five minutes ago expected  The Messiah; an individual recognizable as such, to appear and make all things right again.  Most Jews who state that now “quaint” view are quickly distanced from, by those who have a connection with Judaism more akin to that with an old Teddy Bear.  Warm and Fuzzy, but nothing to take too seriously.  In other words, The West, when it became embarrassed to call itself Christendom any longer, and Suburban Jewry embarrassed by any talk of a Messiah or of any fulfillment of Prophecy, both have a God-sized hole into which this substitute Human-Centered Religion has taken up residence.  If as I believe to be the case, that Christianity in truth is composed of those who have excepted the invitation to join Israel via Jesus.  ( See Romans 9,10  New Testament my Jewish friends.  You know, it won’t bite you.  In fact you will find a Yeshua who is much more like Rab Akeiva than he is to whatever you have imagined him to be portrayed as.) Israel therefore represents all of the Jewish people who have ever lived, plus gentiles who have become ingrafted into the Fig Tree, and many members of the Lost Ten Tribes (Amos 9:9) who have been brought home to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob through their exposure to the Christian Bible.  So, just as prophesied the Messiah (Yeshua) indeed come for the Lost Sheep of Israel!  And, he did not come for the Jews, for they were not Lost Sheep!  Even in the Jewish Diaspora we weren’t lost, merely exiled.  Not so those whom the Assyrians carted away into an amnestic oblivion (until again we see anew at Amos 9:9)  Point being that Israel or Jacob was at war with Esau even in Rebecca’s womb.  They both cannot be powerful at the same time.  As Jacob waxed (through Christendom and the explosive expansion of The West) Esau (who with Ishmael) can be seen to represent Islam, waned.  And as actual belief as opposed to perfunctory rituals has fallen off, especially in Europe, once known as Christendom, Esau is rising.  This is the explanation to the question that baffles those with curiosity to even notice or care; Why does it seem that the American and European Left seem to be so willfully blind when it comes to Islam’s absolutely antithetical stance to virtually every aspect of their agenda?  The answer is the old adage of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.  Thus the ACLU will Mirandize Islamic warriors who if allowed to would immediately behead the useful idiots who helped them victory!

I hope that this essay initially on Carbonism, the new religion, and finally about its ultimate meaning, will open your eyes to the magnitude of the stakes at risk.  Cap & Trade is not just a sneakier way to tax and spend.  It is part of a much larger picture.  It is a try out, or the real thing.  The “thing” being a Secular (And especially anti-Christian and anti-Jewish) World Government.  The Jewish People need to keep Torah, but maybe spend some reading time going beyond the endless cycle of the Five Books of Moses, Torah.  Many Jews seem to believe that the Prophets have nothing to offer other than homiletics.  I strongly suggest every Jew read the Prophets. Considering only those prophecies within the Torah, speaking of the twelve sons of Jacob, in Genesis and Deuteronomy, one must accept that the contortions of history that mainstream Rabbinic interpretation requires in order to pronounce them all as having already been fulfilled, or look from our twenty-first century perspective and see if some prophecies might  only now be coming recognizable without cross-eyed contortions.  The only other option is to dare say that many of the prophecies of the Torah are wrong (God forbid!)And that is Torah.  When we read the Prophets, Isaiah, Ezekial, Zechariah, Amos, etc with a ear and an eye looking for fulfillment now in this time of the regathering of the Jewish State in Eretz Israel, an entire galaxy opens.  Daniel, included with Writings in Jewish Tanaach, is considered with the Prophets in Christian Bibles.  No matter. Daniel is told clearly that these things he is to see are for “the latter days” and are to be locked until that time.  Reading Daniel today, it suddenly is unlocked.  It is yesterday’s Newspaper, tomorrow’s headlines.

There soon will be only two places to stand; either with the coming Global Government or with God’s Kingdom.  Lucifer is described as the most beautiful of Angels.  The promise of an enlightened Global Government fairly distributing the gifts of the earth, creating peace, even in Jerusalem will tempt many, even most.  Its ruler will be glib and enthralling to behold.  But read the fine-print before you hold your hand out to sign.  When it (he) asks only for the division of Jerusalem it will seem reasonable.  But, do you think the story of the infant and the two mothers disputing his maternity is told for only that level of understanding?  When Solomon threatened to slice the infant in half the real mother refused for she would rather he lived and grew up with the impostor then die.  Watch for those who offer much for dividing Jerusalem.  And know that those who refuse to accept that division will be scorned as zealots or racists or whatever.  But as David knew, with God with me who can stand against me.  But whether Cap & Trade will be the foundation of the Global Power, or a false start in that direction, it is coming.  And when it comes there will be no middle ground!  Prepare your minds now for the choices ahead.

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