Soylent-Greening Of America

This day, March 22, will someday be seen as the day The Constitution of The United States Of America was officially relegated to plexiglass entombment in a climate controlled and sealed museum. Like the Mona Lisa, tourists will walk by, and “ooh and ah” and move along to the next antiquity, feigning enthusiasm despite aching feet, and thoughts of Dinner.
Today will be recalled as equally infamous as 12/7/1941. Only worse, for today is the day the Republic becomes Empire. We now have RINO nation: Republic In Name Only.

The Athenian Democracy which was unrestrained by those pesky “negative rights”, taught the Framers that untrammeled majority rule always ends in chaos or tyranny. The very word “democracy” was rightly held to be pejorative by the Enlightenment Political Philosophers, and even by our Framers. Rule by the majority results in the constant war of individual interests. It is worse than the State Of Nature because we have ceded some of our Natural Rights to The State in order to prevent the Hobbesian “war of all against all”, yet have created the worst of both worlds. The State has abrogated the Social Contract. Rather than individuals versus individuals as in The State Of Nature, we have a simple majority in charge of the State’s monopoly of coercive force. Any cobbled together majority can now cannibalize the minority. Hey! Maybe that is what the Green Jobs will be? They will be Soylent Green Jobs! (I hereby claim patent to all uses of the “Soylent” prefix when criticizing the Green Movement.)

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