America and Israel; more than a spiritual kinship

As the 62nd birthday for the State of Israel arrives there is indeed a dark mood.  Obama’s America seems to be reversing our long pro-Israeli policy.  And worse, he seems aimed to go beyond mere “neutrality” to an actual pro-Arab stance.  And as a matter of fact, a neutral position is not possible in regard to Israel.  And if it were, it would represent the very “tepid” apathy that Yeshua was wont to spew out.

Jewish World Review has published: Obama, Israel and the Genesis Prediction By Dennis Prager

The author concludes and cites the longshoreman philosopher Eric Hoffer:

“Hoffer concluded: ‘I have a premonition that will not leave me; as it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us. Should Israel perish, the holocaust will be upon us.’”

Israel and America are truly kindred. From the Liberty Bell with its quote from Leviticus to the Pilgrims consciously reenacting Israel’s crossing the water into their inheritance, we are as one. Unless the entire last 1/3 of Genesis was filler, the detailed story of Joseph and Judah must have some importance. The common belief that all of Israelites are included in the term “Jews” makes the Biblical distinction of Joseph and Judah, one without a difference. They are shown as almost mirror-like. The only grandsons of Jacob mentioned are Joseph’s and Judah’s. Both pairs of grandsons (Ephraim and Manasseh and Sh’lach and Peretz) are conceived in consequence of the Akeidah Of Joseph (if you will!). David unified the sons of Rachel (Benjamin, ancestor of Saul) and Leah.

David had become very aged and frail. To prevent one of his other son’s from taking the Crown that he had promised to Bathshebah’s son,Solomon, he had him anointed while David was still alive to prove that this was his choice. In doing so he had Solomon dressed as King and placed upon a donkey to ride into jerusalem.  (Does that remind anyone of anybody else?)  After Solomon’s death the UK split once again into Judah and its associated tribes and Ephraim and his associated tribes (as described by Ezekiel holding together the 2 sticks, [perhaps as a cross??]  Notably, Ezekiel lived after the time of the Assyrian exile of Israel.  And he was referring to a miraculous occurrence yet to happen.  He clearly wasn’t endorsing any notion that both Houses were present and included in the term “The Jewish People”). The Northern Kingdom retained the name Israel, while the southern kingdom kept the name Judah, or Jerusalem. The many, many prophecies that speak of Ephraim and Judah, or Joseph and Judah or Israel and Judah are not being “poetic”. They are referring to the most amazing miracle that is to occur. Amos 9:9! It is beginning even now: in the Hebraic Roots Movement many Christians are identifying themselves as actual not “just” spiritual decedents of Jacob! .

Therefore it is no paradox that Yeshua at one time was saying he came only for the lost sheep of Israel and then later sending His disciples to every corner of the earth! Israel still lives in ignorance of their identity. But G#D said of Israel that as sand passed through a sieve not one grain will be lost. America is not only spiritually akin to the state of Israel, it IS Israel. An analogy is: the Jordan River over which the Israelites passed into their inheritance, is to the Atlantic Ocean over which the Pilgrims passed into their inheritance, is as Eretz Israel is to North America. This is NOT a sneaky, new form of replacement theology as I have heard it dismissed by certain folks. It does not replace the Jewish people with some “spiritual Israel.  It does however replace actual lost Israel. The scattered and amnestic tribes were re-introduced to the God of Israel via the spread of Christianity. And now as the end of the age of gentiles has arrived, the blinders are being lifted; many are believing they are not “spiritual Israel alone, but are in addition actual flesh and blood physical Israel awakened!

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