Thoughts On News That China/India/Brazil are now becoming more attractive to Capital Than US.

We are being deliberately “de-industrialized”. The brief flourishing of the phenomenon called The Middle Class, is being brought to an end. From its inception it was despised as a group of “upstarts”, who created wealth rather than seizing it, in Glorious Battle. The “Noble-born” were further humiliated by having to concede certain liberties in return for loans. The Aristocracy of Europe, represents merely the descendants of the final Horse Powered, armored and armed gangsters who managed to dominate a particular region. The Townsfolk, merchants and tradesmen, created the material necessities and luxuries for the noble’s grandeur. The Aristocracy hated them. As the printing press became established, printers joined the budding middle class. And as books became affordable and accessible, literacy spread “downward” from the Secular and Ecclesiastical Power Structure.

When the Middle Class began to read the Bible in their own language, they noticed a “slight” discrepancy between the Gospel of Yeshua and the practices of “The Church”. Capitalism, the descriptive term for the economy produced by non-coerced rational intelligent human beings seeking to improve their material circumstances, has always been seen as the dagger aimed at the heart of the inherited aristocracy and “The Church”. But the “Lords” armed with sword and armor, and the “Priests” armed with the “Keys” which determined an afterlife in “Hell” or “Heaven”, were not about to allow a bunch of “nouveau riche, upstarts” to dare to demand a place at their table! No siree!

The Nobles dazzled the peasants with their splendor, their palaces, their castles, their Glory! The “Church” kept the illiterate peasants, ignorant and superstitious. And the Top incited and allied themselves with the bottom. Through armor, sword and war horses taxation was levied on the capitalist, middle-class, Protestant leaning, literate and enlightened producers of wealth. With that loot, the peasants could be bribed with a pittance of bread, a few Church sponsored feasts, and the “Keys” to the Afterlife.

America, unlike any country before or since, was instituted by The Middle Class. There has never been an Established Church nor a Hereditary Aristocracy. Nor has their been a peasantry , tied to the soil; (except of course the peculiar institution of Slavery, which was finally overthrown by Federal Troops enacting the final clash of Landed Aristocracy versus Bourgeois Capitalism, in the English-speaking world.) Thus there has never been any other class than Middle Class!

While it took the French Revolution, the terror, Bonaparte, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin for Europe to work out its ancient class struggles, we Americans started with a clean slate!

And ever since our Independence and the Constitutional Republic that was established here, they bided their time. While they were busy with their perpetual wars that was the very raison d’être for their States’ existence, Americans, middleclass all, were busy as well. Busy planting, inventing, growing, and becoming quietly The Major Power! The Eurotrash needed to borrow from us, just as their ancestors borrowed from the Bourgeois (Burg=Town; thus Bourgeois=Townsfolk). And they had to pretend to admire and love us. We needed to feel loved. But THEY never have forgiven us our success. They have been scheming to destroy the Middle Class bastion of America. Even Americans who flattered themselves that they represented an Aristocracy of Wealth, began to sneer with disdain for the middleclass. They are importing an underclass to be wielded against us; just as the Priests and Lords manipulated the peasantry in Europe.

THEY DESPISE US. THEY ARE OUR MOST DANGEROUS FOE. THEY ARE AMONGST US. THEY MEAN TO DESTROY US! The deliberate destruction of the American Middleclass must be seen for what it is. It is the fruition of two centuries of scheming Nobles and Priests to cut us “down to size”. How dare we proclaim we are their equals, all created by one God? Finally, all the subplots, schemes, infiltrations and deliberate undermining of our Republican Culture is being deployed. They know their time is short. They know now that we know, and they will move quickly to throttle us once and for all time. And once more the spurred boot of the Knight will be upon our neck.

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