Middle Class: The Exceptional Flash-In-The-Pan

I do not know who it was that conflated the history of European oppression over Native-Americans into this discussion, but it is off point.  Oppression can only be recognized in a Civilization that has notions of Liberty.  From the Incas, to the Maya, the Aztec, the Mississippian Mound Builders, all were based upon Tribalism and Force.  Same for all of the Civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia.  Tribalism and Force.  Greek City-States were based on power and tyranny or power and democracy (in its cannibalistic sense).  The Greeks however did produce the first political philosophers; though their ideas were never given a chance to take root.  More war and tribalism destroyed the Greeks.  And made way for Alexander.  And there was a brief flicker of enlightenment, but Aristotle’s philosophy did not stand up to Alexander’s great Thirst for wine women and that gold-standard of tribalistic thought: Glory!  And then Rome.  The Republic, looked to the Philosophy of the Greeks.  The ancient perpetual antagonism between oppressed and oppressor was channeled into political rather than military striving.  But, the Light of The Republic flickered only long enough to produce a civilizational memory of the concept of political Liberty.  And again the Glorious Generals resumed their sway.  The Empire gradually diminished and even its tyranny was remembered fondly in the dark ages that followed the onslaught of the Germanic, Hunnic and finally Mongolian Tribes.  All the time, it was Might Makes Right.  Even into Medieval Europe, it was the descendents of the most recent successful Tribal foray that became the so-called nobility, who ruled over the native-born toilers of the soil. Human History forever has been Swordsman, Horsemen, Pikemen, Musketeers, fighting for GLORIOUS Nobles.  The peasants saw only the change in fashions of dress and language as one ruling class was replaced by the next.  But, miraculously as technology crossed some threshold, and there was a food surplus (as a result of the Black Death), there developed a niche of specialists.  They learned new trades and produced things that the Nobility wanted.  Learning that a looted tradesman will probably no longer produce the goods desired, the Nobility had to recognize that here was a person who was not Clergy, nor Nobility, and yet not peasant either.  These craftsmen and women, and merchants became wealthy.  Their wealth was required by the Nobles to wage their Glorious Wars.  And again they learned that you can loot the Townsman once, but then he will either leave, or revert to farming.  And the Towns and Cities demanded licenses, or privileges (private law) that formalized the inhabitants newly recognized middle class.  These Towns (or Burgs) were filled with Burgers or Bourgeoisie.  The Bourgeois continued to produce more wealth than they needed and thus accumulated capital.  Finally a force evolved that stood a chance against the men on Horseback.  With Capital came power.  It took various true revolutions most classically the British Civil Wars to once and for all force the Nobles to accept the Legal Equality of the Middle Class.  This phenomenon in terms of world history and geography is like a flash bulb going off in a black empty arena.  The Middle Class has been despised by Nobility and “Old Money” ever since its foundation.  All of the nations of Europe arose in misty mythic ages where Glorious Monuments to Church And Princes still are seen everywhere.

But America, was new.  Here, there never were nobles.  Never were peasants tied to the land.   (Except the Slaves of course.  And that required the final revolution of Capitalism against Aristocracy, The American Civil War.)  America was founded by Pilgrims fleeing the High Church of the Aristocracy.  Yes, as the British Civil wars ran their course, when aristocrats were down they also came here, to Tidewater lands in the South.  But, that is why the US Civil War is the last act of the British Civil Wars, (see The Cousin’s Wars).  America is the exceptional nation.  Here we had no traditions that drifted back into some mythic past.  When America became Independent from Europe they never quite forgave us our uppityness.  Yet, just as on the microcosm the individual Earls and Dukes came to the merchants and capitalists for cash to throw their gala wars, so too did the European Nation-States come to the USA to fund their “Proud Military Tradition”.  They needed the wealth produced by the combination of Liberty, the Natural Resources of the Land to which the God whose hand is seen in History lead us to, and the ethic derived from pragmatic enlightened Reformed Protestantism.    They needed it but hated having to come to us for it.    And now, all the enemies, all the jealous Knights and the hordes of peasants they entice with myths of glory are circling.  America is Gulliver, and the Lilliputian ropes individually laughable are bound in fascicles and are slowly harnessing us again.  Once again America, and The Middle Class will be taught their place!  And the very brief flash will flare out, and the darkness will  seem much more dark than it had been before.  All of the technological advances produced by America and the Liberal World of which it was the Champion will be weaponized and turned upon us.  And The World can resume its Quest For Glory, For Counting Coup, For Collecting Scalps and Ears and Shrunken heads.   Please, the Indians were just as beholden to Might makes Right and the Ideals of Honor and Glory as the monocled and scar-faced Prussian Junker.  They merely lacked the technology to produce mustard gas and barbed wire and machine guns!

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