ALEX JONES: ISRAEL and America are the targets of the Globalists! Israel is NOT The Threat!!

WIKILEAKS: Alex Jones “instantly” knows that this leak is deliberately done by and for Israel.  “Qui bono?” asks his guest yesterday.  Yesss. It must be Israel.   They are so deviously shrewd.  But, let us look and see what is to Israel’s benefit here.  There are way too many to go through.  So I just took a few at random, with special attention to Israel and to Islam.  I examined the leaks and can identify no benefit to Israel in any of them.  And, ironically the little impact on Israel that can be identified seems to against its interests.

Chancellor tells ambassador governments must continue to implement stimulus packages and banks need to be pressured to exercise restraint on bonuses. He rejects US request to have VAT charges on new London embassy waived. Key passage highlighted in yellow.

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Thus, Wikileaks embarrasses America as being scheming in trying to avoid VAT taxes incurred by building US embassy in a blighted area of London.

TO ME : this serves to weaken American and British special relationship.  Since Israel despite some complaints in regards to disputes over “settlements”, is firmly within the Anglo-American security system, this seems to not be in Israel’s interests.


South Korea’s vice Foreign Minister Chun Yung-woo tells the Americans that senior Chinese officials have told him that China is fed up with the North Korean regime’s behaviour and would not oppose Korean reunification. Chun says North Korea has already collapsed economically and will collapse politically when Kim Jong-il dies. Key passage highlighted in yellow.

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Thus, WikiLeaks, seems to feed into N.K’s paranoia, and to therefore either 1. Increase KJI’s willingness to fight.  OR 2. Force KJI to recognize that no help from China is to be expected and he would therefore NOT fight!

TO ME: this leak will have unpredictable effects on North Korea, therefore unpredictable effect on Israel.


After the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the US ambassador scrambles to contact key Pakistani officials and the UK embassy. Zardari says he does not believe the terrorists’ boats could have been launched from Karachi. The UK hands evidence linking the attack to Lashkar-e-Taiba to the ISI and Zardari. The UK foreign secretary, David Miliband, and ambassador Robert Brinkley urge Pakistan to send the ISI chief to India [a proposal that later backfires]. Key passage highlighted in yellow

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Thus, in the wake of Mumbai Terror attack, the Pakis doubt boats could have left form Karachi.  In addition the WL states: Hui was noncommittal when Brinkley raised concern about China’s reported decision to assist Pakistan build two additional civilian nuclear reactors (Chasma II and III).

TO ME: The US is shown as interested in not supporting China’s decision to build civilian nuclear reactors in Pak.  No sense of pre-knowledge of Mumbai attacks.  This has nothing to do with Israel whatsoever.

The US ambassador presents Pakistani officials with evidence that senior ministers and government officials had publicly supporting charities subject to UN sanctions. Those named include the information minister and a defence minister official. The ambassador also produces newspaper advertisements for the same groups in government-run media, and threatens to notify the UN sanctions committee. Key passage highlighted in yellow.

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Thus, WL says the US is calling upon Pakistan to reign-in Muslim Social Assistance  Groups that also have ties with Islamic Terrorists.

TO ME: leaking this only serves to make the Pakistani people more radical, and thus more dangerous to US and Israel.

In a private meeting with the US ambassador, Pakistan’s army chief and head spy complain vociferously about the provisions of a massive American aid package that requires military accountability towards the civilian government. As a measure of his good will, Gen Pasha, the ISI chief, says he has been offering intelligence tip-offs about impending attacks to India, and even Israel. Key passage highlighted in yellow.

DGISI Pasha asked Ambassador to convey to Washington that he had followed up on threat information that an attack would be launched against India between September-November. He had been in direct touch with the Israelis on possible threats against Israeli targets in India.

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TO ME: This WL far from furthering Israeli interests will make it that much more difficult for Pakistani Intelligence to cooperate with Israeli.  How that benefits Israel is beyond me!

US embassy cables: Mervyn King expresses doubt over David Cameron and George Osborne

US embassy cables: George Osborne lacks gravitas thanks to ‘high-pitched vocal delivery’

US embassy cables: Conservative MP criticises party’s handling of economic crisis.

These three are merely embarrassing to The US/UK special relationship.  Why, Israel would stand to benefit from the estrangement of the US and UK is beyond me.


The crown prince of the Emirates, Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed, outlines his fears about the intention of the Iranian regime and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Key passage highlighted in yellow.

OK, IF one wishes to do so, one might say that Wikileaks published this to show that more than Israel is threatened by Iranian nukes.  Does this benefit Israel?  Yes.  But it also benefits UAE ,and Saudi Arabia.  But, indeed, it may make the Shiite minority in these countries more dangerous.  SO, I say that YES, on this Israel benefits.  BUT, to what degree is the benefit?  It confers no large benefit.  Not enough to be behind the Wikileaks Escapade!

Senior officials from the US and Israel meet in Tel Aviv to discuss how to maintain Israel’s “qualitative military edge” over all potential enemies, and to co-ordinate approaches to tackling Iran’s nuclear programme after the disclosure of the nuclear facility in Qom.

THIS release is surely counter to Israeli interests!  How can it be interpreted as in Israel’s interests to release this level of cooperation with the US in re: Iran?

Iran’s nuclear program continues to cause great anxiety in Israel. Given their history, Israelis across the political spectrum take very seriously Ahmadinejad’s threats to wipe Israel off the map. Olmert has been quite clear in his public comments that Israel cannot tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran, a position stated even more emphatically by opposition leader Netanyahu, who compares today’s Iran to Nazi Germany in 1938. Despite the worst-case assessments of Israeli intelligence, however, there is a range of views about what action Israel should take. The MFA and some of the think tank Iran experts appear increasingly inclined to state that military action must be a last resort and are taking a new interests in other forms of pressure, including but not limited to sanctions, that could force Iran to abandon its military nuclear program. The IDF, however, srikes us as more inclined than ever to look toward a military strike, whether launched by Israel or by us, as the only way to destroy or even delay Iran’s plans.

Is this an example of Israel’s motive for releasing the Wikileaks? NOT to me.  It merely confirms what the world believes.  Is it to “force” the US to do it for them?  No.  The Israelis merely are warning that if Iran is not stopped that they will stop them.  IF, the US feels that an Israeli strike would cause too much repercussion for US interests, then the US will do it first.   But that is the US’s call.


General Omar Soliman, head of Egyptian intelligence, tells US ambassador that Cairo will keep up pressure on Palestinian Islamist movement. He sees Iran as a “significant threat” to Egypt and advises other Arab countries to keep their distance from it.

TO ME: Weakening Mubarak increases the likelihood of the Muslim Brotherhood coming into power in Egypt sooner rather than later.  Is this in Israel’s interests?  Or do the “fiendishly shrewd” Israelis wish to plunge Egypt into civil war; weakening them for the 6 weeks it will take for the Muslim Brotherhood to seize power?

And so on and so forth.  The eager, drooling tone of Alex Jones’ and his guest Walter’s, voices in their gleeful buffoonery that they “busted” Israel’s devious scheme makes me nauseous.  And depressed.  In the past, there indeed were a large percentage of Jews in the Socialist Movement.  This was in the era of the Jewish Enlightenment, which like the Christian Enlightenment sought replacement of God with ISMs of Man.  Socialism was never embraced in the USA or Canada, but was primarily a European Intellectual movement.  There, the choices were two.  They were National Socialism and International Socialism.  The former gave rise to the Italian Fascists, Franco’s Spanish Falangists, and using the actual name of National Socialism, the Nazi’s of Germany and their fellow travelers in the Netherlands, and Poland, and in the wake of the SS everywhere.

Jews having no nation were precluded from National Socialism.  Thus they flocked into International Socialism.  In Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, industrialization did not evolve de novo as it did in the Great Lakes area of the US.  In eastern and central Europe there was already a class struggle that was intensified by the accumulation of industrial class capital, and readily organized urbanites.  In America, there was space for co-evolution of new cities with new industries.  Detroit, Duluth, Buffalo, Cleveland, and others were country land before industry.  All this to explain why Socialism in Europe was not a strange and foreign ideology as it was to America.  At the turn of the last century, Jews from eastern and central Europe poured into America.  They brought with them their Socialism of the Internationalist variety.  This was before Stalin and Trotsky and Lenin besmirched the name.  But, this is the reason why many salt-of-the-earth Americans are quick to suspect Jews of Internationalism.

In addition, there is the Jewish traditional and overly stated presence in International Finance.  There are the lies about the Rothschilds, that they spread a false rumor to London that Waterloo was a defeat and capitalized on the disinformation.  Not so.  It was Rothschild skill in finance that allowed Great Britain to stand virtually alone against the Continent dominated by Napoleon.  The Rothschilds financed the British who in turn financed their allies in Prussia, Russia and Austro-Hungary at various times.  The Rothschilds had scoured Europe paying top price for silver, and allowing Britain to keep her military and her allies in the fight.  The very last silver purchases were becoming expensive and the R.’s took quite a lot personal risk in obtaining it.  Yes, they were early with the news of the Victory of Waterloo, but caught flat -footed!  With an early end to the war, which was a surprising relief to London, the need for silver would plummet.  So, being fast on their feet they took their silver for which they paid dear, and quickly bought into the London Stock Market, which was depressed due to the renewed war on the Continent.  It was this kind of ballsy financial maneuvering that built the Rothschild’s fortune.  And, they succeeded because they had brothers in several of the major cities of Europe.  Nothing nefarious.  Nothing that Barren’s or any “gentile” house wouldn’t do if ballsy enough!

So, here are the two reasons that the just enemies of the Global Security State are wrong in their linkage of Israel to 666.  With the State Of Israel, Globalist Internationalism is rightly seen as a threat to the uniqueness of the Jewish State.  The UN is virtually a 24/7 Anti-Zionism factory!

ALEX JONES et al. there are two nations with very strong senses of their own identity.  This sense of Exceptionalism is the basis for their resistance to the Global System.  Those states are the USA and Israel!  Do we not share the same enemies?  And this is not because we have supported Israel.  If Israel disappeared tomorrow, Iran would still pose a threat.  Plain astuteness in world history and in current events ought to suffice.  But, a deeper understanding of The Bible should make any American believer a supporter of Israel.  And quit seeing the hand of Israel in Global Schemes.  We share being targets of the 666 system!

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