Congress has abdicated that which it has no right to give away. Voting once to create and to establish on-going funding for Regulatory Agencies, Congress has allowed the creation of arbitrary power over every aspect of our lives. 
We need to demand the defunding and dismantling of the myriad Agencies. The Environmental Protection Agency, enacted under Nixon is the exemplar. We had grown too trusting of government. The Constitution had functioned well enough, long enough that the vast majority of us were lulled into a naive state. The American People trusted their governments at every level. The vigilance required to maintain Liberty lapsed. Who would see tyranny in an innocuous bill to protect the environment? Wow, we were like lambs, like lemmings. Like lemming lambs!

Ironically, Nixon, the creator of the EPA was the destroyer of that naivety. But, despite the dawning realization that the Constitution was but a line in the sand, drawn bravely around government power, we did not fight the battles on that line. Instead of principled defense of The Constitution we were distracted by the merits of the individual issues.

The Civil Rights Movement is the first real attack on The Constitution. The debates on Integration were always made on the basis of the merit of the cause. There were those who wanted to refuse equal treatment of people based upon race. There were those who demanded that to be stopped. And though I was young at the time, I recall the debates, the marches, the sit-ins etc. Everyone was certain of the rightness of their cause. There were those who resisted the Civil Rights Acts on the basis of their intrusive and unconstitutional nature. Many of these folks were indeed using the shield of the Constitution to protect their “whites only” laws. But, some small percentage were defending the Constitution, and were the first of many such defenders of Liberty and Limited Government to be called Racist.

It is but a short step philosophically from demanding that any and all businesses must comply with ___________ in order to be allowed to exist, to an unelected agency that claims authority over the emission of CO2. The combustion of carbon, powers this civilization. This civilization has empowered individuals to turn a key in their car and have more power at their fingertips than Napoleon could ever dream! It allows us to fly to India and China, as our ancient ancestors would have imagined their gods’ whimsical travels.

Carbon-based power and its empowering of the individual has rightly been identified by the would be tyrants as the primary target. Who doubts that the “Masters Of The Universe” long to unscramble the eggs of middleclass supremacy? The Noble-at-heart HATES us uppity middleclass. How dare we have such power as even a Hyundai at our fingertips? Who doubts that IF a technology were developed to power an automobile with wastewater and it would emit rainbows that there would be some reason “found” to be regulated out of existence?

We need to abolish and defund every single Regulatory Agency and then begin anew.  We are no longer the same naïve trusting lemming lambs that we had been!


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