On The Student Loan Debt Bubble; and the Great College Education Scam

College Education was once the entry into Civil Society.  Liberal Arts, referred to Literature, Philosophy: Greek and Roman.  It was most certainly not the route towards learning moneymaking skills!  It was presumed that the College Student was the scion of or sponsored by a member of the Gentry.  Somewhere this became distorted just as Pure Science became incorporated into engineering and other technology.

Granted, an entire massive accumulation of Scientific Knowledge has accrued since the days of sending the son off to become well rounded in the Liberal Arts.

Science was promoted to a rank equivalent with Liberal Arts.  Thus colleges became Universities with opportunities to study more and more specialized scientific knowledge.

The choice was Liberal Arts or Science.  The remnant is still seen in the basic BA Bachelor of Arts, versus BS Bachelor of Science.  As science merged with technology a BS became more of a Training Program geared to make one employable in the growing number of science-based industries.  Yet, a certain level of education in the Liberal Arts was maintained to ensure that graduates would be Gentlemen as well as technicians.

In the 1960’s, students, who by definition are unlearned, demanded that they should have control over their education.  As yet another example of the amazing arrogance of mmMy Generation, we deemed our uninformed opinion at least as worthy as the Dean Of Education.  The choice of BA, which did not lead to a salable  skill was utilized as perhaps the easiest route to a Diploma. But to those who sought entry into Big Money the BS, was perceived as the key turner.  But actual Science contains with in itself the “terrible” and unavoidable sword of Truth or Falsehood.  This sharp sword drew blood from the many who were not up to its demands and who were uninterested in the Liberal Arts.  Hard Sciences, are, well, hard!  They are not malleable.  The result of a chemistry experiment leaves little room for opinion and debate.  Our little geniuses from Suburbia High could not talk their way out of wrong answers.  What was needed, was softer sciences.  Sciences that have room for well-argued theories, with little demand for “facts”.

High School graduation became more and more the norm, and higher education was needed to “get a leg up”.  But what to do?  If you need to “get a leg up” implies that you are not the “disinterested Gentleman” seeking to improve himself in Liberal Arts.  It means you are seeking a certificate to help in your career promotion.  But science is hard!  And it cannot be bullshitted.  Answer: Social Sciences.  Perfect, like social diseases, Social Science degrees are easily earned.  There is no hard wall of Truth to deal with.  In fact, the very idea of there being “A” truth is at the heart of the Social Sciences.  Once the sword of Truth versus Falsity is not only dulled, but also mocked, then any theory regarding a “social science” can be judged on its explanatory merit, rather than on its “factual” merit.  A Social Science degree not only permits but teaches how and why the word “fact” is always in quotes.  Sociology of Victimology can stand or fall on the basis of departmental meetings and votes!  Imagine the Physics Department voting on Gravitation!

So, we have at least three generations of “students” earning bachelors of Science who are scientifically illiterate.  We have “Environmental Studies” Majors!  Independent of actual scientific departments such as Biology, Geography, Geology, Meteorology and even Paleo-Climatology, Environmental Studies Experts have no obligation to test their theories or come anywhere near the frightening sword of Truth.

After borrowing enough money to start a successful small business and produce wealth, we have grads coming into the job market who are good for nothing!  Yet, they have been entitled to everything since birth, handed to them on a silver tray.  Some of course will stay in college and become Doctorates in some quackish specialty.  They will be tomorrows professors.  But what do the rest do with their soft science degrees? The Government will hire them to support the theories in vogue and required to sell the need for less Liberty.  Or they will get jobs for Non-Profits funded by those who seek to overly complicate everything from True Or False to “True” or “False”.  This Scientism serves as the religion of the secular.  They have graduated with very little grounding in actual science and scientific method, but enough indoctrination to believe that though they themselves do  not “quite” understand the Universe’s “purpose” origin or their place in it, there are those who do!  “Those” who do, are categorized as the Nerds (many Asian) with their calculators in hand rather than their I-Phony.  Yes, they know, so it is known that “the purpose” of the universe must be in quotes.

You will graduate with debt, have nothing of intrinsic value, with only a certificate to show for it and perhaps a social disease or two, and most importantly: the mannerism and connections of a Young Yuppie On the Rise.  Ha Ha ha!   NO FREE LUNCH!  You borrowed and paid for a certificate that says Free Lunch.  But sorry, there is no such thing!  If you had studied physics you would understand that energy is never created, it merely is transformed from one kind to another.

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