Penalty: False START

Yes, we have heard of arms control as far back as we can remember. It was of course, the arms that kept the peace. (But, for “liberals”: it was their “reaching out” that averted war.  And it was but a “myth” that the Soviet Union was our enemy!)  The geopolitical and ideological rivalry between the USA and the USSR fueled the Cold War, not the arms themselves!  All the endless hours and careers dedicated to reducing the number of nukes was and is a waste. As long as each power had even only 1/4 of their inventory, they and we could have destroyed each other and much of Europe and Asia in the process. So to what end would it have been, to realize the wildest dreams of the would-be Bomb-Banners? To have the USA and USSR destroy 75% of their nukes would have been beyond what even the most optimistic amongst them would have dared dream. Yet, the same threat of devastating nuclear war would have remained.
Libs being libs, love to lie, and paint themselves as moralists.
But as the Libs love to proclaim and to crow : “We are in a Post-American Era“. Or, as the smarty pants at CFR, and Atlantic Monthly love to pronounce, we are in “a multi-polar world”. Therefore to what end do we negotiate bi-lateral treaties with Russia?
The USSR no longer is the “existential” threat to the United States of America. To “privilege” the Russian-American relationship as if it were still the days of NATO and Warsaw Pact tanks facing each other at Checkpoint Charlie is ludicrous.
Why do we still have US forces in Germany? Shouldn’t Europe be able to balance Russia, as historically was the case. With the continental sized USSR fully weaponized in the heart of Europe and pissed after WW II  was one thing. The power of the USA was needed to help Europe balance the USSR.
But, there is no more USSR. Let us allow Germany which traditionally manned the eastern approaches to Europe again to do so. Germany and France (with its own nuclear force) make up the heart of the EU. Modern History has revolved around Franco-German rivalry and the various alliances each other forged. United, they surely ought to be able to defend Europe from Russia.
The Baltic and The Black Seas are fairly distant from the North Atlantic! Should the USA in its NATO commitment to be guaranteeing such distant places as Georgia, and Estonia? Why should we be part of the Bear Baiting of erecting missile defenses in Poland and Czech Republic? Would we go to war with Russia over Georgia and the southern Ossetia regions seeking independence? I hope we have sane enough people in charge who would say “NO”.
WE NEED a NEW FRESH FOREIGN POLICY. It must reflect the multipolar world which, alas, is now the case. Alas, because of the Lib’s hatred of America as an Independent sovereign Republic, we have been betrayed and cut off at the knees. The Globalists know that America, strong, independent and free, will never melt into the stew of the NWO.
So, they seek to eat away our strength (and lead the world and ourselves to question our morality). They seek to tie us like Gulliver with strings of treaties and agreements. And knowing that educated, armed, brave American citizens will never allow our nation to be fed into the NWO, they seek to keep us ignorant, disarmed and frightened. They have succeeded to the degree that Americans are trained to apologize for having briefly been The Sole Superpower. We must now “recognize that our time is past, and that we shall have to pass the torch to China”. This of course is bullshit.
BUT: that is an entire screed to itself. Point now is that they have succeeded. We no longer have the moral clarity, institutional bravery, nor economic might to act like a superpower. That being the case, we must devise balance of power relationships, something we have no past history of doing. We had been insular between our oceans, until we burst their bounds  and ruled the waves. We have no experience in forming alliances and maintaining balance of power.
Unlike Britain we do not have a half a millennium experience in managing a multipolar world. But we must learn quickly. OR the “multipolar world” will be seen historically as the blink of time between the emasculation of America and the rise of the New World Order.  America was the result of an extremely long chain of events.  Some of the links were seemingly mundane and others; miraculous.  But once gone, it is very unlikely to ever re-emerge.  In fact, this is a part of our problems right now.  We have been made to forget the uniqueness of our history.  We are the New World.  We are the reality of a vague sense of wonder and hope for which medieval Europe gazed westward.  Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis, arose from the mists of the western seas.  In the historical rounding error of four hundred years, a wondrous nation, one-of-its kind sprouted from its ancient hills, and fertile fields.  The Blessings of God were rained upon the head of America.  And the blessings crouching below in veins of gold and silver, and flowing oil in the very crags of rocks, all had been as if laid away for some future time.  Our time.  And once gone, it will never ever be made whole, again. And with sorrow I watch and in horror I see those whose hatred for America is matched only by their hatred of the idea of a Loving Creator, who see blessings from God as if it were ourselves who ripped them out of the heart of the New World.   Our own society has been mentally mangled and spiritually oppressed, to create and adore “Avatar”.  We fall over ourselves to pound our chests in mea culpa, as if The New World was Pandora and the Pilgrims and the white race of English-speaking settlers were as the cigar chomping military maniac at the service of the Corporate weenie.  Only a dying nation would portray itself thus.  Is it too late to once again sense the grandeur and sweep of History in the term “The New Atlantis“?

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