Jon Journalism vs Murrow Reportage

The New York Times likens “Satiric Advocacy Journalism” of the Daily Show, to Edward R. Murrow, in:

Perfect.  Jon (not even a masculine “John”) is a satirical advocacy Journalist.  This is Tom Wolfe’s “SARC III” in “I Am Charlotte Simmons”; a novel everyone who senses the evil hypocrisy of Ivy League pretensions ought read.  The very concept of Journalism, with a capital “J”, taught by professors at Universities is as much like Reporting, as Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade is to Barney Fife in Jack Boots, TSA insignia, and a meth habit. The reporter uncompromisingly sought truth, and was jaded by the world and took comfort in the bottle; Journalists (said with Michael Savage pronunciation), are Educated and not so jaded as they are post-modernly “realistic”.  Unlike Sam Spade (and Charlotte Simmons) who expected higher and better behavior from those “in the know”, Journalism majors already “know” that “truth is only arbitrary”, and their job is to guide society to understand the issues of the day in a “useful” way. (Truth is less important than “truthiness” so long as the “right” nudge is given.)

SARC 3, (for third level sarcasm) is described as the collegiate smirkiness and deliberately obvious fake friendliness, the blatantly false smile and compliment. It is typically a shared mocking of someone who is less “realistic” than the daughters and sons of the masters of the Universe, whose place they of course will inherit.

Don’t you get it?  According to “Journalism 101” the open advocacy of any policy is strictly for the editorial pages.  However once one is committed to the Major, say by journalism 202 the “relativistic” nature of reality is shared with the student.  It is expected that the Undergrad Coursework and experience have grinded off whatever vestige of Enlightened Rationalist Modernism had been lurking despite High School, and generous amounts of TV and MTV brain-rinsing.  It is her job (yes there is a large feminine or effeminate majority in the field) to secretly advocate for “social justice” and “eco-justice” and socialism in all its guises. .  So a satirist of Journalism who might be expected to satirize the rubes who still believe The Times Reporters have a pint of rye in their desk, instead satirizes those who might satirize the satire of the comic satirizing Advocacy Journalism.  Triple Sarcasm! SARC LEVEL 3!  Everybody’s head is so far up their butts and are too frightened to even risk a sideways glance at their classmates’ or roommates’ eyes.  One must be responsible for ones “coolness”.  The lockstep nonconformity must seem to be “incidental” and must never ever be seen as inauthentic.  Inauthentic “non”-conformity may well indicate maladaptive behavior or even Racism.   Any expression of positivity in regard to Anglo-American society and history is beyond the pale.

Cost of Tuition 30K, proper wardrobe and car another 30, value: Priceless (and soon enough please God, useless)!

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