SIX POINTS for the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: to restore the Morality, Wealth, Authority, Power and Honor of America

This House of Representatives must do the things within its power to do, this year.  Here are six  straight forward points to stick to.

1. Defund the EPA or limit its authority to declare arbitrarily whether a chemical is a pollutant.  The term pollutant must be excruciatingly defined or they will be naming Libertarians as toxins.  A pollutant is a byproduct of an industrial, chemical, or other human initiated process that causes significant and direct and measurable risk of a recognizable injury or illness, to humans whether in the womb or not.  In addition, a Pollutant may be a substance that damages significantly a limited natural resource.  The EPA shall make recommendations to The Congress of The United States only.  Climatic speculation is explicitly removed from the agency.

Like the schoolmarm would say: if you cannot behave yourselves voluntarily we will be forced to have stricter rules.  Unfortunately the Agencies have reversed roles with us! We are  their employers!

2.Defund the FCC and/or limit its authority to the limited resource of radio bandwidth rationing.  The FCC must be the auctioneer and referee of the limited radio spectrum. Only!  The only public benefit mandated for the FCC is to maximize the fees collected to lease the right to band width.  Since bandwidth is pre-existent to radio, and is a natural resource, the government’s only role is to see to its maximal profitability.  People vote with their dials, and the free market is the only neutral indicator of “public benefit”.  The FCC shall not have an opinion upon the content broadcast upon the band width that it leases, except for limitations on foul language.  If we need to return to a childish list of words and refer to them by their first letters, so-be-it.  The FCC has no mandate to “improve” or change the public’s thinking on any issue or point of contention.

Unlike the radio band, the Internet is not a natural resource.  There is no intrinsic scarcity requiring rationing of any kind.  It is Private Property.  Can’t you read the sign?  No Trespassing!  MYOB.

3. Defund the FDA and/or limit its jurisdiction to foods and drugs sold across state lines.  The Constitution grants the Federal Government no authority to intrude on this matter within the individual states.  If need be, we can produce a tedious list of items to be considered Food or Drugs.

The FDA should be liable in regard to the importation of any food or drug from a foreign country that is mislabeled, or unhealthy.  Keep out of our local business and protect the nation as a whole.

4. Defund the NEA.  Again, as the schoolmarm might say, “Alright Children, since we can’t all agree on what art is, we shall have no publicly subsidized art.”  Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton need not pay taxes for Crucifixes covered with Cockroaches, urine, or anything else.

5. Defund and eliminate DHS!!!  This is nothing if it is not the civilian defense force of which Obama spoke, equally well funded and equally prepared as the Pentagon.

It is an American Stasi, KGB and Gestapo, with technology Orwell never imagined in his worst nightmare!  It has nothing to do with fighting Terrorists and protecting Americans.  It is the boot designed to smash the Human Spirit forever and ever.  It is the arm of the New World Order designed to take America, the mightiest and wealthiest nation in human history, and weaponize it; use up its wealth in creating the instrument of its own enslavement and the enslavement of the entire world.  A thorough Congressional investigation into Chertoff’s connection with the Body Scanners acquisition, and a public airing of the records of the TSA and DHS will remove the stench of this un-American Junta.

6. Audit the Federal Reserve.  Investigate the history of the formation, the goals, and the actions of the Fed for its entire century of operation.  Let us know exactly which companies and individuals received any of the bail-out funds, and why.

These six things are doable and would restore the United States to our previous heights of power, wealth and respect.

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