DEFAULT: No Increase on Debt Ceiling!

DEFAULT: No new debt ceiling

Default, and suck it up. Better those who have gambled on risky loans should lose their money than we print hyper-inflationary paper to “repay”. 
So, what, America loses its credit rating. And so…


We will eat the food we can grow, The Amber Waves Of Grain. We better drill, and hire Americans to do it, for whom else will take payment in the US Dollar? We better build refineries, and cold winters will silence the environmentalist extremists. We will get used to buying American cars, for foreign built will be too expensive. Local fruit in the east and the northwest, and California will suffice, as once they did.  No more plums from Chile in January! Peaches and watermelon will be seen in the summer only, and will be more appreciated. Since fuel will be based upon non-dollar costs, transportation and shipping costs will become very significant. Just as they were for most of human history, products from abroad and far were costly. Imagine Americans making the clothing Americans wear! (Some day, God willing, we will ask ourselves how we could have believed importing socks and underwear and coats, shoes, shirts and pants across the Pacific Ocean was a good idea!)

No, sorry, the unemployment benefits will not be raised to cover the cost of living. No, nor will welfare. But thankfully, we do not need wait the “new, sparkling clean green jobs”; we can hire folks to make all the stuff we imported. The “Jobs That Americans Just Won’t Do” will number fewer and fewer.

We above ALL other nations have a land over flowing with milk and honey. Only a nation of brainwashed, indulgent, decadent, and lazy sloths could impoverish such a place. Sarcastic, ironic, mocking of virtue: YOU yuppie maggots who have engorged yourselves in the corpse of the nation you have destroyed will learn how to work a lawn mower. You will not sit in air conditioned Great Rooms or Media Rooms in your McMansions snidely remarking on the naïveté of the Tea Partiers. When even Mexicans won’t come and clean, how will you get the dust and cobwebs off your cathedral ceiling? You: who have built Cathedrals to Yourself and to Your Cleverness for playing the System while simultaneously creating a persona of cool, anti-establishment, are the boot-lickers of those who threw you the crumbs and pretended camaraderie. In their mansions they mock you in your McMansions.

Meanwhile who will mow the lawn? You!  Golf, on weekends? I think not. Golf Courses will be too expensive for you, who produce nothing of any worth.

Your Credentials, for which you kissed asses, and made sure you punched every ticket for, are not worth a mechanic who can fix your BMW and machine the parts that YOU cannot afford to import.

Your future will recapitulate the past. What evolved over a century, we will see with our own eyes run backwards like a film. The rural countryside, was populated by farmers, orchard families, mechanics, shopkeepers. And then the suburbs came. The orchards were subdivided. The farms made into Golf Courses. Then more upscale folks, like yerself guvna and the Golf Course became a high end Mall. In the next county, the orchard became the Golf Course and like a cancer, a Yuppieoma, spread and metastasized.

You proudly sported Obama stickers on your Yuppie-mobiles. And were forehead wrinkling and chin stroking concerned about the planet. But, finely attending to every nonverbal cue, you were instantly able to flip to irony on the topic, any issue, if needed! You learned to never be too enthusiastic or too earnest about anything, because everything must be made IRONIC if the occasion demands. Cultural authenticity was the diamond ear pin and gray ponytail, for the Yuppie Man, and botoxed always canary-eating happy smiles on The Wife. You always named The System and Played It too. That takes a level of compartmentalization (the opposite of integrity) requiring complex sarcasm. Always mocking the system and its “tools”, there were no self-identified tools, but yet The System Ran in such a well tooled manner. How? Because you fools are tools, only not man enough to own it and be an earnest employee, or to leave it and be Independent. You rage inside at those who would dare be Independent. They remind you of your worminess.

Well, my American Yuppie Worms, your day has come. Little baldy white meat-eating cholesterol counting 500 channel surfing, diamond earring wearing, non-judgmentally ironic, homophobic-phobic, demonstrably non-racist, anti- white, likes “some” hip hop, American mocking, EuroTrash -Admiring douche: celebrate.

Today, this Bud is for you. (No, you don’t need a bottle opener, dude, its American!)


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