Free Trade is a malignant ideology. It is designed to destroy the American Middle Class. “They” the anti-capitalist, anti-liberty conservatives (in the true sense) have never conceded the point that the nobility and priesthood have been excluded from the modern world of which America was the nucleus. American History I believe should be taught as beginning in the English Civil Wars. At the heart of that war was the battle between the Landed Aristocracy/the Monarchy/the Established Church/the superstitious and manipulated peasantry, on the one hand, and the craftsmen, tradesmen, merchants of the towns, with their anti-Episcopal Churches and reformed Protestant theology, on the other.

Eventually after one king was executed and a brief period of “commonwealth” dictatorship under Cromwell ended with the threat of the return of the Stewart dynasty, the British were tired of war and invited Prince William of Orange (Netherlands) and his English wife, Mary to reign. While Britain was distracted by this chaotic period, the American Colonies were free to establish the first polities created rationally by enlightened Protestant middle class, for the middle class. When Britain later tried to bring the “upstarts” to heel they lost. But “nouveau riche” upstarts is how the Nobility and Warrior Class saw the Middle Classes. And the peasants and proletariat were used and manipulated by the Princes and Priests and their Pomp and Pageantry and taught to envy the Middle Class “upstarts” who “thought they were better than” them. Thus Napoleon and Hitler dismissed the Anglo-American commercial empires as nations of mere “shopkeepers”. BUT the EuroTrash has never really despaired of putting us back in our place!

Free Trade is their method, now. Through out-sourcing jobs that allowed a man to support his family in Middle Class comfort, we have been weakened. By allowing the re-import of the products that were out-sourced without having to pay a Tariff allows for maximum profit for the Upper Class, some of which they use to support “liberal” groups that keep the lower classes at odds with the Middle Class.

America has been unique in several ways. But one way has been in its unique history of having a consciously designed political system based upon the ideas that existed in Europe during the brief window between John Locke and the French Revolution. That window slammed shut like a guillotine, cutting American middle class Liberty off from Continental EuroTrash ideology of “Left and Right”.

WE NEED A TRADE POLICY THAT VALUES ACCESS TO THE AMERICAN MARKET AS THE GREAT BOON IT IS. The World has grown accustomed to its belief that America’s markets are freely open to all. This has led to the deliberate destruction of the Middle Class. It is the happy Middle Class that has given the lie to Marxist Utopian theology. Thus the Middle Class MUST be destroyed. And as Britain was the bulwark for Protestantism against the Catholic Habsburgs and Bourbons, America played that role against the Communists and Fascists. Free Trade must end as an ideological “good”. Sometimes perhaps Free Trade is in our interests and at other times protectionism better serves. In every debate over Trade Policy there will be interested parties that stand to gain or lose, based upon changing Trade. Political debate in Congress had been the method of bringing to bear the closest approximation of the best trade policy at any given time. These debates are between what have been derided as “special interests”. When I hear politicians using the phrase “Common Good”, like Ayn Rand I ask “for whom?” There is NO such thing as “The Common Good”, just as there is no such thing as “The Economy”. “The Economy” has no independent reality. It merely is the sum total of rational beings exchanging goods and services to advance their own perceived ideas of where their best interest lies.

2 thoughts on “Free Trade: A MALIGNANT IDEOLOGY

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