Letter to Ms. Schofield Rep. to 16th CT on Transgender Bathrooms

Letter to Ms. Schofield Representative from the 16th Connecticut District

“…Winfield, the bill’s author, said the measure comes down to a far simpler question: do you or do you not want to discriminate against these people?”

Ms. Schofield I believe the time has come to remove the derogatory connotation to the word “Discriminate”.  We discriminate all the time.  “To discriminate” means no more nor less than the ability to differentiate between two items.  When one cannot discriminate the individual letters in a word, glasses are prescribed to improve visual discrimination.  Discrimination became synonymous with segregation.  Because we discriminated on made Race, we segregated white from black; bad.  Why was that discrimination bad?  Because it was discrimination?  No. Discrimination between good and evil is what we humans do!  Discrimination between races is bad because it is based upon a false idea of racial superiority or inferiority, and leads to inequality under the law.

This, Transgender nonsense, is a contrived politically correct move.  Why is it Politically Correct?  What is PC?  It is the attempt at the deliberate deconstruction of all our cultural norms.  It is at the heart of the Post-Modern attack upon America.  America stood at the epitome of The Modern.  America with its enlightened Constitution, classically liberal economy created The Modern Age and ruled supreme in it.  Those who have despised America have done so because we are the only example of a nation self-conceived as being by and for and of The Middle Class.  We have never had to kowtow to Nobility.  We were never Lords nor serfs.  The European Intellectuals were contemptuous of us.  Men of Heroic Stature in their own eyes dismissed us as merely a nation of Shopkeepers, much as Napoleon mistook Great Britain. The Nobility never forgave us our upstart nature.  The Continental Marxists hated us because we belied their prophetic scenario.  Instead of a middle class oppressing a proletariat until a vanguard of elitist Revolutionaries would lead them to Economic Justice, they were horrified that instead, the proletariat aspired to and attained Middle Class status.  No matter that there were no oppressed Proletariat to “liberate” they still were a Vanguard and needed to be recognized as such!  America and its victory of the Middle Class must be destroyed!  But how?

How to destroy the Middle Class, requires knowledge of its origin.  The Middle Class was most advanced, earliest in the Netherlands and Britain.  These were commercial nations, with a Bourgeois Protestant work ethic.  The Protestant ethic had to go.

Everything middleclass, protestant, Liberal, Good, had to be shown to be at the core a scam.  All American virtue had to be made to seem a sham. Liberal Economics was supported by people who were big business men and thus had a vested interest.  Protection of Private Property from capricious government confiscation was merely a high-minded way for robber barons to keep that which they stole from the People.  And morality was merely the code for the set of principles that justified patriarchy, racism, economic injustice, and obedience to established authority.

So, it was necessary to “deconstruct” American cultural morality.  Without a moral culture, the only referee to prevent the War of All Against All must be The Government.

“Discrimination”, tarnished by its proximity to racism has been discriminated against and prejudged to be a bad thing.

Who are we to dare judge someone else’s’ moral judgements? No other culture has adopted such a self-destructive mantra.  Every Culture has had its sense of moral norms.  Though thoughtful members of the society may have recognized that some of the norms were arbitrary, the value of having norms was wisely valued (as I said, by the thoughtful.)  It is our Post Modern sense of “objectivity” as if we somehow sit above the entirety of human history, and have a God’s eye view of the various cultures of Humanity, that gives us the sense that norms are “merely” arbitrary.  And since arbitrary, none have any greater right to allegiance than others.  But we dismiss arbitrary as “mere” at peril.  Our very language is composed of arbitrary sounds and symbols for sounds that are attached to specific meaning.  Arbitrarily.  But if one wishes to communicate one must decide on one specific arbitrary language.  The arbitrariness of language does not diminish it reality.

And so to morals.  To claim that discriminating against Transvestites is equivalent to discriminating amongst humans by their Race, is a false argument.  As written above, we discriminate all the time between good and bad.  Discrimination between good and bad is what morality is.  To claim that morality is merely arbitrary and thus of no validity before the Law, is like claiming a personal language in which what may sound like perjury to some, might not sound so to me!  Who am I to judge?

This has been the game for a century now.  You and your leftist liberal agents of Change have lost your ability to dazzle with this kind of mind game.  Whether or not our American cultural norms are arbitrary or not, they are ours, and do not belong to you, or your “government”.   In fact, isn’t Government a lot like an arbitrary set of rules, given validity by common acceptance?

STOP trying to destroy this nation.  STOP shoving your warped amoral laws at us.  Nations have culture, and government.  Government does NOT have a nation or a culture, except for the Public Sector parasite class that will be removed.

Do not dare claim that Transvestite Behavior is merely a life-style choice.  Do not dare claim that you can redefine Marriage.  Our Culture has primacy over your government and if you keep pushing you will learn that.  Electorally.




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