Response to: ““Free Market Capitalism” is an Oxymoron”

There has never been anything new under the sun. There has never been anything new under the sun. Until, that is, the United States declared and made good its escape from the well-described “feudalism with engrafted markets in the interstices”.
“Capitalism” is the name given by Marxists to describe what might otherwise be called self-organizing organic economies in which rational agents are free to pursue their self-interests so long as they do not interfere with others freedom. Other attributes of this non-ism is the lack of an over-riding goal or direction determined by government; the government has the monopoly on the use of coercive force to be used in sharply delineated cases to protect the rights and property and to enforce contractual obligation, though the latter may be unnecessary if parties do due diligence to determine the history of the potential contractee in fulfilling previous contracts.
Though the Bourgeoise originated in the Burgs and Towns of Feudal Eurasia, they indeed were constrained by the need to require Licenses and other “benefits” from the Nobility. The Black Death was a turning point and gave the peasants a greater bargaining position viz. the cost of their labor. But wealthier Kulaks were not the historic source of the Middle Class. In fact the Peasantry along with the Kulaks were steeped in superstition and controlled by the Pomp of Princes and the Power of Priests.
The first true revolution was the British Civil Wars. Protestantism, arose with the printing press, the vernacular Bible. Where Liberty went scientific inquiry followed, and technological and geographical knowledge multiplied. With geographic knowledge came global trading networks, which created wealth on a scale that dwarfed that of the Landed Aristocracy. The Landed Classes took umbrage at the up-start nouveau-riche. But eventually having been descended from members of the last motorcycle gang to sweep into the area mattered less than the merit of earned wealth. The British Civil Wars saw the Nobility and the Peasantry united against the new middle class. America was peopled by self or otherwise exiled members of the Nobility, when the Parliamentary/ Bourgeoise/ Chapel was up; and by Pilgrims and Puritans representing the Middle Classes when the Royalists were up.
It required bungling of monumental level to force an alliance between Greater Virginia: High Church Anglican second sons of nobility, descendents of Norman conquerers and Greater Massachusetts peopled by the Parliamentary, Bourgeoise, low church dissenters. For one miraculous moment Britain alienated both at once. The result was the ONLY NEW THING UNDER THE SUN, the United States of America the only self-created nation, of the middle classes for the middle classes and by the middle classes. For the first time in History a Government was consciously created to serve the People and not the reverse. The Government was defined by a set of restrictions! It held sway only over a delineated arena. The Government for the first time was consigned to the Interstices, and not the Individuals.
Yes, there were imperfections. The greatest enemy of The Good is The Unattainable Perfect. We had slavery. We dealt with the natives in a manner consistent for the time, but illiberally when viewed from the Ivory Towers where Chest Thumping Proponents of The Unattainable look down and judge us with harshness.
Wherever Liberty is allowed, there can be no looting. If primitive societies had access to resources valued by more advanced ones, more often than not Trade sufficed to satisfy all parties. When Governments involved themselves and sought to carve out exclusive reserves in less developed places, Liberty was lost, and oppression began.
The United States Constitution and the two and a half centuries of unimaginable creativity, wealth, comfort, and LIberty it allowed was the ONLY THING NEW UNDER THE SUN. Sadly that sun is fading fast. Ironically it is due to intilekchuals hubristically believing that they know best something they call “the common good”. The same Professors study something they call “The Economy”. As Ayn Rand would ask, “the common good for whom?” And doesn’t studying the Economy (like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle might predict), effect it in some unpredictable manner?
Free Enterprise is merely what free and rational people do when left alone. One of things they do is to form some authority. Even anarcho-atheisto-property denying “purists” must admit that starting from a presumed State Of Nature, the systems that now exist have all evolved into what is so destructive today. Every single “system” had a “higher” goal than individual happiness. Except America. John Locke correctly saw the State of Nature not in the same “bloody in tooth and talons” as Hobbes, and Marx, but as being an organic self-assemblage of cooperating rational agents all seeking to improve their lives as they each saw by their individual lights. Liberty is not an ISM. It is not Capitalism. Though the free exchange of capital to mutually perceived benefit is a feature, it is a result not the cause of Liberty

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