Florida International University and the Hispanic-only Mayoral Debate

It was Freedom Of Association which was nearly totally destroyed in the course of the Civil Rights Movement. The argument might have been made (erroneously) that if there was but one luncheonette counter in a town, to segregate it would be to exclude Blacks. There is absolutely no longer any scarcity of wavelength, counter space, or real estate. The racial ethnic composition that was present in the 19th and 20th centuries is no longer recognizable. A white majority discriminating against a black minority is no longer the status quo. We have been rendered multicultural (though I cannot recall being asked if that is what we wanted). In a multicultural polity, any individual ethnicity that seeks to isolate itself will do so at its own peril, electorally, and socially.
Finally we can return to our basic understandings of Free Association and Free Usage Of Private Property. If Hispanics wish to have an Hispanic-Only University, or an Hispanics Only debate in a University with the permission of the owners of that University, why should they be stopped. It is not as if there are only one or two universities in the Miami Region.
If Whites wish to have a Whites Only Golf Course, why should anyone have a right to determine whether they may do so with land that they own. The social stigma involved with membership in such a club would probably render it short-lived. And if it survived, so what? There is a critical mass of middle class blacks that might wish to have their own private Golf courses too. Freedom of Association and Freedom to enjoy one’s Private Property without permission or license MUST be restored. It has been the erosion of these Liberties due in a large measure by Civil Rights Legislation, that has taken us from a default Liberty, to default license-required society.
If FIU wishes to limit the debate of Mayoral candidates to Hispanic speakers, is that not their right to do so?  But, if it is their right, is it not also the right of a White English-speaking association to hold a similarly limited debate?  Yes, yes yes!  We have gone far beyond a majority White English speaking nation with a 10-15% black population.  We are now multicultural, and have more than enough private universities, restaurants, country clubs. Every manner of association and business-model ought to be left in the hands f those whose business it is, the owners of the private property, and the individuals whose individuality implies the right to choose whom they would associate with, by any selective process they choose, without being second guessed, without requiring a License.

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