A Mason? Me?

I disagree with the entire thesis that America was corrupted from inception. Yes, George Washington was a Free Mason, a high-ranking one at that. And, yes, he was dressed in Masonic Ritual wear when he laid the first stone of the Capitol. Many of the Founders were Masonic. Here is a thought: maybe, the Masons were or perhaps still on the side of Good?

You can judge individuals and societies by their enemies. The Roman Catholic Church has hounded the Free Masons. Free Masonry was outlawed in the USSR.  The KKK, and the Nazis did not tolerate them.  And those elements of the Tea Party who are most vociferously opposed to American support of Israel, and most suspicious of there being “Jewish puppeteers” behind the New World Order are also the most likely to include the Masons in their version of The Conspiracy. The Masons seem to share the same enemies as the Constitutional libertarians of the United States, and the Zionist Jews in Israel.

No, I am not a member. I would consider joining if invited, if I learned the its mission was the creation and furtherance of Liberty.  If I learned that intellectuals of the Age Of Enlightenment created this organization to help spread the novel concept of Liberty as being God-given.

In the course of Human History there is darkness trailing back into Prehistory. And with the death of Middle Class Bourgeois ideals of Liberty there will a dark endless future stretching as far ahead as one can imagine.

The spark of Liberty, lit by John Locke, Montesquieu, Voltaire et al has always been fragile, at the mercy of a gust of wind or a drop of rain.

The British Colonies of North America were settled by several discrete folkways from the British Isles, at different times for different reasons. The Pilgrims came to create a New World of Liberty based upon Calvinist theology. They read deeply in the Old Testament. The Puritans followed the Pilgrims.  They had tried but failed to purify the Anglican Church Of England of its Catholic-like trimmings.  To them, Liberty was due to the possibility of having a personal relationship with God the Creator through the good graces of His First (so far) Son, Yeshua. This is 180 degrees from “Collective Salvation” we hear from Obama, and the Emergent Church.  But Collective Salvation is not something new.

The Church: Catholic, Anglican, or Orthodox was the gate and held the key to Salvation. Thus, one needed to have all their “sacraments” checked off by authorized “priests” (who have been ordained by a direct hand to hand transmission form the Apostles), in order to escape Eternal Hell Fire.  Purgatory, a non-Biblical doctrine, was a means of making hostages of the dead. Their living survivors were obliged to pay The Church to lessen the time spent by their dead there. I am sorry for any who take offense, but The Church was a racket.

When the vernacular Bibles became available (despite the torture and death of those who would dare translate it into the local language), the scales fell off many eyes.

These people became either Lutheran, or Calvinist. Lutheranism is basically Catholicism freed from the blatant corruption of the pre-counter-reformation Church. But there was same degree of collective salvation. In order to be saved one still needed the “bread” and the “wine”. And one may only obtain that if they were members in good standing of the Lutheran Church. Calvinism splintered into myriads of sects.

In Britain especially, there were many sects that advocated a direct human to God relationship through His Son. No Priests needed, thank you! Eventually neither “bread” nor “wine” was required.

These New England souls derived their sense of Liberty from their individualistic relationship with God.

The second major folkway to America came from the supporters of the King, The Anglican Church, and the Aristocracy of the Landed Nobility and Gentry. The hereditary Upper Class roused the ignorant peasantry to be envious of the new middle classes. A certain comfort in poverty was the sense that there were those who had been born to rule and others who were born to toil for their “betters”.  A self-created Middle Class shattered that comfortably numb sense of knowing one’s place in an immutable Social Order. The Royalists, and the High Church and their superstitious and envious peasantry lost the first round of the British Civil Wars. Oliver Cromwell, the Puritans, and Parliament ruled.  Jamestown, though older than Plymouth, lacked the enthusiasm for making a new life.  Originally settled by second sons of Upper Class families who could not inherit ay property in the Old World, sought their fortunes in the New.  These men were more similar to the Conquistadors from Spain.  They sought to extract gold or other commodities to transfer back to Britain, where they planned to return with their fortunes.  It was they who first came to the Chesapeake colonies. They transplanted the Britain of the Cavaliers with their desire for Fame, Wealth, Reputation, and Honor, all of which flowed from ownership of land. To these people Freedom was not black and white. There was a gradient of Freedom. From slave, to indentured servants, to middling men, who needed the good graces of the more well to do, and above all, ruled the men who were Free of the need to work. This concept of Freedom is not identical to that present in the New England mind. Freedom was to be free of the need to serve others. Even in commercial relations, if one needed customers, or patients, or whomever, one was not truly free. Only by owning land, planting, or hiring others to plant, or leasing the land for others to plant was to be Free.

This second society, of the Chesapeake might have become inward looking and corrupted to the point of worshipping wealth. It did not do so because the ideas of The Enlightenment were able to take root. The Anglican Church never acquired the power here in America that it had enjoyed in Britain.  There was never a Bishop of America of the Anglican Church.

John Locke lived at the time of the restoration of the Stewart Monarchy. His life was often at stake, as his writings were directed against The Church and The King. Yet, he had an audience of well-to-do supporters, men who also believed in Constitutional Monarchy and in small church Protestantism. As James II was a to take the throne as a Catholic, the entire Civil War cycle was about to reignite. The King’s sister had married Duke William of Orange of the United Provinces of the Netherlands. William And Mary sailed in from Holland and the “Glorious Revolution” peacefully settled the matter. Britain would be a Constitutional Monarchy.

But across the Atlantic, the Colonies had been on their own long enough to develop their own culture.

I believe The Free Masons were composed of enlightened members of the otherwise Cavalier culture. There seems to be a sense that Masonry was somehow guiding America along a path that was extraordinarily difficult to thread. Masonry has never been as important in New England as it has been in greater Virginia and the Middle Atlantic States. New England would have evolved into Republican, Liberal (classic) entities. But perhaps not Greater Virginia. Greater Virginia is the entire Chesapeake region with its tobacco agriculture and export driven economy and hierarchical society. It is not inevitable that they and the Carolinas would have stood with New England in 1775. The Free Masons possibly played a role in expanding the Gentleman Planters’ minds in regards to Liberty.  If so Masonry may have been the bridge between the small church, middle class family-centered townships of  New England, and the Plantation owning, Anglican patriarchal society of Virginia and the maritime Carolinas.

The Free Masons have considered themselves the repository of the sacred and delicate flame of Liberty. It is not an anti-Christian religion. One might be initiated into the highest orders of Masonry, and perhaps be taught secrets and ideals going back to the building of the great Gothic Cathedrals of the late Medieval Period. Maybe even secrets and wisdom from Solomon’s Temple are kept. So what?

Enlightenment is good! Since when has being a member of a superstitious flock of Sunday Churchgoers been the only American Way? Not in New England where they were not superstitious. Sharp-eyed Yankees were willing to take God and only God on Faith, all other claims required proof.  In the intellectual circles of Virginia there was less dependence upon the Bible. Church was a Social Event, the Anglican Priest was acknowledged but not of much importance.   Morality was based upon the desire for honor and reputation.

The FREEMASONS may be the core of The Third Way. There has been the way of Priests and Kings, and the way of guillotines and class warfare. Freemasons seem to be at every juncture of America’s Exceptionalism. I think, maybe, they know something of great importance that was to be kept a secret until this time. Only known by the top initiates, this Knowledge could have been acted upon to nudge America into the Once-In-A-World History Event it has been.

The Secret: Joseph is still on the earth. His numbers are like the stars in the heavens. He has been given the choicest of Lands, between broad oceans, above seams of coal, crags filled with oil, loamy soil, kept virginal awaiting the arrival of the steel plow and the horses and oxen to pull. Waves of grain and fruit filled cornucopias, and lucky breaks uncountable even unnoticed should have been a tip off.  But human nature will take claim for all success and deny culpability in failures.  “Success has a million fathers and failure is an orphan”.

No fool, Bismarck stated “There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children and the United States of America.”

That has been true to a degree that only in retrospect will be obvious. When that Protection has gone, then we shall notice that it had been there. When we have not clearly won any war since WW2, as our economy is hollowed out, as our sovereignty is meekly, even gladly surrendered to Supranational Entities, we are only now beginning to feel as if something is up.

We need to return to The Modernist Philosophy of the Enlightenment. We do not need to close our eyes and avoid the Light. Illuminati, may have abused their knowledge, but that does not say anything about The Enlightenment that reached its fruition in the United States of America.

George Washington was a Mason. He was the Father of our Nation. America has been Good. It has lifted more people to greater prosperity than the entire world before. Therefore Masonry is NOT some evil secretive scheme to enslave the world. LIGHT is not Lucifer. Lucifer may manipulate light, but does not make one photon! God the Creator does. Are so many of you on this page so cynical about the origins of America that even George Washington has become a character of Conspiracy Theory?

If someone knows how to join the Masons, please tell me how.

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