The World, and its princes in high places, finds unity in a process of drawing and quartering the state of Israel and Jerusalem. Atheistic multicultural Leftist Post-Modern Collectivists of Academia with its political correct jargoning and tolerance for practitioners of Abomination that would shame Sodomites, can find common ground with Dogmatically Monotheistic Pre-modern, violently coercive monoCulturalists with zero sense of mercy or proportionality in punishment of those guilty of breaking any and all laws. And that commonality is anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, antipathy to the Hebraic content of Western Civilization.

Each thinks it will use the other to achieve its ends. Each believes that when they succeed they will then turn and attack their partner. The de-Hebraic tendency in the “west” is causing the disappearance of the idea of Christendom. And that causes the Post-Modernist symmetry with the Pre-modernist “East”.

“The West” in Academia, is self-immolating, self-righteously pounding “mea culpa” on their chests to prove that though they were born European, they are absolutely not racist. They will bend over literally backwards and expose their vulnerability to the “victimized” East, dark, pre-modern and entitled to reparations. Masochistically, the west seeks punishment. For to deny the God of Israel, is to deny the miraculous nature of the European expansion of the last half millennium. Without the miraculous, there “must be” an evil conspiracy of the white race to account for its brief but total sway over the world. The Left is harnessing that guilt to encourage our submission to carbonist totalitarianism, and forced redistribution of wealth from its producers to the enlightened priesthood of Academia who will “wisely” dole it out.

We must return to Christendom, and even more so, we must return Christendom to its Hebraic roots that had been nearly totally deracinated and Hellenized.  Only this will stop the complete unwinding and the reversal of this brief and perhaps ephemeral once-in-an-intelligent-species-lifespan, age of Modernity.  If we do not succeed, human history will disappear into an endless past of subsistence and tribalism, and proceed into an uninterrupted darkening and crumbling of society retracing its steps from American Liberty, quickly back to the clan gnawing at the bones of the latest successful hunt.  Gathered around the smoky fire, suspicious of the smoke column from the next valley, and on guard against big cats stalking about at night.  This last millennium will be forgotten astonishingly quickly.  The slight gap that the middleclass had pried open between ignorance and absolute power will slam shut as if it never opened.  We do not know if we have experienced a “fluke”, or a norm of humanity’s destiny.  Is enlightened liberty and rationalism a perfect summer night, made precious by its rarity?  Or, is it as natural as mushrooms springing up after a spring rain?

You puts your money down, and you takes your chances.

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