We have come to a crossroads. The United States must decide if we are willing to allow our national interests to be neglected in favor of policies geared toward the security of a Eurocentric New World Order. Are we to be the War Horse for the Glorious Knights and Princes of Europe? Is it to this that we have devoted so much treasure: to be the Vindicator Of European Power?

We are much less dependent upon the Indian Ocean littoral than Europe is for energy. Our massive involvement in that third ocean, the one which does not even touch the New World is warping the entire strategic make up of the US Navy. From being a Blue Water Strategic globe-striding shield and sword for the US, the Navy is morphing into a brown water tactical coast guard for the Persian Gulf.
We do not need new and expensive Marine rapid deployment hovercraft. We need to make a serious investment in new generations of Submarines. As often so, militaries prepare to fight the last war. I do not believe we will ever see another war like WWII; involving surface engagements between aircraft carrier task forces. There simply is too much asymmetry between the ship to ship missile and the cost of an aircraft carrier and its surface armada. Relatively inexpensive ship to ship, or air/ land to ship missiles can be fired by the thousand and need to make but one hit. The far greater range of air power will limit the necessity of the kind of island seizures that seem so iconic of WWII: Iwo Jima, Saipan, Guadalcanal, etc.
China is pushing at what they call the First island Chain. It consists of Japan, South Korea (functionally an island), Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysian Borneo, and closed in the southeast by the southern projection of Vietnam. China could establish hegemony within that region: The East China Sea and the South China Sea. But, there are huge reserves of natural gas and oil especially in the South China Sea. Without an alliance system anchored to the US and Australia, each individual competitor will have to b ow before Chinese superiority. Conceding the South China Sea would release the Chinese Navy to operate freely within vastness of the Pacific. Suddenly the Western States of the US from Alaska to Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii would have a functional border with China!
Will we allow China to cruise along the West Cost of The Americas? Will we tolerate them contracting bases in Peru, Panama, Nicaragua or elsewhere?
WE need to decide now, yesterday! While we are showing the flag in the Black Sea (The BLACK SEA!) and irritating Russia to no benefit to ourselves, and converting our Blue Water Navy to a brown water Persian Gulf Coast Guard, China is watching and waiting. European and Globalist interests are at stake in the Black Sea, in Eastern European Missile Defense, in Persian Gulf security; but not necessarily in the South China Sea. The Pacific Ocean is Europe’s third ocean, as the Indian is ours. We must not sacrifice our predominant interests in the Pacific for the benefit of the Eurocentric New World Order.
We need to delegate Indian Ocean security to India, and other NATO nations, and African Union states such as Kenya, and at the far side, Indonesia. Indonesia will be key, as it straddles both the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea zones.
With the Indian Ocean delegated, we then must tighten relationships with Australia and New Zealand, building on our common language and culture and shared experiences of WWII and the Cold War (with its hot Vietnam and Korean wars). A Special Relationship between the US, Australia New Zealand the Philippines and even Malaysia can be established. The first three are English Speaking nations derived from British settlers. The second two were colonies of the USA and Britain and English is still spoken, and there are shared historical memories.
This needs to happen NOW! Very soon these nations will have to accept Chinese leadership or decide to oppose it. They cannot do so without a strong US Presence, one that is not rhetorical flourishes, but built on joint exercises, and actual US vessels on patrol.
Submarines will necessarily be the Core of any 21st Century Strategic Fleet. Air power can be deployed much more economically from land bases. Submarines firing ship-to-ship missiles or torpdedos will be the iconic battles of any new Pacific war.  Perhaps this less photogenic war, will help remove the glorious and restaged Flag Raising at Iwo Jima as the symbol of US Naval/Marine Power, and return war to the true horror of sitting in a steel vessel deep underwater hunting and being hunted by another equally horrorfied crew.

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