A Letter to Shifra Hoffman

Thank you Shifra!
I have heard you several times on Tamar Yonah’s Show on Israel National Radio (Live from Jerusalem DC, David’s Capital).
I am American, 58, and until the past two to three years I have NEVER personally seen actual anti-Semitism. I still have not encountered it to my face. But, the News and more tellingly the Blogosphere has become the digital version of Berlin in the 1920’ s-45.
This New Anti-Semitism and Anti-Judaism is of a new type.
It unites several otherwise antithetical strands.
There are the Old School Catholic and Lutheran anti-Judaizing elements, who continue their self-imposed “duty” of maintaining a non-Torah believing Jesus, Their “Jesus” started his New Religion to be worshipped as a New God, doing away with the “burdensome” and “now completed Law”.
The grand children of these folks have turned away from the emptiness of Smells and Bells and Mystery Religion. The nuns that traumatized the Catholic School children and the Priests that violated boys and girls have created a “Recovering Catholic” movement. They have embraced the New Age movements. The New Age is the antithesis of the so-called “Patriarchal” Judeo-Christian Bible-based Religion. “I am God” is their mantra. Since “all are God, Jews have no special claim to being Chosen. So though they disagree with their grandparents and parents, they do agree with them on the Jews.
The Atheist Left, with whom too many of us aligned, has now shown its true face. Many Jews have embraced Socialism with the fervor once reserved for the Torah. The once adaptive reflexive anti-Nationalism has become counter-productive. In Old Europe, when the nationalists were rampant and the Capitals of the Multiethnic Empires collapsed, Jews were the nation with no seat in the game of Musical Chairs. For this reason Jews were allied with the Multinational Metropolitan center. The nationalists counted this against them. To the mind of the Europeans of the middle and eastern empires (German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian, and Ottoman) Jews “were” Socialists underminers of Empire, AND of Nation-States. Jews knew when the Flags and patriotism swelled it was time to hide or take to the hills. Unfortunately this survivalist adaptation has become maladaptive in America and the English Speaking World. Thus many of the most extreme antagonists of American Constitutional sovereignty and Proponents of One World Government are Jews. If nationalism is intrinsically anti-Semitic, they believe Globalism will not.  NO! Wrong. Globalism will only make the world one huge domain for those who would make it Judenrein. The Globalists are even now demonstrating their goal.
Our allies remain in the so-called New Right, the Evangelicals. BUT, many are being drawn, rightly, into opposing the coming Global New World Order. But here is frustration: the few whose eyes are open to the New World order, are deluded into belief that Zionism and/or “International Jewish Banking Systems” are part of the would be Global Nomenclature. People like Alex Jones, who has made careers exposing the New World Order of multinational corporations, still retain the habitual idea that “International Jewry” is behind every conspiracy. They are so blinded that they fail to see that the NWO has drawn a huge bull’s-eye on Israel.

The Right, and The Left; two mutually antagonistic forces that see eye to eye on the “Israel Question”, are not alone. There is also obviously Islam. How can the “Liberal” Left with its social tolerance of what Islam considers Abomination, (as does the Torah), cooperate with the Flotillas? Their mutual hatred of the Middleclass informs their cooperation. The Rational Enlightenment that arose in the Reformed Protestant world of Northwest Europe enrages the Catholic Right, the atheist Left and Islam. A large portion of Conservatives have had their former pro-Constitutionalist attachment to Liberty  warped by the manipulation of the Media-Political Complex. There is no doubt that the Globalist Agenda has found Islamic Terror to be useful in enacting the Patriot Act for instance. Thus there is a growing percentage of Tea Party resistance that sees “the Islamic Threat” as requiring quotes. They being taught to see Islam as the False Flag, deigned to get the West used to the idea of the “need” to surrender the Liberty that has developed only over the past few hundred years. Thus The New World Order’s hand is imagined to be behind many actions attributed to Islamist terror. And since Zionism is presumed to be one of the parties to the Globalist Agenda, it stands “to reason” that the Mossad is behind Islamic Terror, or the CIA, or M-6 or whatever M# is British Intel).
Israel needs to change its image to regain the support of her natural allies among the Biblical Christians (as opposed to orthodox hierarchies).

Israel should pay attention to a huge sea change in Christianity. Many are “leaving Babylon”. Many are leaving what is referred to as “Churchianity”. Babylon is the system of FALSE Religion of Sunday worship, deification of Yeshua the Messiah, and the establishment of New Holy Days like Christmas and Easter, and most important the Replacement of Israel (by something called “spiritual Israel”). These folk are no longer calling themselves “Christian” because of the history and prophetic direction of Christianity. They are Torah Observant Believers. They believe they are not “like” Israel, but are in fact the descendents of the Lost Ten Tribes.
This movement is growing, though its adherents are mostly in independent congregations, there is much Internet ferment. The Torah Laws, Festivals and Fasts are being taken on. Shabbot is celebrated with Joy. Brotherhood with the Jewish People and the State of Israel is waiting to be tapped. A spirit is awakening to the fact that many are not the descendents of Gentiles engrafted into Israel by means of Jesus Christ (as Paul describes in the book of Romans in the New testament), but are ACTUALLY descendents of the ten tribes, predominantly Joseph. Ezekiel 37:15 is the reference!
If the World was amazed by the Return of the Jewish People to The Land, how much more so, the end of the amnesia of Joseph and the restoration of both houses of Israel? But please recall that the Ten Tribes, lead by Ephraim were not and are not and will not be Jewish! But together with the Jewish People all will be Israelites, united for the firsts time since Rehoboam listened to his peers rather than his father’s (Solomon) advisors and threatened “My little finger is thicker than my father’s loins”.
But that is a theological point for later.
RIGHT NOW, Israel needs to appeal to those in America who are awakening to the New World Order’s plans for Global Governance.
If Israel were to phrase its resistance to UN and International NGO aggression in terms of standing up to the Globalist conspiracy, supporting Israel will be seen as a powerful way for American Patriots and Tea Partiers to concretely resist the Evil machinations of The New World Order.

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