Paul Krugman’s Alien Economic Recovery Plan – idc-cover
Paul Krugman believe it or not is a very respected “thought-leader” amongst the New York Times-reading chin-strokers.
It is breathtaking that the level of economic ignorance is such that the concept of Work is elevated over the concept of Productivity. It is embarrassing to even make a counter argument!

Work in physics means force times distance. Thus digging and refilling holes would indeed require the expenditure of work. Human Intelligence differentiates pointless work from meaningful productivity. The net gain for a project paying for a given number of holes to be dug and refilled, is zero. In fact it must necessarily be negative, in that all work generates wasted force through friction, heat, and in this case calories of energy that must be provided to the diet of the Diggers. Now, let us take the sum benefit of the Digging, divide it up amongst the Diggers, and the United Diggers and Re-fillers Union, and their donation to the smart politicians who created this “Digging For Tomorrow Project”, the engineers that designed the specificities of proper hole depth, duration of hole-life, and proper shovel speed for digging and the proper re-filling shovel speed. And the United States Labor Department’s Digging For Tomorrow’s (DFT) Occupational Medicine Guidelines to reduce musculoskeletal trauma due to repetitive strain and stress program (OMG-RMSTR-SASP) will necessarily be budgeted too.

Then to the goodies! OK, let us now divide the fruit of the work among all the American Citizens put back to work by DFT! Lets see the Productive Benefit is 0. So each person employed generated a fraction of zero. Now, this 0 can be doled out in the form of dollar bills, carnival tickets, gold (colored) ribbons, or beans. But the US Government will need to purchase those beans, ribbons, and paper. How many holes does a peck of beans cost?

Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall! So, instead of this being a matter of work, we can classify it as scientific research! Fund it through NASA! And NASA can go into space and return with gadzillions of gallons of holes! Then holes will be plentiful again! Yay!

I cannot help it. When I scrolled up and saw Krugmans Paul McCartney-like pouty-cute face, I had to go on.

If aliens attacked the earth and America became the arsenal of humanity, wouldn’t Rosie The Riveter rise to the occasion? Like in the wonderful FDR years Krugman does not recall? Krugman believes that US prosperity turned upward because of the War? Is he insane? Millions of men living on rations, in one pair of underwear a month, in the weather, marching with 70# packs, or leaping off landing craft into suicidal machine gun fire is Prosperity? He is conflating the Post War years with the War. The “Keynesian” stimulation of the economy by the massive production of armaments ordered by the Government did NOT produce prosperity. Not during the war: as described above: a soldier’s life was not a prosperous one! Not after the war. Not in Japan, or Europe! Yes, by the fortune of history, the USA was the only major combatant of the war to not have its nation left a smoldering ruin in the victory! With the rest of the world bled white, still smoldering, the USA was a hypertrophic fount of wealth. This prosperity was not due to Keynesian or any other stimulatory economic policy. It was solely due to the historically unique post-war global economic state.

For Krugman’s scheme to replicate the post war prosperity of the 50’s and 60’s, it must replicate the destruction of Europe, Russia, China, Japan and Britain; while somehow sparing the USA. Does he have insider info on the “aliens”? Is he high?

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