Jews, take heed.

To Jews, Israelites, and those engrafted: It is as Europe of the 1930’s. I have scoffed at my mother’s recitation of anti-Semitic occurrences in The Bronx where she grew up in the Depression. I had never once experienced anti-Semitism nor have I seen it; until now. Suddenly it is as if a “Holocaust Pass” has expired, and it’s back to normal business. Suddenly Jews, faithful liberals for the most part, are isolated, and starting to notice it.  It is frightening to be the last to know of one’s new unpopularity.

It is almost inconceivable how Jews and Israel have allowed for the convergence of several mutually antagonistic groups.

The “Liberals” or Left is for Palestinian “Justice”, see Code Pink, see Samantha Power and her Right to Protect doctrine embraced by Obama to go into Libya. Her book “The Problem From Hell” has made her the doyen of holocausts (with a small “h”). Her view is that Israel is an evil racist nation of land thieves. Libya was a precedent for her. (It was an oil grab by EU, but not so much for the US, for the US it was a precedent; one that will be aimed at Israel! Watch for Palestinian intifada III and a rain of rockets from Hezbollastan and Hamaza. When the Israeli Air Force necessarily strikes the rocketeers who will be firing from residential neighborhoods hiding behind aprons and diapers, there will necessarily be tragic civilian injury and death.  It is as if that is the very goal of the entire rocket  war;  that they will have wounded and dead children and mothers to parade before the drooling cameras of CNN and Al-Jazeera.
Then Obladah will declare a No-Fly-Zone over Palestine. At that time, whether or not the US recognizes Palestine, and whether or not the US has vetoed the UN attempt to interfere in Israel’s sovereignty, is moot. By enforcing a No-Fly-Zone over Palestine for “humanitarianism” is in effect making a de facto recognition of Palestine. Or, what is the name of the place over which Israel may not operate per NATO?

The Right: There has always been more than a whiff of anti-Semitism in the Conspiracy Theory Right, which is really not “right” but is Constitutionalist and libertarian. It saddens me, because I count myself in this group. Yet, Alex Jones and his regular guests frequently match every declamation against Wall Street with The Rothschilds. Yes the Rothschilds are part of the Globalist World. BUT ISRAEL IS NOT! These folks are so used to seeing the hand of international banking interests, which is to a large degree code for “International Jewry” as the villain in the various scenarios, that they cannot but believe that despite the entire history of the UN and Leftist Globalist hostility to Israel, that somehow the Mossad is a major orchestrator of the current world situation. It is frustrating to me because the Conspiracy Global Agenda is for real. Since it is inherently anti-national, it is naturally virulently hostile to Israel, the single Nation that claims its origin is directly from the Creator of The Universe. The Globalist Tyranny is anti-Christian, and is anti-Jew. Israel is the woman giving birth after whom The Dragon relentlessly chases and hunts (in Revelations). Israel is being boxed in by EU/USSA to accept a settlement in return for a guarantee. Israel will face the choice of placing their faith in the God of Israel, or in The Nations.

The non-conspiracy Theory Right: The Paleo-right proudly differentiates itself from the NeoConservatives. NeoCons are those Democrats who abandoned the party as it drifted into foreign policy positions that were seen as weak in re: to Communism. It is the NeoCons (who are not all Jews, or go tell Dick Cheney if you run into him at Zabar’s) who have beat the drum for American power projection over the Middle East. Yes, there are Jews amongst them. And perhaps some of their motivation is to protect Israel. But I do not believe many of the Jewish NeoCons are primarily focused upon the protection of Zionism.  The Paleoright’s pope is Pat Buchanan. This is frustrating because I believe Pat is NOT an anti-Semite. He is angry that he perceives AIPAC the Israeli Lobby as labeling all those who dissent from the NeoCons as anti-Semites. There is a case to be made here. If American national interests were in some unimaginable way, significantly harmed by supporting Israel, one might have to choose, America or Israel. I do not see that as ever becoming the case. The Muslim hostility to the US is to some degree due to our support of Israel. But it has been more due to our propping up despots who kept the Muslims under control. But, under control for what reason? Possibly because Arab democracy will empower Islamic radicals who will indeed attack Israel. But, the rage is more to the US for supporting those dictators who kept well-educated college and university students out of the Global Economy they saw all around them.

So, both flavors of the Right, Conspiracy Theory, and Paleo dislike Israel.

OK The Left and the Right, who else?

The Roman Catholic Church of Egg’s Benedict has recently had the unmitigated gall to declare that “No nation or national borders are any longer to be based upon the Bible” or like that (paraphrase). And what they bind on earth is bound in heaven! (Picture pink little cherubic boys bound [and gagged] in heaven!) The Pontiff claims he is the Vicar of Christ, as Christ Himself reigning from Rome. Just as previous Roman Pontiffs (Pontifex Maximus is a title that dates way back to the Roman Kingdom, then Republic and finally the Empire.) Once more a Roman is telling Israel it has no Biblical basis to its claims of lands. And recall that Augustus the first Emperor reigned at the time of the birth of Yeshua. He had ordered the census that brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. Rome vs. Jerusalem/ Jeezus vs. Yeshua / Man vs. God/ and so on.

After John Paul apologized for the teaching that Jews as a people killed Christ, his successor reads them out of their land! Augustus’ descendent as Pontifex Maximus dares to tell the Jewish People that all the promises made by YHVH to Abraham Isaac and Jacob are done away?

Since forever, Rome has wanted Jerusalem “internationalized” or Vaticanized.

Those many Churchians who still wield the crucifix to beat Jews, are also on the same side as the Pope, and the atheist Left! And the….

Muslims! If one were to see a dinner party celebration of certain Churchians, a Bishop, a Rev. Wright, a Samantha Power, a Pat Buchanan, a Calypso Louie, an SDS leader Ayers, a Mullah, a secular Turk, look around, there must be a dead Jew nearby!
It is time to realize that Arabs are now at least as numerous as Jews in America!  One might want to ask oneself why that has occurred.  I was not asked if I thought the American melt needed a pinch of Islam.  There is no “pinch” of Islam.  It comes only in mass quantities, and tends to overpower the dish until it tastes like Sharia.  And that tastes a lot like bullshit, I imagine.

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