On Saturday And Sunday NY TIMES LOVES CAIR

Particularity of Faith
Why is it surprising that the Western World seems unable to clearly differentiate the non-self of Islam, from our Civilizational self? “The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” is the stated goal. 
They have little to add to our demise. Western Civilization has destroyed itself from within. In fact the very presence of Islamists in our midst is more a symptom than a cause! There is a deep flaw in the philosophic worldview of Atlas Shrugs and other like-minded groups. That common flaw is the persistence of the belief that the West deracinated of its Judeo-Christian foundation can survive as an enlightened Civilization. Our enlightened Political Philosophy is based upon the consequences of a Bible-reading middle class. “Christendom” is a word that my spell check needed to learn! We have been running on fumes for at least the last century. The “Judeo-Christian” milieu has become attenuated, to the point at which it descends past a critical density, and fails to support the edifices that had been built upon its buttressed arches for a millennium. We have falsely assumed that the generic “Judeo-Christian heritage” is sufficient. It is not! There is no such Congregation called Judeo-Christian. It is a collective term. Like “human being”, it is a concept that has a basis in reality ONLY when expressed in its PARTICULARITY: i.e. a human being must be either a male or a female. The common usage of “Humanity” falsely implies that such a category exists above and beyond the particularity of Man and Woman. It is a construction, a Platonic category; as is: “Judeo-Christian Heritage.” It has no reality unless expressed in its particular individual Congregations. A secular society cannot withstand the religious society that is willing to sacrifice for their cause. 
Modern secular society has been possible in The West because of the West having once been cotemporaneous with Christendom. But, as stated, that is a rapidly fading memory. Europe, leading America in this race to the bottom has “museumized” its Cathedrals. Mainstream American civic culture with its Pledges Of Allegiance at Sporting Events, and tepid Reverends Rabbis and Priests called to lead ecumenical prayer before secular events, is gossamer before the Scimitar of Islam. 
There can be no West without “Judeo-Christian” values. And there cannot remain a Judeo-Christian sense of shared culture without actual Jews and Christians! We must pick one or another PARTICULAR individual Church or Synagogue. We must return to keeping the Sabbath, as has been the practice of Judeo-Christian Civilization. Let theologians debate whether the Council of Nicaea had or had not the authority to change the Shabbot from the Seventh Day to the First, but we need to pick one or the other. For as the Imams say: first the Saturday people and then the Sunday people. (They will come for the Christians after eliminating the Jews.) But the secular humanist libertines: they will be dealt with from Monday to Friday,  with one hand tied behind the Muslims’ back.

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