MEET THE OLD BOSS/SAME AS THE OLD BOSS (Gettin’ fooled again!)
THIS is what Bloomberg has invited by saying that if unemployment does not go down there will be violence in the streets. This is what “putting on your marching shoes” looks like. It is Public Sector Unions, Civil Servants putting themselves as Civil masters and the people as their servants! Public Unions have reached a critical mass, in that they are so numerous that they can act as a voting bloc. Once that occurs there is no way back.

Governments go into debt to make good on inexcusably generous public sector pay and benefits and retirements. When the strapped nation comes knocking at the door of IMF, or the World Bank or the FED, it is time to kiss the godfather’s ring. OK they will loan some of the money but in return there is to be austerity. Austerity? Hell no. Civil Masters will never be Civil Servants again, once they have reached critical mass. In the past the saying was Government work doesn’t pay but it is steady and secure. Now it pays more than equivalent private sector jobs and it retains perpetual jobs for life.

But it is worse than this. This has been deliberately set in motion by those who had long dreamed of this day; the day the uppity middle class get whacked. Until the 16th Century there were Princes and Priests lording it over peasants and serfs. With the printing press and the availability of vernacular Bibles, Priests were found to be the lying manipulating simonists, sodomites and sellers of Indulgences that they have always been. A Parasite class, living in luxury on the pennies that “ring, so the sinners may sing”. Purgatory was basically a place where the Church held family members for ransom. Cough up the dough for an indulgence or your father will be poked with a hot iron up his behind.
Princes had dibs on any maiden married in “his” village. The groom was allowed sloppy seconds.
UNTIL craftsmen and merchants became wealthy through the new Reformed Protestant work ethic, The Princes always needing money to play war would have to lower themselves to borrowing it from “vulgar” men. Of course they can seize money, but that works once and suddenly your village has no craftsmen, no skilled workers, no middle class.
The Princes and Priests like the “Bourbons” Remember everything and learn nothing”. For the last century the Princes and Priests have set in motion the long long plan that is now suddenly springing up like a mushroom after the rain. (The mycelia of the fungus have been slowly growing threadlike underground unnoticed until overnight a fully formed mushroom appears almost magically.
The Progressives have worked assiduously to render deracinated the youth of our culture. They have made it “cool” to be ignorant and proud of it. They have slowly gained power over sovereign states by encouraging Keynesian borrowing as a way to “fine tune” “The Economy”. This is to placate the electorate and keep the pols in power. In 1913 a secret meeting on Jeckyl Island initiated the Federal Reserve banking Monopoly. Other supranational multinational entities formed unholy unions, and complex ownership where all own some of all. The Crown Of England which is not synonymous with the British Exchequer, and The Vatican, the FED, yes Rothschilds and Warburgs have sullied the Jewish name, though why the WASP establishment gets a pass is unclear; all have placed themselves over the affairs of mere mortals. They are Darkness In High Places. They are now ready to set off the charges they have planted over the past 100 years and the global economy will resemble building 7 falling into its own footprint. But They will be ready with an army of howling, functionally illiterate, vaguely angry about something inchoate “revolutionaries” (listen to them when questioned; it is bizarre. They are calling for a Radical Transformation and cannot articulate why or what it is they seek!)
But they are demanding and are marching to support the President. (Wait, to support, the President?) I recall the Viet Nam era marches and we were not marching for Nixon! We were marching mostly for I admit it, FUN! Washington, during the Moratoriums, the Protest over Cambodia and then over Kent State and then over Nixon’s second inaugural were FUN. Pot was in the air, hippie chicks were loving the Pill, etc. These demonstrations are staged events where no one looks happy. They truly are confused at what it is they are supposed to be angry about. But no matter. The education system deliberately broke the transmission of culture. They say every generation must be converted from heathen. And these grads of College with degrees in Victimology are surprised when they are not scooped up for The American Dream. So, they damn the American Dream instead of the failed education system that encouraged them to drink and screw through college. Always easier to blame someone else.
The Princes are now detonating the gray sticks of butter. The edifice is shuttering. The howling “revolutionaries” are seeking the most Reactionary change in History: They wish to end the Middle Class. They foolishly believe that they will sow the wind and ride the whirlwind, or hang on to the Tiger’s Tail. They will be the first course of the Tiger’s feast. And then the Princes and Priests will finally be rid of the upstart Middle Class.
Postmodernism is indistinguishable form pre-modern times.  These protestors are the Eloi throwing themselves on the mercy of the Morlocks.

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