We need to say it has been Ten Years since 9/11. And say, “enough is enough”. Saddam was threatening his neighbors and required the indefinite presence of US deployment to the Persian Gulf. This was costly. The No Fly Zone, an integral piece of the Treaty ending Gulf War I, was being shot at, and such “allies” as Jacques Chirac and non-allies such as Putin getting cheap oil via abuse of the Food for Oil, and were therefore bribed to veto the UN Security Council’s final warning about arms inspections. Whatever the thinking was 10 years ago, the fact was that many, a majority of the Congress supported the US invasion and overthrow of the Iraqi Government. Why it has become our responsibility to put it back together, in Colin Powell’s “You Break It You Own It” Policy, I do not know. I hope that a US Strategic goal was behind the effort. But it clearly has now been ten years of useless loss of American and allied soldiers and pilots and sailors and Marines. If there was some hope of creating a functional liberal democracy in Mesopotamia, the current results now are too little too late for us to continue one more instant in that benighted cesspool nation.

Same but in spades, holds, for our history and future in Afghanistan. An act of war was allowed to be staged from that back of the beyond place, by Al-Q, which struck on 9/11/01, ten years ago. There has never been a functional national government in Afghanistan! So even with Powell’s ridiculous policy, it was already broke when we bounced the rubble.
Declare VICTORY, and let the US exit the Indian Ocean ASAP.

Bigger fish to fry in the Pacific will require a well repaired, rested and retrained Blue Water Navy, which is Constitutionally mandated as opposed to a Standing Army, which is not. The present Army is unconstitutional! It must be brought home, and returned to civilian life. An active State Militia with weekend training or some program for those who wish to exercise their full 2nd Amendment rights might be the ticket. A connection to state scholarships in State Universities and Colleges would make sense. (Like Robert Heinlein’s basis for the right to vote based upon Military service as portrayed in his novel “Starship Troopers” though that is neither Constitutional nor moral; it is not an unreasonable basis for 2nd Amendment fans. The US Navy (including the Marine Corp) The USAF, or the State Militias after basic training, would be the avenue through which one would be allowed to be fully armed, period, whether in public or in private and with little limit on weaponry.

If we have another need for a massive land army including multiple infantry and armored divisions, it would be shocking. But well-trained State Militias would be able to man at least a few divisions of both in an emergency. And wars are supposed to be emergencies not the daily normal!
1. End the US ARMY as a standing mass army.
2. Reinvest in the US Navy and USMC and Air Force
3. Get the Hell out of the third non-polar ocean that does not wash upon any of the United States of America. Retain supremacy unchallengeable upon the Atlantic and Pacific, and support ad hoc international Fleets-in-being in the Indian Ocean.

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