Is the New World Order unraveling?

Is the New World Order unraveling?  Pat, if it were only it were so simple, that like an old soldier the  Order would quietly fade away.  The West stuck a gun in its mouth and pulled the trigger in 1914.

The White Man’s Burden, poured out red over Flanders, Ypres, and nameless shtetls of Eastern Europe.  The Pomp & Glory of pomp and glory became tawdry.  Banners waving, the horseman pointing sword forward, sending tens of thousands of bright eyed Soldiers to mechanical death ground down the Spectacle that we might grow too fond of to the point that even a RE Lee would pass up.

The Confidence in The West of The West wafted fetidly over fly-blown fields of fallen farmers, bakers, chandlers, packers, sorters, knitters, tailors, writers, photographers, someone’s son husband father embalmed as black blood-mud mummies; there it is to see! The Black Watch! the Beef Eaters! The King’s Own!, the Doughboys Over There!, the Blacks, the multihued Empires brought in, from places we get take out!

Heroic novels, architecture, music, philosophy, Poetry, HUmanity were to be mocked.  Earnestness is now next to Godliness, and Godliness is terminally uncool!

The West has taken the tools of analysis that it developed to pry out the patterns of nature, and to bend the forces to human control, and aimed the scope on itself.  The West looked at the West as it once looked at The East.  As just one more constellation that human beings tacitly decide to pretend exists, within a society.  There are places where Man is not to look, where to look, effects the looker, and thus the look, and thus the looker and so on and so forth. forth.

The West discovered that it and all Cultures are “only” made-up constructions tacitly agreed to by the members of that particular culture.  “Only” constructions, and thus not real in the sense of being really real; they exist only in minds. discovery drove the West CRAZY!  Thus the greater the education the greater the tendency to enjoy ironic satire, especially if is satirizes irony!  Some in The West believe that this discovery is the SECRET of Eastern Philosophy.  But in the East, they are becoming the new West.  They are not staring at their belly buttons and debating why we define marriage, or how did we make such a horror of a Civilization that all the World came to embrace.  They came and embraced a snowman that melted away in their grip.  Someday perhaps someone will question whether there ever was a state of society called The West.  Or not.  Will the last one out of the Hall of Mirrors please turn off the lights.

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