A Letter To Ms. Bachmann: Be the Trade Policy Candidate!

MICHELLE BACHMANN  The Trade Policy Candidate!
Please be the candidate to break away and heed Trump’s recognition of the elephant in the room: the totally disastrous Trade Policy, or lack thereof!

Free Trade is NOT a Constitutional mandate; in fact it is a legitimate role of Congress to implement Federal Trade Policy.  Free Trade is supported as a philosophic necessity by doctrinaire libertarians like Ron Paul, and by multinational corporatists.  There is no libertarian necessity to allow the total freedom of passage of goods, and services across national borders.  After all, we are not Globalists.  If we have national borders, they ought to serve a purpose in improving the life of Americans.

No Tax schemes 999 or 666 or 777 will turn this economy.  The problem is that low cost imported consumer goods are as irresistible to us, as Opium was to China.  The argument that “We should be grateful to be able to purchase low cost electronics, appliances, cars, computers from those countries that are willing to work for cheap wages!”  No!  It is good for consumers; but every consumer must be a producer too, or he/she is on welfare or is a thief.  We were originally going to be the High tech and Intellectual Services producer: Financials, Insurance, etc.  Meanwhile the High tech jobs have gone to China and other Asian countries.  Silicon valley invents but China produces their inventions.  Lower tech jobs allowed those who aren’t the sharpest knife in the draw to still have a job, paying enough to raise a family and perhaps purchase a home.  Can we not produce clothing, shoes, furniture, computers, light bulbs, clocks, watches, or anything here?  We export the things a developing country does: grain, scrap metal, coal, meat, etc.  And dollars.  But the world may not want many more dollars.  Then we shall discover the true cost of low cost consumer goods!

Please: 1) Reverse your opinion on the need for the Patriot Act; and 2) Identify yourself as the ONLY candidate that recognizes the deep systemic source of our economic problem as dysfunctional trade policy.  Why has no GOP candidate spoken out against this latest trade deal with panama, Colombia and Korea?  No Democrat, no Republican.  Talk to Donald, make Trade your issue, and you will spring to a unique position in the debates, and will have a lock on the most volatile issue that can be raised.  It only needs the raising.

All the best.  I think if you do these two things you will be unstoppable.  If you don’t, well there is little to differentiate you from the rest other than eye appeal.

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