Letter to Ms. Bachmann, and Mr. Buchanan: Go Michele Go! Pat Sell Your Book and Change the Ending

The fixation on various Tax Schemes by the GOP candidates is a mystery to me.  How it seems self-evident to them that our current economic difficulties are due to imperfections in the Tax Code is not so clear to me.  “Jobs, jobs jobs” is the mantra.  What is the cost of cheap Tee shirts from Vietnam, cheap Solar Panels and Computers and Tee shirts and everything else from China?  How is the availability of cheaper consumer goods bad?  Well, they’re not bad, if one has a job to afford the purchases.  What is the cost to the metropolitan areas of the Rust Belt?  Thinking of mile after mile of empty rusting warehouses and factories in Gary, Indiana, Detroit, South Chicago, Rochester, NY, how much real estate tax base is lost?  How many lives are wasted waiting for jobs that are not coming back, whether green, purple or red?  Many, way too many lives are dependent upon the Service Employees International Union, and AFSCME, and all the Public Sector Unions representing the welfare industry!  How much does that I-Phone Digital Camera Ap cost, made in China?  How much would it cost to have made it in Rochester NY?  It would have cost the buyer at the shop more.  But, that shopper would not be paying taxes to keep Rochester’s indigenous poor warm in the winter, fed, on garbage, with some walking around money for Crack.  Nor would that shopper be watching inflation go up, as the government prints more money to pay out to the Welfare/Education/DEA/Dept. Of Corrections/Child “Protection” Services Complex; all of which are composed of SEIU or allied unions.  The very Union that Obama spoke to saying: before I even get into the Oval Office I will be meeting with you.  And he was.  And he does.
Where is the GOP candidate that can reach up and grab that Lightning Bolt to the White House, that is just hanging like low fruit, ripe juicy?  This would have been Pat Buchanan’s race to lose.  We do not need a new accountant-in-chief!  We do not need an H&R Block Tax Specialist!  We need a Ron Paul who is not an ideologue on Trade.  We need Pat.  We need Trump without The Donald.  We need Pat.  We need Lou Dobbs, but with fire in the belly.  We need Pat!  We need Dennis Kucinich to remind Congress that it has the authority to make Trade Policy, to Declare War, to mint the coinage, but with the spine of a Capitalist, not with the worminess of a liberal maverick.  We need Pat!
Michele Bachmann YOU were a first tier contender.  You are now fading.  A few weeks ago you met with Trump; I had a hope, but nothing came of it.  I hoped Trump would have told you that perfecting the Tax Code without returning the Constitutional role of Congress to set Trade Policy is like changing the doilies on the dining room tables of the Titanic.  But nothing was heard of it.

Now Pat Buchanan is touring and selling his new book.  Having bought all of his others, this one too shall find a home in my library.  But, all these opportunities to speak to the living as opposed to The McLaughin Group are wasted.  Why not give a hand to Michele Bachmann?  Pat, if ever there was a time, this election would have been it for you!  Right on Trade, Foreign Policy, The Constitution, The “Patriot” Act; Right for 2012.  Michele Bachmann needs to differentiate herself from  the flock (I would not even rate this field of weak sisters a herd!).  She can channel the “Go Pat! Movement!”.  You can channel the Go US TRADE support, Go Michele Go!

Imagine, the next debate: Bachmann asked about her Tax Plan, says we will get to that, but first let me be clear: this economic downturn is not the result of any Tax Code; it is not the fault of the President’s Policies; it is not the fault of too much spending (of which there is); it is not the result of waging wars too numerous and iffy to even state a number (which there are too many of); it is not the fault of the Bankers for charging Risk premiums, and for the Tax Payers forced to cover the downside when the bet goes bad, (which is true); all of these things are true.

But none of them matter.  What matters is that US Trade Policy made sense for the post WWII-world.  The United States was the only unscathed industrial power on earth.  Communism was a real possibility to the desperate masses of Western and Middle Europe.  Those who had not yet felt the tread of Red Army Tanks, but were feeling the breath of internal Communist Parties like Italy, France, and Greece; and Japan, defeated or victorious,no matter, but still in smoldering in rubble, could fall prey to the demonic ideology.  So, the US opened its treasury and began the Marshall Plan.  But great though that plan was, it paled before the other part: The Opening of the world’s largest and wealthiest market to the production of the world.  We have benefitted too, we have had years of inexpensive seeming consumer goods.  But, they only seemed inexpensive.  In reality they cost us our industrial base; no longer would we be the arsenal of democracy if called upon.  And now we are learning that conveniently priced imports are costing our very soul. Unemployment is a soul killing disease.  We need to take a pause.  We need to develop a Trade Policy as The Constitution clearly states.
The Constitution does not call for Congress to develop an energy policy, an environmental policy, a national healthcare policy, but it does call for Congress to develop a Trade Policy FOR THE UNITED STATES.  When we get out Industrial Belt de-rusted, through smart Trade Policy, Trade Policy aimed at improving America’s economy and absolutely only America’s economy then we can redesign Tax Codes all day long.  We can 999, 666, Shake Rattle and Roll, and do you know what?  It will not matter.  When they ask you, for your plan, Michele you say:   My plan is The ONE EIGHT PLAN.  It is Article One Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States of America. In 12 words we can change America and thus the world.  Those words are: that Congress shall have the power “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations.” The jobs will be here.  The tax base will rise so that even the three stooges could figure out a way to fund the government. Oh, yes, …the Government will require fewer funds.  No more  need for an entire industry producing nothing but welfare, Medicaid, WIC, Housing Subsidies, and all the rest of the depressing bureaucracies that have kept our lost workers in suspended animation, like Zombies for two generations.  And Real Estate?  Do you want to see the Real Estate market move upward, but this time not built on sand, but on the bedrock of American Can-Do-Spirit?    New jobs for new families with new babies and more houses, not less.   1:8 and the 12 words can restore America; and with a restored America, the world becomes safer, happier, hopeful, and more prosperous.  But let us stop talking this simpering half talk and say what we mean and mean what we say.  1:8 is for us; the citizens of this once blessed land; we need to return the Government to the People and the People to God.  Thank you.

Would this not chop the Union Heads off at the shoulders, of the working men and women?  Yes, we mean to establish some ground rules if you want to export to our country.  You may pay your employees artificially undervalued currency, and make them sign anti-suicide contracts; I think that is a shame.  I don’t think we Americans want to collude with that sort of business model.  We shall allow our unions and non-union employees compete in a race to the top, not the bottom!  You may pay lip service, or even not, to Environmental Issues; that is up to you.  But in America we do not tolerate our cities choking on smog, nor use our rivers as toxic veins to the sea.  I do not take science on Faith.  The God of The Bible I take on Faith, all others pay facts!  Including and especially those who would distort scientific sounding jargon to create a false crisis, that incidentally they know how to fix!  WE shall no longer kneel before the Green Goddess that certain segments of our society defends with Medieval accusations of heresy!  We will develop the vast energy that the God Of The Bible has blessed us with.  Here, in America, we have oil, natural gas, oil, all like honey in the crags of the rock.  We can and will be energy independent.  We will create clean energy but restore the English language to its traditional use, namely we no longer shall call water and carbon dioxide pollutants!  We shall have inexpensive energy, without sending our money to parts of the world that have required us sending our sons and daughters with it!  And we shall not emit actual pollutants.  We will not have smog-filled cities ringed with factory-compounds, where workers sleep, eat live and work above suicide netting.  And we shall have all the consumer goods we need.  Maybe not all that we want, at least not at first, but I suspect that given a fair chance we can rebuild, retool, and reboot the American production machine!

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