The Progressive Aztecs

A small seemingly obvious recommendation is made:”Please vote for who you think will serve your interests the best.”

None of the candidates from either party ask this of us. They ask us to believe that they have the Answer to “Jobs” or to “Debt” and have the best plan for America. We have been conditioned to think it a civic virtue to ponder just what is the best policy for the USA. We, the people have a difficult time determining if we want “fries with that”. WE the people have a difficult time deciding whether its Your Family or MY family who gets us for Thanksgiving!

This is not to belittle us, the people. The Erudite Economist Professors disagree on what constitutes the Best economic policy. For one reason, they do not publicly at least, ask “For whom?” For every government decision or non-decision (in cases in which there is due Constitutional authority [like Trade!!!], some will benefit some will lose. Hopefully no one will lose too much!

But we have been led down the false path of believing that the Constitution was written in order to allow those with the nation’s best interests to be chosen. It is NOT VIRTUOUS to “ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU; BUT RATHER WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY”. It sounds all altruistic, and Good. But Altruism is always asked of We, The People, by those who hide and plot under its virtuous sound.

I am fairly sure JFK did not mean to recommend that we re-organize our society to be more in line with say a bee hive or an ant hill, where every individual is but a means to a larger entity. BUT that is what his pretty words would mean if fully applied.

IT is not our Civic Duty to stroke our chins, and parse the candidates rolling rhetorical words and words and words, pondering what is the Best Course For The Republic! NOBODY KNOWS IF THERE EVEN IS “A” BEST COURSE; AND IF THERE WERE, WHAT IT WOULD CONSIST OF!

Our Civics classes (until they just substituted Sex Ed. for them) spoke of The Citizens’ Responsibility to elect the Best Candidates for the Nation, State, County, City, and Town. But they never asked us to ask “FOR WHOM?” “Best for whom?”


This is the flaw that is ruining our nation: The presumed view from above “uncorrupted by self-interest” that the politicians are supposed to have. Our Society has crossed some threshold in which it has become conscious of being a society. “Experts” in Sociology, Economics, and the other soft “sciences” have flown high above ground level to bring us a view of “objectivity”. Notice these experts always are knowledgeable of what is Best For The Nation as a whole and never ask “for whom?”! Having flown so high they look down on all human societies as being equally arbitrary in their make up. Languages are just arbitrary sounds upon which meaning is attributed to those of a certain culture. “Wealth” (always in parentheses) is equally arbitrary, whether it is in the form of goats, wampum, coinage, Credit Default Swaps etc. And the distribution of wealth is considered equally arbitrarily assigned by the persons in authority of the culture. And indeed, the selection of who has the power is equally arbitrary, from their “god’s-eye” view. Thus only the outer symbology differs from a cannibalistic headhunter society in New Guinea’s highlands and a New England settlement in the Pilgrim’s time.

Once people with such “lofty” worldviews come to power they can make statements like Obama’s Mark Lloyd (head of the FCC’s minorities committee) that “it is time for some to give up power to allow others a turn”.

All of this comes from a Political Process warped by a demand for ALTRUISM. We need to ask ourselves which candidate espouses a policy that would benefit me. That is what the framers of the Constitution expected! It was designed to allow the approximation of the determination of the best policies to be made by self-interested rational humans; not saints! When you hear any Politician ask for sacrifice for a greater good, RUN!

Ancient Cultures practiced actual human sacrifice. The only thing that prevents that from being considered by the Altruists is the lack of belief in the efficacy of the practice. But, If Human Sacrifice did work; imagine what an Altruist-based morality would produce?  Perhaps the Aztecs, Incas, Moloch and Baal worshippers were politically advanced Progressives?

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