For a Nationalist Constitutionalist Libertarian

My problem with Ron Paul is his libertarian orthodoxy. He admits in “End The Fed” that the Constitution gives the Congress authority to regulate trade with foreign nations. His Austrian School ideology claims Free Trade is the only MORAL policy a free people can accept. (Article One, Section eight.)
A Statesman must not allow idealism to overwhelm the clear national interest. No one has an “Interestometer”, that somehow determines a singular best national policy. A Statesman must have his moral compass, but must also lead by gut too. We are humans and not purely rational un-embodied minds. Jefferson Himself, sainted by Libertarians purchased the entire Louisiana Territory from Napoleon though Congress had authorized him to only negotiate for New Orleans. Would Ron Paul have been statesman or ideologue in this case?
Free Trade is absolutely not a logical necessity of Libertarianism; unless the very concept of a national border itself is considered an infringement and an imposition. In that case, despite being Philosophically opposed, the absolute identical policy would be enacted by The Globalist as by the Libertarian!
Since The Constitution gives the Congress the authority to determine a Trade Policy for the United States, the lack of any meaningful policy, i.e. Free Trade, is in and of itself a policy. The only question is, is it a wise policy, is it good for America?
Ayn Rand would ask “For whom?” “For whom is Policy A beneficial, and to whom is it harmful?” Yes, there are winners and losers in any Trade Policy; but as we just established Free Trade itself is a Trade Policy. Only the Congress having abdicated its Constitutional Role has removed Trade from the proper political consideration it deserves. As the writers of the Federalist Papers hoped, a continental-sized Republic would have so many clashing interests that no one single interest could dictate to the rest. Thus, the nasty appearing sausage machinery of political horse trading allows for the closest approximation to “The Common Interest”. It doesn’t require the presumed clairvoyance of the popular leader who can divine the Common Interest or the technocrat with the non-existent “Interestometer”; it makes no claim to perfection. Humbly, the Framers never strove for Idealistic Perfection. Our Constitution is not for Angels, but for self-interested and rational humans with at least some degree of morality.
Free Trade is pernicious. It virtually allows for Human Sacrifice of entire swathes of the nation; the so-called Rust Belt; in order to support its Ideology; and the multinational corporations. Conservatives recall when companies made things. That was what they defined themselves as: car makers, airplane makers, clothing makers etc. But, with the rise of huge mega-corporations owned by shareholders, the only thing necessarily created is increased worth of the stock. That is the sole fiduciary responsibility of the Board; to maximize the worth of the stock; period. If that requires closing US Factories and either building new ones in Asia, or by entirely leaving the manufacturing business and changing into an import and distribution system; then that is what must be done. MUST, because of Fiduciary Law!
I bet most individual stock holders, and most individual CEO’s hired by the Board would love to maintain the production within the USA, if they could. But since American Law allows it, they must avail themselves of the ability to outsource manufacturing to Asia to either coolie, peon or outright slave labor! Only by making it less profitable by adding import duties to reflect the price that American labor would be paid, and the cost of conforming to American regulatory diktats, can US manufacturing be re-booted.
When smarmy Free Trade advocates ask us why we should be angry at China for providing us with this or that consumer good at a quality and price unmatched by US production, we must point to the Rust Belt, the sky-rocketing unemployment, and underemployment, the rise of a dependent population enthralled to Government for handouts, and thus effectively leashed to Big Government political parties. That is what cheap imports cost!
The so-called High Tech and Service Economy that was going to replace the Industrial heartland has not materialized. The economic system that once allowed an average intelligent, high school graduate who played by the rules a chance to work in industry and afford to pay down a real mortgage on real property to raise a family and save for retirement and his kids’ college has been sacrificed at the alter of Wall Street and Libertarian Orthodoxy.
We need a Constitutional Nationalist; as Pat Buchanan represented. We need to reign in the Globalist/military/ security/ industrial/ pharmaceutical Complex. Ron Paul is only half the answer.
Who will put America ahead of Free Trade Ideology, as well as ahead of Globalist Foreign Policy? Where is the Pat Buchanan conservative constitutionalist to go?

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