How Many Dollars a Barrel Ought the World Pay to Prevent Iran From Having the Ability To Nuke Tel Aviv?

Here comes the demonic darkness, dimming the vision and beginning to blind patriotic Americans.

We have become accustomed to the Leftist, postmodernist rejection of religion and God; and its concomitant contempt for the Constitution and the Classical Liberal philosophy that was its foundation.  The very idea of “a Creator” would drive the leftist into a raging spittle-spewing demon.  To dare state that American, and all human Liberty is derived from our Creator creating us in His image and thus with rational minds is to contradict the Statists’ view that Government allows certain “freedoms” as deemed best for the nation as a whole.  They substitute License for Liberty.  One is contingent upon the government’s benevolence or need; the other is contingent upon no man, only God.

Conservatives in America have become so accustomed to the link between the Protestant understanding of the Bible and our own Political Philosophy that we have become as unaware of it as we do to the Cicada or the buzzing flies on a summer day: we only notice when they stop.  The Left, postmodernist, Globalist, anti-libertarian, anti-private property, morally agnostic and relativistic have long ago relegated the Bible to a vessel that they fill with whatever meaning they see fit to fill it with.  The Cicada’s silence “freed” them generations ago.  The place once filled with values of the Protestant bourgeoisie suddenly was empty.  Startled as abruptly as the sudden silence of a summer day when the Cicada shuts up, an acute vacuum opened in their core.  Nature ever abhorrent of vacuums created a powerful thirst, and The Darkness provided the bitter wine of which they imbibed deeply.  All the various potions: Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Secular Humanism, Darwinism, Freudianism, Secular Antinomianism, Environmentalism, Globalism, even banal consumerism; all were guzzled and mixed to the point of cultural insanity.

(Now the rainman gave me two cures

Then he said, “Jump right in”

The one was Texas medicine

The other was just railroad gin

And like a fool I mixed them

And it strangled up my mind

And now, people just get uglier

And I have no sense of time

Oh, Mama, can this really be the end

To be stuck inside of Mobile

With the Memphis blues again.)

That was the Left.  We, the men and women of America who still cherished Liberty, and recognized our historical, political and philosophical Exceptionalism dismissed the Left as nothing more than potheads and the terminally hip.  We mocked them as they stolidly made their own Long March through the nodes of cultural influence: Education, the Media, and Entertainment etc.  We mocked them for their Political Correctness.  We became alarmed when our children came home from elementary school to chastise us, their parents for destroying the planet!  And worse, after sending them off to expensive Universities they came home as snarling and self-righteous and “caring” with a studied pose of jadedness, as if… !  As if they had ever missed a single meal other than accidentally while partying; as if, as if they had calluses on any part of their hands other than the left finger tips from guitars.  Having majored in Victimology of some kind, they were now “enlightened” and shockingly there is little career potential in those fields, other than Government Work or University Work.  Or they majored in Liberal Arts, which is fine if one seeks to become a Gentleman.  But a “Gentleman” is one who has no lowly commercial interests, i.e. is independently wealthy.  After buying highly inflated college tuitions, based on the extreme and soon to be seen as false wealth represented in their parents’ houses, it turns out that they spent too much of what proved less than imagined to gain that which also was less than it could ever repay.  In other words they were rooked.  But as only a con can be conned, our Yutes believed that the college degree would punch their ticket to the McMansion, BMW, vacation home lifestyle of their parents (who consumed 25% of the world’s resources while being only 5% of the world’s population; as they were browbeaten with in Green Justice Class, Sustainable Business Practices Class, Community Organizing For A Small Planet 101 etc. etc. and etc. and so on.)
Yes, we the American people noticed, we finally had enough and Tea Party groups began to spring up.  We were “mad as Hell and were not going to take it anymore!”
Glenn Beck with his chalkboards, chock full of nuts, arranged as Organizational Charts as if in some interplanetary traveling circus, focused the vague and deep sense of unease that had now begun to grip American-Americans.  (If you have to ask what that phrase “American Americans” means, you probably have stopped reading this, if you had ever started!  This is not a race thing as much as our foes wish to cast it as such.  It is The Vision Thing!  Remember the Vision Thing?  It was what George Bush Sr. was said to lack, by the media of course.  And his son apparently lacked it too, if by “Vision” we mean old-fashioned Constitutional Liberty.)  Despite the Left’s virulent denial, there is indeed an American culture.  There is an American Nation, just as there is a Japanese nation, or a Swedish nation.  Though racially heterogeneous, we have our own nationality: it is not necessarily Church-going Sunday Protestantism, nor any other particular religion.  However our culture has retained the values intrinsic to the Puritans, to a lesser degree.  We are an English-speaking nation and cannot understand why that is controversial.  We are not ideologues.  We believe that it is merely normal that free people may buy and sell and enjoy their private property howsoever they wish, so long as they do not violate anyone else’s liberty to do the same.  The minority who sit around discussing these things will call it “Free Enterprise”.  We do not understand the current vilification of “Capitalism” that is now on display everywhere.  “Capitalism” is a trick word, that if used concedes the argument.  Liberty and the free exchange of goods and services that rational self-interested humans practice is merely the natural state of Humanity.  To tag it as an “Ism” is to force it to contend with all the various flavors of Statism.  This is a false argument.  There is either Liberty or an Ism!

So what has happened?  Just as American-Americans were awakening to realize that they have been the target of several generations of gradual attack by Globalist, anti-Americans, and noticing that it was the same cast of Non-Profit Groups run incestuously by members of each other’s boards of directors with links to the same “Charitable Trusts”; we were about to reclaim the nation!  But something happened.

Suddenly a similar silencing of the Cicadas occurred in the minds of the conservative American-Americans.  After years of steady attack upon the reputation of America, many once stalwart defenders went AWOL.  Why?  How?  Well, America itself changed, this is true.  As the products of the public schools and Universities entered the financial trades, and already having been “taught” how cronyism underlies all “Capitalism”, they believed it and acted as such and made it a self-fulfilling prophecy.  One must recall that many “called” to the financial trade rather than other more productive trades, say like Engineering, are called by promises of lucre.  Many will not even admit that!  They just “happened” to find Corporate Law “interesting”.  And certainly many do; just as many Proctologists find their calling “Fascinating”, too.

OK I admit America’s innocence was deeply compromised by Yuppiedom.  Yet, still, in the Big Picture, America has lifted more people out of third world poverty to undreamt prosperity if only they could get in!

9/11.  9/11.  9/11/2001: A far more Infamous Day than December 7th occurred.   It was clear that Muslim extremists of Al-Qaida attacked us.  Yes a few “tin-foil hats” questioned the veracity of this conclusion.  But the majority did not.  The concept that the US Government could mount an attack on itself in order to justify an occupation of the Middle East was almost treasonous, certainly ludicrous.
However now, after ten years have elapsed, we see the full power of the United States military, police and surveillance turning inward and focusing upon us!  This is true.  The Patriot Act that passed in the first frightened passion of the moment was excusable, perhaps.  But now coldly renewed and made stronger it has given the government far greater extra-judicial powers than even Lincoln assumed during the Civil War.  Why?
In retrospect, visible only recently, 9/11 marked the beginning of the end of The Constitutional Republic.  Too many plans too well developed were too quickly rolled out.  Gradually a drip of a question here, and a drop there began to become a drizzle.  When Obama, who ran against Bush’s national security state and its seeming perpetual wars was elected and nothing changed, the question of deeper government conspiracy became less and less “tin-foil hat” fodder.  When information about Fast and Furious was slowly extracted from the Department of Justice with the ease of pulling teeth, there seemed to be Eric Holder’s fingerprints all over a scheme to ship guns into Mexico where a bloody drug war was already raging in order to “justify” limiting the Second Amendment either through Federal Legislation, Regulation or even by presidential Treaty!
The Oklahoma City Bombing was a handy visual aid in the representation of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  Eric Holder was Clinton’s Assistant Attorney General.  There is more and more evidence that this at best was a Federal sting operation to roundup the Aryan Republican Army (ARA) which escaped and took on its own life and goal; and at worse a deliberate false flag operation from the beginning designed to cause outrage against “white supremacists” and all Constitutionalists.

We, Patriotic Americans who love America because it stands for Liberty and not just because it is our homeland, have had to consider some uncomfortable facts.  In light of the results of 9/11; Fast & Furious’ connection to Eric Holder, and Eric Holder’s connection with Oklahoma City it is impossible to remain an unquestioning loyal citizen.  Suddenly our belief in America was shaken.  The years and years of Leftist propaganda suddenly seemed believable.  America is imperfect.  But has it become evil?

Clearly there is a Globalist Agenda being erected.  The two parties are becoming merely the two wings of a vulture.  Many folks with principles resisted the Blame-America-First and the Politically Correct hipsters.  But it is part of the Media’s power to work on our need for peer recognition, to be cool.  Face it: being a libertarian interested in history, religion, and political philosophy is not the description of someone who is “cool” in the MTV world.   Constantly defending American history in the face of libel after libel is wearisome.  And now, when it seems that indeed in the last quarter of the 20th century America was set on a course leading towards the creation of and merging with Global Government, we are caught out, holding a stinking bag.
It reminds me of my support of Mel Gibson.  Being from a Jewish family who all “knew” Mel was an anti-Semite, I supported him.  Yes, The Passion of The Christ shows Jesus being handed over to the Romans by “The Jews”.  Yes, this is exactly the charge that anti-Semites have laid at Jewish feet for two millennia.  But every character of importance in the New Testament is a Jew!  The protagonists and antagonists; all were Jews.  Mel’s film was an adaptation of a nun’s “visions” or dreams.  I was told I was naïve.  And when Mel was soused and arrested for DWI and spouted out vile Jew hatred I felt like he left me holding the bag.  I have not had many kind thoughts toward him since!
It is some of this kind of reaction to the partial correctness of the Left’s long held Anti-Americanism that has made many of us feel stuck holding the bag for American virtue.  It is reasonable to expect some of us to react reflexively and become as equally disdainful of America as we once were of the Left.  The Crony Corporatism that probably began long ago became visible in the George W. Bush years; and flowered into its full bloom under Obama.  Is it a wonder that some of us are in agreement with the Left?  Unfortunately no.  But it is an illusion.  The Left’s beef was with Free Enterprise itself, which is merely a description of the self-assembling economic system of free and rational people; thus its beef is with Liberty.  It is unfortunate that many of us did not appreciate the difference between disgust with Crony Corporatism and anger at Free Enterprise.  But both the hard right and left of Europe, unlike here in America have always shared a place of blame for The International Jews.

As the erosion of the Exceptionalism of the American economy proceeds apace it appears that only a deliberate policy to accomplish this would have this effect.  It is impossible to believe that Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush and “brilliant economists” can be so wrong so often.  And the debating candidates all seem to be saying that the Deindustrialization of America is due to our not having their particular Tax plan. That is patently ridiculous.
It is becoming clear that there are those who are deliberately attempting to bring down the USA.  Why?  It is because only the USA can thwart the coming Global Government.  And only the free and armed America People can thwart the American traitors who seek to place America in chains.  Therefore we must be disarmed.  Therefore they did Fast and Furious; therefore OK City.  Only a powerful police state can stifle America’s unique and prickly demand for liberty and independence.  In this light is it totally impossible for certain elements to have known and allowed Al-Qaida’s attack on 9/11?  No!  It is not impossible.
“But what about Israel, and the Jews? “ I ask.  Suddenly there is convergence of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism from the Right and the Left.   Both from those who stand for The Constitution and American Sovereignty and their opposite numbers who wish to see America cut down to size, not too much, but just enough to keep her strong enough to fight their wars and pull their economies, but not enough to shake the saddle off her back.

The Constitutionalists correctly in many ways have had enough of America being the military force of the integrated commercial entity called The West.  WWII now a dim black and white memory, and the Cold War only slightly less remote to today’s yutes, it is not self evident why we have bases in more than a hundred nations.
As the Cold War ended, we had a massive military industrial security complex that dwarfed even that at the heyday of WWII.
(And the riot squad they’re restless

They need somewhere to go

As Lady and I look out tonight

From Desolation Row.)

Yes, the Military-Industrial -Riot Squad needed somewhere to go: and Afghanistan and Iraq seemed to be the new Desolation Row.  Those who saw all this for what it was were not satisfied blaming good old greed on the part of the MI Complex.  No, there “has to be” more sinister forces that include greed but other motivations, too.  We were making the world safe for the Western commercial entity.  And who runs that?  Here it comes: International Bankers.  And to many, too many, a quick association word that precedes International Banker is “Jew”.  The meme of the Cosmopolitan International Jewish bankers has come back into fashion.  It is as if a statute of limitations on the Holocaust has expired.
The charge of “racism” was used to intimidate Constitutionalists, so too was “Anti-Semite” used to disparage anyone daring to criticize Israeli policy.  With Obama elected and making a mockery of The Constitution, it was no longer possible to intimidate American-Americans with the “Racist” epithet.  No, not since the Reverend Wright’s rants were seen as blatant racism without quotes!  Once the dam broke, apparently other self-stifled emotions and beliefs came to the fore.  No longer will some be intimidated by the threat of being called anti-Semite for disapproval of Israel.  The Holocaust’s talisman to ward off anti-Jewish speech has faded.  We are seen as being in the Middle East in the service of Israel!  This is the ludicrous charge of the Constitutionalist wing of the anti-Zionists.  Not just Israel but the Jewish Banking Cabal, (and the Queen of England and the Queen of the Netherlands, and the Fed, and The City in London, and the Vatican) has attached itself to America as a parasite to a beetle (I saw that on Facebook.)  But it is the Zionists and the “Off Shore Banking Interests” (whisper: Jews) that is putting the US Navy in the Straight of Hormuz.
No, it is not the Zionists.  Yes, perhaps the Commercial Entity of The West is seeking to regain a level of power in the entire Near East lost in the period of decolonization after WW2.  Is it Iranian nukes?  Yes, partially that is true, but not because they may hit Israel.  The World has shown itself to be quite capable of clicking its tongue after Jewish genocide, and quickly returning to business as usual.  No, despite Alex Jones et al if the US and Iran go to war it will be by much the same mechanism that brought the Japanese to visit Hawaii on the second- most infamous day in history.  It was sanctions on gasoline exports to Japan that set the clock ticking to war.  At a certain time after a gasoline embargo, Japan’s navy and air force would become inoperable.  The Western Commercial System is now gearing up to stop gasoline imports to Iran.  (Yes they sit on an ocean of oil, but they have never bothered to invest in refining.)  The Europeans get a larger percentage of their oil from the Persian Gulf than we do.  Are the Europeans suddenly lovers of Israel and the Jewish People?  I think not.  Then what justifies this risk?  Rather than fearing an Iranian nuclear attack on Tel Aviv, over which there would be much public hand wringing, condolences and severe scoldings in the UN ; the fear is that Israel herself will strike Iran out of desperation.  This would perhaps set the entire Muslim World on fire; bring in China and Russia, force Turkey to choose NATO or a greater role in the Muslim world and many other bad consequences.  The least bad option is the tightening of sanctions.  This may result in Iran making good its threat to close the Straight of Hormuz; or it may not.  It may result in Iran’s return to talks and a moratorium on nuclear research, or it may not. Every other course definitely means a major war and a huge spike in oil prices.
If Iran makes good its threats and initiates war with the West, there will be a rising cry against The Jews?  If gas hits  $10, $15 a gallon and the economy tanks faster than the new normal rate of decline how long before the OWS crowds really get going on the Swastika thing.  (There was one clear false-flag Hitler -lover at the actual Wall St. OWS, who of course attracted TV cameras like flies to honey.  But he was openly mocked by the crowd.)
If the SHTF in the Straight of Hormuz, though it will be fought by The West only in furthering its own interests.  Nevertheless it will be blamed on the Zionists, Neo-Cons, and Jewish Bankers.  As Alex Jones asks “Who benefits?”  Does Israel?  Surely Hezbollahistan and Hamaza will join the party.  If Iranian or Syrian ICBM’s even of non-nuclear warheads inflicts massive casualties in Tel Aviv, it is not impossible that Damascus would be nuked.  Does this kind of mad cap scenario remotely sound like it is in Israel’s interests?  Israel wants nothing more than to begin drilling and extracting the gas in the massive field found in her Mediterranean waters.

The calculus I hear from the Ron Paul/Alex Jones wing of the American-Americans is that our support of “Israeli interests” in the Gulf will cause $500-$700 oil.  Remember the Left’s “No blood for oil”?  They reversed themselves when it was Obama’s War and Libyan blood; and Newsweek’s cover greedily asked “And now what about that the oil?”  And now it is how many dollars a barrel is “protecting” Israel from Iranian nukes worth?  Not many, apparently answer The Clones of Jones).
Ironically, everything the Conservatives stood for against the Left was derived from a belief in the God of the Bible.  But now we see the once high-minded Conservatives link hands with the Left against the Jews, the Chosen People of the God of the Bible!  Libertarian sounding Constitutionalists on the same boat (figuratively) as the Flotilla: Code Pink, Soros funded, Samantha Power supported!

The World was willing to give over Yeshua to keep the peace in Roman Judea.  And, The World is willing to give over Israel to keep the “peace” in the Persian Gulf!
Matthew 10:22 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

Matthew 24:9 9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

Mark 13:13And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

John 15:21But all these things will they do unto you for my name’s sake, because they know not him that sent me.

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