4th Reich and Seventy Years Ago

And just like that, Phoenix-like, Germany struts over Europe denouncing the Anglo-Saxons!  The 4th Reich is goose-stepping in wing-tips business shoes, for now.  But one wonders how long before Jackboots are the fashion?

America has not learned what Britain has learned over a millennium.  Though kin in regard to Western Civilization, and though the Anglosphere overlaps greatly with European Civilization, neither the British nor Americans ought to conflate them.  For a millennium the English Speaking World has had to defend the best of the West from the would-be continental hegemon that seems to crop up in every generation.  From the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne, through the Long War against Spanish Catholic Power (in which Britain gained her first sense of self); through balancing French pretensions under the Sun King, and keeping lonely vigil as an Island off the coast of Napoleon’s Continental System, fighting, always fighting, paying to keep others in the fight, unwavering before the French Nation In Arms; to having to assist France in her powerlessness to balance a unified Germany; to the Great War, where the British Expeditionary Force paid with the blood of a lost generation to prevent German Hegemony; to again standing vigil, awaiting help from any direction, sustained by a slim tether to British Canada and the great English speaking Republic across the Atlantic.  Together the Armies of the English speaking nations conquered Rome, Paris, Aix La Chapelle, the seat of Charlemagne’s First Reich, now called Aachen, the scene of fierce fighting in WW2, and liberated Europe.  Combining the scientific intelligence of the Anglophones, with those who fled Hitler’s Europe allowed Britain and America to work together to develop the A-Bomb; liberating China and Southeast Asia from the Red Sun, without having to invade Japan’s home islands: these are the accomplishments of the people who have spread through every continent, bringing the sense of Cricket and Fairness, Law and Order and Fairness, Civil Service Education to leave behind a State operating in Fairness, knitted together with Railroads, Colleges, roads, canals and every positive feature we call The Modern.   Together we have been the bulwarks against Communist advance into a Europe still smoldering from Hitler’s War.  Despite French recalcitrance and fighting every inch of the way, we saw Europe through to the end of the USSR, and the re-unification of Germany.  Thatcher had qualms about a reunified Germany; as did European leaders.  A united Germany fully integrated into a European Union would be safe; it was thought.  The innumerable strands and cords of Trade and Financial interrelatedness forcing German workers with their strong ethic  to prop up Grecian Holidays are beginning to fray.  The strings of connectedness may soon feel to Germany much as the enmeshing strings and ropes felt to Gulliver.

“Asked whether he meant that the United States is “waging financial war“ on Europe, Brok specified, “Certain forces in the USA, in particular in the world of finance. It is evident that their one and only aim is in this way to promote Anglo-Saxon interests at Europe’s cost.” “They want to shatter the eurozone, in order to make money,” he added.”  Not since Hitler’s “Second Book” have I read such “in-your-face” anti-Angloism.  We have become used to “Yankee Go Home”  “Down with Gringo” in Cinco-de-Mayo fiestas in the USA.  Burning US, and British and Israeli flags might at least cause the UN’s IPCC Climate Lie Council to ask the peoples of south Asia to knock it off.  But, when it is coming from Europe, it is just a bit jolting.  “Oh yeah; we have much in common with European Civilization, but we are the other great strand of Western Civilization; the Anglosphere”.   We better be sure to remember that whether or not we forget, they will never.  They, with their ISM’s and Utopias, always seeking to find the right Person to reform them into the Right People to Reform the World in Their Image!  WE, and our nations of shop keepers, whigs, protestants, community-spirited volunteerism are just lacking in Pomp and Glory that Europe so craves.  

WELL, WE somehow thought that a United States Of Europe would be an automatic friend of the United States of America.  Now, we shall learn that Europe and the Anglosphere are two trees that have grown entangled.  Perhaps at different times in the year, different flowers may make the difference clear; most of the time however, a close inspection of similar but differentiated leaves is required, and one must carefully follow one vine as it wraps and climbs upon the other.
SEE: https://attilashrugs.wordpress.com/2009/12/19/rejackbooting-germany/

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