The Abortion Issue has become a trap for Constitutionally Limited Libertarians. Because many derive the basis of Liberty as due to our being created in the image of the LORD, there are far more Bible Believers in the Conservative camp.

However, what does the Bible say about fetal life? Uncomfortably the Torah is not so clear.  In the King James Version we read:

Exodus 21 22 If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.

23And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life.

This clearly differentiates the fruit (the fetus) departing her, on the one hand and the death of the pregnant woman so injured on the other.


In this interpretation one can argue that a fetus is not counted as a full soul. For a human being’s death is always to be avenged by blood, except if it is clearly accidental, and even then the manslayer must remain in a City Of Refuge until the death of the current High Priest. In addition, in Genesis man became a nefesh, a soul when Elohim breathed his breath of life into him. This could be argued to mean that not until the infant has taken his first breath is he/she a nefesh.

But clearly purely Torah Law does not define our moral stand on Abortion. And it is goes unaddressed in the rest of the Bible, Old or New Testament, probably because there was no technology to make it a choice.

We see it as a question of Life. When does Life come into existence? Is it immediately upon fertilization? Is it immediately when the sperm enters the egg, or is it when each single set of chromosomes joins with the other to form doubles. Or is it when the fertilized egg begins cell division when the first of the cells of the brand new and unique genome come into existence? Or is not until the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall? Or is it when a heartbeat is detected?

It seems arbitrary to assign any one of these landmarks as the Proof of Life.

How much power ought the President of the United States have over this controversial topic. Since many women are irrationally zealous in this matter, and appear to be willing to make the candidates’ position on this one issue the litmus test of their vote, we start every Presidential campaign down by a large percentage of the female vote. Why must we force our Candidates to make this an issue? How about if the National Republican Party simply states that since the Constitution is silent here, it is best left to the States to decide. Even the suggestion of recommendation of State Nullification would be good politics.

As we have it now, there are many voters, more female than male who would vote for anybody who publicly blesses Roe Vs Wade.


We cannot legislate morality. A nation rises and sinks with the morality of its people. The election of a moral leader, to govern an immoral nation that only pays lip service to  “trite” moral “banalities”, will fail, because he /she cannot move the people. He might inspire to some degree. But when it comes down to it, if someone’s teenage girl comes home pregnant, that family is going to do what they’re going to do. Am I in favor of that? No. But American politics has rarely been so Idealistic as to be cut and dry based on Idealism or any ISM. The blood of the practical Yankee still flows though our veins.


I am a believer in the Bible. I do not believe the Bible would have been so fervidly concerned with future generations slipping back into Moloch worship, or Baal worship, unless it were a real threat.

Since the Bible does stipulate a great falling away in the latter days, these abominations will be present.  We ought to look for their fulfillment not in strange New Age pagan temples; but to our modern substitutes for Temples. MD’s donning ritually treated robes, performing ritual ablutions, wearing sterile nets over their shoes (as if on Holy Ground), adorned with lights affixed to their heads like Egyptian hieroglyphs, with stethoscopes worn on their shoulders, are surely the Priests of the Twenty-first Century!  The Pagan Temples are disguised as Hospitals.  The fires of Moloch are not in some mystic druidic grove, but in the Hospital mortuary. The unwanted products of pregnancy are burned; whether or not specifically for Moloch, is immaterial, but he is being served, well and often.

The Constitution was written for a Moral People whose morals were roughly grounded in the Protestant religion. Now that we have become a Post-Christian nation, are we to be expected to remain a Constitutional Republic?

The best recourse in regard to Abortion is to return the issue to the States. Those States that limit abortions will do so; others will not. People will vote with their fetuses. The morally healthy states will gain economically, and demographically. The immoral statist thugocracies will go bankrupt, go into federal receivership. The moral Life-Respecting States will enjoy the blessings of God.

God has given us Free Will. We cannot prevent abortion. It only is driven underground. We must no longer be ashamed to offer unsolicited moral scolding when required. Instead of this PC crap, that seeks to shut us up about these kinds of issues, that needs to be ignored, or even mocked away; we need to return to the social forces that enforced the unspoken core of social norms. For three generations there has been an assault on the natural centripetal forces that maintain social stability. This organic self-ordering of society is based upon unwritten laws and relationships. The sociologists have made it their work, and the prime directive for Higher Education to convince us that because our particular social norms are sometimes merely arbitrary, that they all are. Once the arbitrariness of Social Convention is made explicit, it is deracinated; rendered impotent. Why should Mexicans assimilate? Why shouldn’t teens have sex? Why shouldn’t they think of Abortion as like a root canal, an uncomfortable but morally neutral procedure?


When Societies have come to question every unspoken norm, the sole provider of the centripetal force keeping cohesion is The Government. Legal relationships replace social ones. Only courts can order punishment for breaking written laws. Ostracizing is being attacked as a hate crime, and bullying is being elevated to Terrorist Status. But without organic enforcement of societal norms all that is left is Totalitarian Political rules for every single issue.  This is why we have made a litigious society.  We have no social recourse outside of the Written Laws.  Thus we need Police to settle family arguments, and Judges to enforce settlements, Prisons to place those who if scolded when 11, wouldn’t be incarcerated at 21.

We need less politeness.  We must have less fear to judge those whose behavior is unfitting with our culture.  It ought not be us who feels embarrassed to admit we believe in God, and in the existence of absolute Good and Evil.  Let us not abdicate our responsibility to pass down the memes of Western Civilization as we pass down our physical genes.  And let us remember that we could become the first nationality to abort itself out of existence!

But if we do so, we have voted with our fetuses.  We have voted for the joys of the two-income household un-restricted by the needs of a child.  Or we have voted for slutty shacking up without any sense of founding a family. Whether or we not we seek to feel good about ourselves by voting for a Morals President, what matters is whether or not  we are leading moral lives, in our moral communities.

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