On “Rush and the New Black List”: The Left Completes the Circuit

Pat Buchanan’s column today “Rush and the New Blacklist” is a sobering look at the creeping totalitarianism that has now become a torrent.  It is as if Satan The Dragon is cast down to earth and is full of rage for he knows his time is short.
“To control the politics of a nation, control of the culture is a precondition.”  That is the crux of the matter.

The post-modernist Left has worked for half a century to be able to reverse that equation.  Until the Civil Rights Movement revealed the intrinsic power the government has to change the culture, this direction was never considered before, in the English-speaking world anyway. The presumption that certain opinions are just not legitimate developed in the crusade against Jim Crow.  There were many voices warning about the loss of freedom to associate, and the freedom to choose how to runs one’s business.  The warnings were dismissed as “coded racism”.  In some cases, perhaps they were; but certainly there were some voices speaking honestly about the danger of using the coercive power of government to change private attitudes.

Implied in this is the assumption that one’s motives are to be taken into account in determining whether the rights of property owners, business owners, or even bus passengers are legal or illegal.  Never before was the presumption of knowledge of motive intrinsic to legal findings.  What difference did it make if a thief stole from a citizen because of the citizen’s race, or sex, or religion, or wealth?  None!  The entire thrust of Justice was aimed at removing all extraneous information in order to determine whether or not the accused acted against the Law.  The only consideration was the external, the action.  Yes; or no; is there a reasonable case pointing to his guilt or not?  

The Civil Rights Movement opened the Culture Wars.   The proper role for Government in correcting pernicious anti-black discrimination in the South, and throughout various parts of the nation should have been limited to alleviating the burden added to it by the Governments at every level; Federal, State, County, City, Town, etc.  Opening the electoral system to blacks in association with whatever physical protection was required to allow for this would have lifted of the legal basis of Jim Crow’s more blatant nastiness. Government at every level should legitimately be forced to be colorblind.  The fact that one has no choice as to whether or not to live under the law of the various jurisdictions in charge of the place where one happens to reside or be at any given time, there is no option to remove oneself to a different jurisdiction than where one is desirous of being; therefore the Governments of the jurisdictions are obliged to treat everybody under their law equally.  If this were the route taken, the fact of demographics of southern towns and cities would have very quickly removed Jim Crow laws from the books.  Once removed from the legal code, blacks would be free to operate their own businesses in the security that no racist group could use the machinery of government against them.  If blacks had the vote, municipal bus companies would no longer be able to force anyone to the back or under the bus.  If the bus companies were private, either they would decide that the blacks that might be on the City Council might be offended, or voluntarily cease racist seating policies, or perhaps newly confident blacks would open competing bus companies.  I bet free markets would have eradicated Jim Crow once the governments were out of the racist’s hands.  It may have taken a bit longer, but would not have cost us our Constitutional rights of Property and Freedom of Association.  But that was but the opening wedge.  Instead of taking that organic route to equality, the power of the government was drafted into forcing whites to associate or serve blacks or close their clubs or businesses.   This, at a stroke put the entire concept of being sovereign over one’s business and property moot.  The Government decided it had the right to determine if one was discriminating against blacks or any other group on one’s own property or in ones own business.  Inherent in this power was the presumption to discern motive.  If a prospective employer hired a white man instead of a black man, it was presumed to be proof of racismOf course there has to be at least a rough equivalence in the required skills to do the job well.  So the crime of Racist Employment Practices depends upon if they were deemed to be equally qualified!  And of course the Left does the deeming.  But, hear that: it is a crime to be a racist in one’s own business.  Racism is a Thought Crime!

The Left realized that the War against Jim Crow was a cultural one more than a mere legal one.    They learned if a cause could be made to seem equally as just as Civil Rights, then attribution of motive could be applied as well.  If the absolute sovereignty of property rights is compromised through its usage in a racist manner, it is no longer so sovereign!  If the absolute right of Freedom of Association breaks down if racism is involved in the choice of associates, then the right is not so absolute.

One little chink (please, no anti-Asian racism implied) in the rights of privacy, property, and personhood has been thoroughly exploited by the Left.

They have succeeded in creating a circuit!  Working from the original “To control the politics of a nation, control of the culture is a precondition” they have made a corollary, “to control the culture of a nation control of the politics is a precondition!” The left has used politics to selectively enforce laws to favor certain cultural groups.  This has increased the political power of these groups. Increasing the political power of certain “aggrieved” groups will increase the cultural acceptance of that which was once unacceptable.  Gay Pride Parades grow in numbers every year.  Today, rather than the media covering them as News, they are covered as just one more strand of a city’s “rich cultural heritage”.  Once the culture has been changed, the next step is to legalize “Gay marriage”.  In the not so distant past, within my life, the idea of two men or two women marrying was inconceivable, and if conceived at all, it would be as a joke.  Then, openly Gay men and women are to be allowed to join the military.  Gay Marines? Was Gomer Pyle a forerunner?

Now we are a totally lawless society.  We have absolutely zero sense of what is or is not to be considered normal in our own culture.  We feel we must guard our tongue and carefully speak when discussing anything of any interest or importance.  Why?  Because the culture has been conquered by the political left; and now they are fortifying their positions.  Hate Crimes, anti-bullying laws, presumed racism or sexism behind every case of outcome inequality, all are consequences of an occupied culture.  The cultural lawlessness necessarily results in political tyranny, or anarchy.  And as the Left is quite aware anarchy frightens the middleclass more so than a vague creeping socialism.

Obama ran on a platform that included the creation of a domestic defense force, every bit as well funded as the Pentagon!  He filled the ranks of TSA with SEIU union members.  This nucleus of Brownshirts is beholden to him, and to the “Dictatorship of the Aggrieved”, the current version of Marx’s “Dictatorship of The Proletariat” (necessary because the deindustrialization of America has wiped out any incipient proletariat.)
The mainstream media war against all dissidents is now obvious to any who would see with open eyes.  In past year, Glenn Beck, Judge Napolitano, Pat Buchanan, all with major ratings were pulled.  Andrew Breitbart had a fatal event occur on the day he was to release a damning video of our Commie-In-Chief as a Yute.  I hear Mark Levin making comments to his producer, “Mr. Producer” he frequently asks “Is this too confrontational or is it conversational?”  That he asks is to say he has been advised to dial back his strong dissenting voice to the Obamanation of America.
Michael Savage openly admits that the current atmosphere is so alarming that he travels with bodyguards, and broadcasts from several different locations and stays at several different residences to make a harder target of himself.
We have come a long way down this road; the road that lead from outlawing “racism” to outlawing “climate change denial”, to taxing “Conspiracy Theories”, to apparently experimenting with the frontier of outlawing certain radio personalities all-together.  All based on the governments new sense of telepathy and omniscience,

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