A Letter From America Town


“Asians”? Since we MUST not use the “derogatory” word “Oriental” it is impossible to ascertain if this includes what were called ” the Mongolian race” in the Blumenbach schemata; or all Asians; from Lebanon to Korea? The latter “category” is so variegated as to be no category. Political Correctness is actually impeding accurate communication! (No doubt as it is meant to do.)
I recall as a child growing up in Long Island, seeing Chinese people outside of the cleaners, and my mother telling me not to stare. Truth; 100%! 
A Turban-headed Sikh or Burqa-clad Muslim would have made my eyes bug out! NOW, my hometown East Meadow hosts the Long Island Muslim Association. 
My in-laws live in Queens. Where there was once Bloomingdales on 188th St. in Fresh Meadows, and a well-to-do Jewish and mixed community of garden apartments, there is now Kohl’s struggling after a long vacancy. There is one Jewish woman left in the neighborhood. When we visit her, I often will head across the street and around the block to Starbucks. There, I am frequently the ONLY white English-speaking person. Once, in the far back of the addition, (they took over an adjacent storefront) I sat in an easy chair, downloading my Pod Casts, (when visiting both our families there are NO computers). Looking up, and around I noticed that around this one round table at the far back wall, fiddling with various Wi-Fi gadgets were four other middle-aged slightly “heavy” remote-European-ancestry Americans, natives of the outer boroughs. The entire store was otherwise filled with young, wealthy, ambitious, energetic Asians, from Arabia to Korea. And, kind of cool most were second generation and spoke English.  Better English than the few remnant vestiges of white Queens; recall, “All In The Family” took place just north of this part of Queens.  Nevertheless, though the lot seemed to be heading for successful American lives; I wondered how much of America is being lost? These yutes, no doubt A+ students in Math, Engineering and actual hard Sciences, will have little interest in learning American History. And why should they, when our society itself seems avid to lobotomize its National Memory?
Demographic changes of this magnitude in the past have been seen only in association with defeats in wars, and being conquered. Has there been a War that I missed; one that was lost? …
YES! It was The War of the Michael Stivaks against Archie Bunker of Queens, NY. The college-Indocucated geniuses, the know-it-all utopians have marched through Academe. After living off of Archie’s largesse, while bad-mouthing his morality, they have turned their ungrateful eyes on him, as hyenas look at prey.
To get to 188th Street one must exit the Long Island Expressway at Utopia Parkway. I kid you not. And if you pass it going east you will see Oceania Street, (our own Superpower in George Orwell’s 1984). 
There must be consequences attached in going from a fairly homogenous society, to becoming a tiny minority in an Asian majority borough. And despite the change in the identity of the upward bound, the “barristers” are Puerto Rican or black. The “help” in all of the stores is same; except in those stores owned by the newly arrived Asians. These newly arrived are not the huddled masses of yesteryear. Their grandparents did not work and claw their way up from the Lower East Side. No, they arrived by air, with capital and opened their own stores. 
Why would America so completely open its doors to Asia? It is not possible for the low fertility rate of affluent whites to keep up with immigration from Asia! Just as there has been a deliberate attack on our culture in order to demolish any non-governmental societal source of norms; so too has there been a mass immigration foisted upon us. As just one minority of a nation of minorities American-Americans are disenfranchised from the continent our forebears settled. And that’s the plan, man.

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