The End Of The Republican Southern Strategy: The New Dixiecrats and Jonesies

I have become thoroughly SICK of Alex Jones and his clownish clones!  
If American sovereignty requires anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic common-cause with the anti-Israel Code Pink, Samantha Powers wife of Cass Sunstein, Islamofascists and Paleo-right anti-Jews, then adios America!   
It is uncanny that every major force in the world hates The State Of Israel.  It is like the instant in time when the mutually antagonistic forces in Roman Palestine were able to collude in the matter of Yeshua. 
 Against Yeshua: The Pharisees; The Sadducees; The anti-Roman nationalist Zealots; the Hellenized Establishment Collaborating Jews, The Roman puppet king, and then the outright Roman Governor, The High Priesthood (Sadducees), Sanhedrin.  
Against The State Of Israel: The professional Left: ala Flotilla Organizer Samantha Powers, whose tome “The Problem From Hell” is a history of modern Genocide based on her involvement in Yugoslavia’s death throws.  She is an “expert” on Genocide but a rabid anti-Zionist.  The entire “liberal/left” bends over backwards to paint every terrorist atrocity on Jews as unfortunate but  (always a “but”) not without due cause. But they will castigate the IDF’s accidental infliction of collateral damage when responding to rockets launched from behind aprons and playpens!  There are even many Jews, even Israelis in this sick category demanding suicidal scruples from Israel when dealing with those seeking its annihilation.  
The Globalist Corporate System (666), like The Borg: must incorporate the one unique nation, which by definition, is Israel.  There is no way that Israel will peacefully be swallowed up by the Global System.  (Thus the USA and Israel are both under attack from the Globalists.  America too considers herself exceptional, or at least used to.  The modern “education” system has diligently been hammering away at that for 3 generations.)  
The EU; there is a bit of a tug-of-war between the Globalist and the EU as center of the NWO.  The EU is the final fruit of the Treaty Of Rome following WW2.  Despite the anti-religious sentiment of its constitution, it nevertheless has been empowered and is empowered by the Vatican. Thus, the congruence between German and Vatican objectives in the destruction of Yugoslavia was the “return” of Catholic Slovenia and Croatia to “Europe”.   These components of Yugoslavia were torn off from the German-speaking Austrian Empire after WW1. (Notice how Samantha Power’s efforts at demonizing the Serbs played into Clinton’s hands and his into the Germans’ hands?  If the USAF did not bomb Belgrade, the German Air Force was ready to. The reappearance of German bombers over Belgrade was a thought too frightening even for the most Euro-Centric to allow.  This is what forced Clinton’s hand. The collusion between the Vatican and Germany marks the reemergence of the Holy Roman Empire.  And the US under Clinton was the midwife of this abomination.)
The Islamic World; I have nothing to add on this self-evident foe of the State of Israel. 
The Paleo, and largely Catholic right: Pat Buchanan wing: the USA’s support of Israel is due to the manipulation by the Jew-media and bankers.  Ayup.  There is nothing new here.
The frightening revolution is the one within the so-called Neo-Conservatives; The descendants of the old Democrat Party of Dixie that became the backbone of Nixon’s Southern Strategy that has been necessary to every GOP presidential campaign since, is now in the process of being pealed away.  These once staunch anti-Communist, Pro-American, Pro-Constitution, Flag-Waving patriots have been turned by the abuses of the Post 9/11 Security State.  The growing US Tyranny is linked in the minds of The Resistance to the US support of Israel.  Unfortunately, the Military Industrial Complex’s need for a new foe after the defeat of the USSR was behind the attacks on 9/11 or allowed them to happen.  This new “war” on terror, happens to have many enemies in common with Israel.  However, the linkage is not causal!  Israel has NOT benefitted by the Egyptian Revolution.  Nor has it through the Iraqi chaos.  If anything Jews, Zionism, and Israel are all blamed for the perpetual war launched not for them, but for the Military-Industrial-Security-Intelligence Complex.
These Alex Jones indeed get some of the truth.  They are 100% correct on their assessment of the fundamental anti-Americanism of NWO. American Liberty, the basis for the American Middleclass Republic is under attack.  They err dangerously by misunderstanding the source of the attack as being from Israel.  The baked-in-the-bones anti-Semitic suspicion of international capital, and Anglophobia of the old-time Dixiecrats has resurfaced and is seen in the deep hatred of Romney, Newt, Santorum and every GOP candidate whose last name is not Paul!  Mark Levin got it right when he calls them Neo-Confederate, for indeed this is what they are.  They are rabidly anti-Semitic, anti-Federal, and think that Alexander Hamilton was the Serpent in Eden!  The brilliant but daffy-at-times Jefferson is idolized.  Lew Rockwell who puts “slavery” in quotes when discussing the causes of the Civil War is their patron saint of revisionist history.  
Of all the haters of Jews/Israel and Zionism, it is this new Dixiecrat movement that is growing in virulence.  Despite their hatred of the Soros-funded groups, their shared hatred of Israel is greater.  Their shared hatred of Jews as international “Banksters” surpasses their willingness to defend the Constitution from the OWS.  They, Alex’s Clones think they can make common-cause with the anti-American anti-Constitutional OWS.  Their hatred of America as it is, is the equal of that of the Soros-Left.  
They put all their differences aside long enough to crucify Yeshua, and are doing so now in regard to Israel! 


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