BBC Lemon Puff-Piece Same Old Stale Recipe
BBC  Lemon Puff Piece

Kevin Connolly another anti-Zionist meddling “Brit” cites a French Parliamentary report saying “that the 450,000 Israeli settlers who live on the West Bank of the River Jordan, in defiance of international opinion, use more water than the 2.3 million Palestinians whose home it is.”

WTF!!!  When something is wrong at so many levels it is hard to even know where to begin.  The sense of overwhelming moral superiority of Mr. Connolly is intolerable!

He lives in Israel, presumably on his salary from BBC; paid to continue the “traditional even-handedness” of the publicly funded Biased Broadcasting Company.  This is the “news” service that is apparently anti-Anglo, Anti-Protestant, Anti-White, anti-white male.  The anchors on BBC America are seemingly carefully chosen to be “representative” of the brownish population of mixed colonials and ugly white women.  (Other than of course Katty Kay, but in order to keep the Feminist-Ugs happy she is now dressed in frumpy clothes a shade more revealing than the Burqa some of the others need.)  But she is at least English, ethnically.  Not so the rare male anchor.  No, they are either from the Indies, East or West, or Guineas, Old or New so-to-speak.

Why does a FRENCH Parliamentary report figure in a BBC “puff piece” on Lemons in Israel?  Because it may be cited without “owning”.  We all know a certain person that is too clever by half, in their own minds anyway.  They believe they are subtle when they have the grace of a hippo in a hot house!  They make “subtle” jabs at one, but in such a way that it cannot be publicly contested without noticing it is aimed at oneself.  And to notice it as being aimed at oneself is to grant a degree of acceptance as pertaining to oneself.  But that works only against those unwilling to make the scene required to tackle the entire embarrassing attack head on.  All too often it is decided not worth it and the bore believes he slipped one over.  But eventually the wrong person will call the jabber out.

So too Mr. Connolly.  He cites a French parliamentary study because he can factually assert that the report did say such and such, without himself taking responsibility for the claims. He wants his Lemon Cake and to eat it too.

So, “A French parliamentary report, for example, recently concluded that the 450,000 Israeli settlers who live on the West Bank of the River Jordan, in defiance of international opinion, use more water than the 2.3 million Palestinians whose home it is.”  “IN DEFIANCE OF INTERNATIONAL OPINION”:  Did the UK take an international poll in determining its response to the IRA?  Presumably a Mr. Connolly would have been quick to cite it if there was.  Now that Reagan/Thatcher are gone, and Argentina is slavering over the oil and gas of the “Malvinas” shall the Falklanders fate be in the hands of International Opinion?  Unfortunately for them, Britain is no longer Great, and Obama an anti-Anglo-Saxon son of an anti-Anglo-Saxon Kenyan Mau-Mau (or kin) will no doubt stand with the Latinos.  So Falkland Islanders, your Lamb is costing more than Israeli Lemons!  Watch out for those of Mr. Connolly’s ilk.  I suspect he despises Britain as only an Irishman successful in Albion can muster.

Will the BBC use the same accounting to calculate the cost of Mutton from the Falklands?  Unfortunately the moral decline and the Pride in Shame at the Imperial record will be all on view at BBC and the coming Olympics.  I saw how there will be four May Poles representing the “four nations making up the UK”.  Once the pagan roots and anti-British unionism of the symbolism would have made such a travesty unthinkable.  Now, the recognition of it as such is not even considered.  Poor Great Britain, you have lost any sense of pride.  You are being conquered from within because you just cannot recall why it was that the British ruled the world’s seas, and their littorals, and not the other way around.  So your intellectuals have taken it upon themselves to fix that!  You have imported ex-colonialists to walk over you.  They will never assimilate.  Why would anyone seek to assimilate to a self-hating mea-culpa-thumping depraved culture?

Your lack of memory of being filled with Protestant ardor and sense of Mission to defend the world from Rome’s Hegemony, whether in the form of Spain or France, blinds you to the similar ardor in the hearts of Zionists.  No, more than blinds you; it infuriates you.  Since you recognize in it what you once felt, the presence of Israel’s pride in its power evokes hatred.  No one hates more the brave but small  kid who stands up to the bullies than the other victims who have meekly given them their lunch money.  It puts their own cowardice and fear in stark relief.

“WHOSE HOME IT IS”.  This little phrase is a snap attempt to render Judenrein Judea and Samaria.  It this not the home of the Jews?  Was not this region the heart of Ancient Israel under Saul, David and Solomon?  Jerusalem, Hebron, Shechem, Samaria, the vast majority of the places where the events of the Old Testament occurred are found here.  The Balfour Declaration and subsequent agreements divided the British Mandate into the Jewish Homeland on the west of the Jordan from “Transjordan” on the east.  Samaria and Judea were lost in the war at Independence.  They were reclaimed in ’67.  That is all.

The Germans conquered the Channel Islands and then lost them with their defeat.  If the Channel Islands were to now rebel against the Crown, and seek to join the EU would that be “cool”?

A French parliamentary report declared… WHO CARES WHAT THEY DECLARE.  I do not care how much of the Rhone is used by France.  The 450,000 Israelis there are in their home.  The 2.3 million Arabs (per the French, I have no independent source of proof, and none is given by the lemon squeezing Mr. Connolly) were themselves invaders.

Since Mr. Connolly speaks of the 19th century American traveler, William Lynch’s reporting of the titanic waves and rapids on the Jordan River, why has he ignored Samuel Clemens’ report?  Mark Twain (Clemens’ pen name) reported seeing not a soul from his mule cart up from Haifa to Jerusalem.  He reported on the dry, brown, lifeless, dusty, and barren nature of the place.  He sensed a land in mourning for its people, the Jews.  Not one of the empires that ruled this area has ever made it green with vineyards, citrus groves, banana groves, and every other fruit, and grain.  If the Zionists have done more with the “West Bank” than ever did the Ottomans, Arabs, Mamelukes, Byzantines and others, instead of seeking to oust the Jews, imagine what would be accomplished in the East Bank!  Yes, The East Bank of the Jordan River, where Arab settlers are wasting the fertile lands of Gilead and Bashan, were given to the half tribe of Menashshe, and the tribes of Reuben and Gad.    Perhaps by using the pejorative term “settlers” to describe the Arabs on the East Bank of Israel, the absurdity of calling Jews such in Samaria and Judea will be recognized.  And, laugh not.  When the God Of Israel makes good His promises the Lands across the Jordan will also be ruled from Jerusalem, by B’nai Israel.

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