The Choice: WW3 Or The Very Simple Plan to Restore American Prosperity

The geopolitical balance of power has not been done away with by Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points! Despite the pretense of altruistic concern, underneath is the same old amoral jostling for advantage of the military-financial states.  The situation in Syria is more about Russian, Chinese and Persian access to the Mediterranean Sea, than about “democracy”.  For the first time since the Persian Wars 2,492 years ago, there is the threat of a non-Western a presence in the inner sea.  Those who say this is not relevant to America, must think twice and then a third time!
The day Iranian and Chinese warships pass through the Suez Canal marks the end of the two and a half millennia in which only European nations operated in our inner sea of Western Civilization.  The West created a separate space for itself when the Athenian Navy defeated the Persians at Salamis in 280 BCE.  From that day until the first passage through the Suez of Chinese or Iranian Warships, only the West sailed the wine dark seas.  (Even the Ottoman Empire which ruled the Eastern Mediterranean was by then a European-looking power, and had evolved from its Asiatic origin.)  But should this be of concern to the United States of America?  Unless we were prepared to retreat to a Fortress North America, and take all the necessary measures, then, yes, it matters deeply.  However, the USA is potentially unique.

Perhaps the only nation in all of world history that might have stood aloof from the Game of The Great Powers is or was the USA. Even NOW, we could sacrifice some of our standard of living, and bring our forces home to a Fortress North America. We could be energy independent if we wished, and we could lay claim to all of Venezuela’s production by main force. We could pay them market price. We could concentrate the US Navy in the Atlantic and Pacific, leaving the Persian Gulf to China and Europe to spar over. We could restrict the free importation of the world’s goods. This would increase the cost of all the stuff we now get from China, Japan, Europe, such as electronics, autos, appliances. But by collecting a Tariff we would be paying off the deficit.  At one time the Federal Government got by only on Import Duties and Tariffs!   The increased price of many imported goods will result in domestic production of all the items that are now are too expensive to be made here. By raising the costs of imports we would make it profitable to produce our needs here.  The Industrial Ruins of the Rust Belt would be transformed.

Of course all the horse shit about “climate” must be dismissed. Air and Water Pollution is a different matter. We will continue to maintain environmental protection. No one wants dirty air, acid rain or polluted water. But Climate, and carbonism, must go! Once we shifted into gear by erecting protections against the importation of goods produced by coolie labor, and our domestic production began to churn, American competitiveness and free enterprise will encourage more and more efficient means of production. Unemployment will plunge as manufacturing increased. Industry will return to working cities. The artificial “downtowns” designed to give a reason for being for cities that have lost all purpose will no longer be the “vibrant” dead spaces of vacant shops restaurants and River Walks. All the Potemkin Village downtowns will either become organically rejuvenated, or re-industrialized. As manufacturing increases, income will too, and taxes will be able to be slashed. As poverty becomes a choice made by those who’d rather not work, the poverty industry could and would be slashed. Only the truly disabled will require support. Low taxes, more wealth, result in real estate going up. The bedroom communities near industrialized areas would be rebuilt.  Suddenly America is chugging and we have 350 MILLION working studying upwardly mobile citizens. It would be a new American Century. It is only the deadly Free Trade dogma that keeps us entangled with the world beyond our shores.
No other nation was blessed by two oceans of space, a northern neighbor that is very similar economically and culturally, and a southern border that is easily sealed if desired. We have the means to feed ourselves and still to export grain and meat to the world. We have no need for foreign energy. We need no Army. We need only The Navy and Air Force to control the New World and to keep interlopers out. It could be so easy.  Of course this would be a Middle Class paradise.  It is the Middle Class that the intellectual elites despise.  The intellectual descendants of Aristocrats are disgusted at the nouveau riche’s meritocracy.  To men like  Napoleon, Hitler, a Caesar, or a Mussolini, the middle class is just not glorious.  As “shop keeps and money counters” the warriors dismiss us.
If the United Sates is unable to turn back to our roots, to our inheritance, we shall be sucked onto the growing vortex of War.  This War is going to be unlike anything seen in history.  Pray for the Peace of  Jerusalem; but expect the War of the latter days.  Unless of course: we can return to our commercial Republic in the midst of the seas,

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