They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
Welcome to the other end of the journey began with “Good Intentions”.  We allowed the “moral imperative” of government enforced anti-discrimination based upon race to rise to the level of destroying the actual moral imperative of Private Property rights.   Only the staunchest defenders of Property Rights would dare take on the Civil Rights Movement.  No matter their reasoning, no matter the eloquence of their argument, they were unfailingly condemned as being the 20th Century’s version of Leper, or Heretic, Unclean, RACIST!

Maybe some, maybe many, maybe most of the resisters to the idea of attaching caveats to the free use of one’s private property were indeed defending their perceived right to discriminate against Blacks.  Nevertheless, being right for the wrong reasons is better than being wrong for any reason!

The Federal Government’s legitimate interest in Civil Rights is limited to equal representation and access to the Voting Booth; and equal standing under the Law, (Federal, State, Local).

The political activists in their guise as Moral Supermen commandeered the apparatus of Government to affect their desired Social Change.  No matter the supposed superiority of motives, in a Representative Republic it is logically impossible for an “enlightened van guard” to force change directly.  If a majority desire Change, society will Change without government intrusion!

The people who had dreamed of overthrowing this Constitutional Republic Of Laws and to replace it with something “nearer their heart’s desire” had recognized the moral power exuded by those fighting the malignant Jim Crow segregation laws.  These Progressives always cloak themselves under moral banners.  When their attempts at overthrowing the Constitutional barriers that keep Government checked are stymied, they wave their moral superiority and claim that Resistance Is Immoral, (when they really think: “Futile!”)

Liberty rests upon the legal sanctity of Private Property.  It is the sin qua non; without which nothing, of a Free People.  It is trite but true that the power to tax is the power to kill.  And further, it is the power of forcing all businesses to be licensed that is the power to kill, to take, and to give one person’s property to whom one wishes.

The Civil Rights Movement immediately was seen as the wedge needed to circumvent the primacy of Private Property.   Individual Ownership of Property  is anathema to those seeking to socialize America.  So deep is the penetration of the Civil Rights Movement by the Socialist movement, that it is conceivable that it was infiltrated in the beginning, as the Serpent in Eden, or it even played a role in its initial organization!

When we look back at what America was like before the Civil Rights Era, we are initially disgusted, rightfully, at the Jim Crow laws and mores.  But once we get past that stench, we see a nation in which Laws forcing restaurants to allow horses would be the start of a joke.  ” A man, his horse, and a Priest enter a bar.”  Now, public transit will be sued by attorneys representing the Visually Challenged Community and win huge settlements and force already near bankrupt municipal and county governments to retrofit buses for guide ponies!  And why?  Because a blind Muslim feels that dogs are unclean!

Imagine the veterans returning from the Pacific and Europe after WW2.  Imagine if they returned to see the Government forcing the people to recognize same sex marriage, banning sodas, forcing all businesses to procure licenses?  What would it look like if seen all at once, rather than how we have observed it rolled out insidiously bit-by-bit?    All of the hideous transformation of the Great Republic in the Midst of the Seas was based upon the surrender of absolute sovereignty on one’s own property and with one’s property.   When the state requires a person to serve everyone if it serves anyone, on one’s own property the government is in effect claiming the absolute sovereignty over the property.  It “magnanimously”  leases it back to the “owner” with provisions.  Though not called a “lease”, fees for Business Licenses, and Professional Licenses are different in no appreciable way.  Additional provisions apparently can be anything whatsoever.  In democracy untrammeled by Constitutional Barriers, majorities determine what one may do on one’s own property, as well as determine innumerable caveats restricting the full enjoyment of one’s property.  .  One must make allowances for a horse?  Why not?  If the state can forbid one adult selling his own 16 oz. sweetened beverage to a willing adult purchaser, on his own property we are no longer a Free Country.  I am just old enough to recall my father and his generation reminiscing about WW2.  A commonly heard description that was both humorous and instructive about the German mindset was the blind obedience of crowds awaiting the traffic light to change at intersections in bombed out cities without traffic.   Yes, they’d swap stories on a summer weekend evening, the occasional snap and sizzle sound of a can of Schaeffer or Rheingold was opened with the church key.  How innocent we were then.  How much Liberty did we just take for granted?  We are the Germans, now.  We snap our seat belts reflexively, even moving the car down the driveway to wash it.  I live in nearly rural New England.  At night many traffic lights go through the green, yellow, red pattern all night long.  The one car at 3 AM with full view for miles left and right will usually await the green.  This is not what our fathers would have done.  Ridiculous Laws were “ipso facto” non-applicable.  This was not on the basis of any Political Philosophical position; just American commonsense.   A People who create a government to suit them, understand that the red light at 3 AM requires a stop and a look, but only the licker of boots patiently watches it cycle through its colors.  Our fathers called them Germans.  We call them Yuppies.

And we must ask ourselves, given the original Moral Imperative to banish racial discrimination, how has the Black Americans’ lives changed?  We have the middle class blacks who feel great psychological tension.  Drawn between the demand for racial solidarity on the one hand and the desire for themselves and their children to continue in the suburban middleclass drive for betterment, they are prey to racialist peddlers of toxic theology and political philosophy.  There is also the left behind.  The self-Ghettoized “minorities” (though that term absolutely does NOT include most minority groups!), are proudly ignorant of the philosophical explanations for their failure to escape the inner city “‘hood”.  Certainly a much larger percentage of whites are aware of Rev. Wright, than are the Gangstas.  They proudly display ignorance with their golden teeth.  The greater the ignorance the “better” the “hustla” must be, because any bling must necessarily be testimony to his street cred.

Even the increasing Black middle class is stigmatized by questions raised by affirmative action.  Ironically, it is from the Black Middleclass that college and other statistically evaluated institutions recruit their “fair” number of minorities.  The ones who really need a hand up, first off are street-educated to see that course as “selling out”, and second they have almost no chance at succeeding at college.

If we had been patient; and if we maintained the Constitutional integrity of property rights, we might have had a better outcome.  If the Government, at all levels limited its role to the legitimate sphere of guarantying free voting rights, and equal rights under the law, the rest would have evolved.  Most southern small towns and cities are black majority.  Freeing up and regularizing voting rights would have caused the rapid change over to Black Town councils, Black mayors, Black school boards.  Rather than using the courts to batter the way in to White majority schools, school boards responsive to the local community would insist on  proper school’s.  Many southern towns elect the sheriff.  A Black Sheriff would protect black enterprises springing up to serve the Black community.  Perhaps Black charities would arise and create capital to lend.  Suddenly, a town with a Black assembly, Mayor, School Board and sheriff might become a magnet for investors.

So what have we to show for the half century from the end of WW2 to now?  We have elected a Black President.   Instead of forging ahead beyond the racialist rhetoric, we have Democrats still just as fast to play the Racism card!  If the Attorney General refuses to release documents regarding Fast and Furious, and Congress finds him in Contempt, the Congressional Black Caucus and Tarawa Sharpton call Racism. Yes, the Attorney General is Black.  Any ideologic disagreement with this president’s unprecedented bid at undermining US sovereignty to INternational Organizations is of course “Racist”.  Any question of motives behind what appears to be the deliberate bankrupting of the United States through spending Trillions of borrowed money, is Racist.
We have managed to gain the worst of all worlds.  Thus it seems often to be when one compromises principles.   We allowed Private Property to become thought of as common wealth, with the actual owner merely a steward for the people.  Blacks have gained the freedom to walk into a small town drug store luncheonette, and now with a guide pony if so desired.  However, there are no more drug stores, let alone drug stores with luncheonettes downtown.  Too many regulations for Mom and Pop businesses.  One needs a Legal Division within the Company to do business.  I suppose, one can ride over the mall and find McDonalds; and certainly if one were to bet where the first guide pony will be seen, Mickey D’s would get my bet.  The very last non-franchise coffee shop will be unable to afford to bring the premises up to Pony Code.

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