Another Brick In The Wall Removed (Between State and Person) and Nurse Ratched’s Letter

The Taxing Power of Congress is the cover for forcing Americans to purchase products that are not desired, at costs that will be high enough to cover services that many will never choose to or need to purchase. 
Nothing like being scolded by the President of the United States in public, to your face, in the State of the Union to make the Court sit, roll over, give me your paw. 
Now, since we are all paying for each other’s “health care” we will obviously be told exactly how much soda is too much. 
When the SCOTUS strays into Tyranny, the avenues of peaceful redress are narrowed sharply. 
We will all have to buy plans that cover every medical condition the government states we must be covered for. Sexually Transmitted Diseases must be covered for the monogamous, as will Birth Control and Abortion for those who are morally opposed. All lawyered-up “professions” like Chiropractic will be included. I wonder if the Big Pharmaceutical Companies that helped write much of the Law’s details will cover Naturopathic services. Will Acupuncture be covered? Is it not evident that the Scientific Efficacy of what is to be covered will necessarily be replaced by considerations of Political Efficacy? 
Now that one MUST have an officially sanctioned Health Insurance Policy, what happens when all Health Insurance Coverage includes demands for vaccines, or for predictive tests on all covered, and on all fetuses? What if Health Insurance for pregnancy labor and delivery is denied to those with fetuses that gave positive results on disease-predictive testing? Oh, no one is saying that abortions will be forced on the mother-to-be of the positively tested fetus! Oh no, do not be concerned about that. After all we are not Red China. But :
We regret to inform you that because your fetal testing has revealed a positive predictive test for a condition associated with increased medical costs and poor quality of life, any costs accrued in the continued pregnancy labor and delivery other than those of pregnancy termination (or elective non-continuance of morbid fetal pregnancy) will not be covered. These costs can increase to very high levels and it is suggested that financial planning on the part of the expectant parental units be undertaken quickly before the window of discontinuance of morbid pregnancy closes.
Sincerely Ms Salem Ratched RN;
Dir. of Maternal and Child Wellness; Family WholeHealth Div. Individualized HealthCom Inc
A For A Better America Partnership Network Member”

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