White Caucus? Gun Grabbing?

Blacks are rallying to their AG.  Yes, he is black.  But there is also another factor at work.  Holder is in Contempt because he refuses to give up evidence that will inevitably link Fast and Furious to a devious scheme to make an end run around the 2nd Amendment.  First, ship in lots of American weapons to the drug cartels.  Allow nature to take its course, or perhaps even help it along.  When the death toll climbs “discover” that the “crisis” is due to guns bought in the USA.  Beat the drum for limiting firearm sales; push for the International Small Arms Treaty.  As a Treaty is perhaps as binding upon the government as the 2nd Amendment, they will have achieved a long-standing goal.  But, why do they wish us disarmed?  They always point to the occasional maniac firing into a crowd.  But, they are rare and overly trumped when they occur.  Ask a liberal why they support Gun Control.  You cannot get an answer.  They say things like, we do not need guns in this day and age.  So?  Even if “we” don’t (and I like how they become “we”), so, maybe we still want them.  We do not need the powerful guns available now for hunting.  What makes them believe they are for hunting?  And there is the unspoken Truth.  The only purpose is to defend oneself from the government or a breakdown in society.  The loathing of the brave by the coward is part of the anti-gun agenda.  The Black “Leadership” deal with the Democrat Plantation, welfare and affirmative action for delivering the vote.  And yes, Holder is black.  But, if Condi Rice were subpoenaed and refused to produce evidence, the silence from the Black Caucus would be deafening.
http://influencealley.nationaljournal.com/2012/06/black-lawmakers-plot-walkout-s.phpThe Congressional White Caucus has called a members-only “emergency” meeting on Thursday to plot a “walkout strategy” ahead of the scheduled emergency meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus.”   Can you imagine the righteous indignation at “the bald-faced racism on display in the nation’s Capitol”?
The celebrated expectation of the demise of a white majority in many states and very soon on the national level ought make such a White Congressional Caucus as politically acceptable as any other racially defined group. 
How dare they plot and exclude whites? In the wake of the Obama Election we were supposed to be entering a post-racial America. The Attorney General is refusing to provide requested documents to a Congressional investigation. How utterly stupid we must be! How pathetically afraid of being called Racist we must be. The election of a Black president, and appointment of a Black Attorney General surely must indicate that the common struggle of all Blacks and all those interested in Racial Justice has been successfully waged. Having won the White House means that black people’s interests can move from the commonality of seeking equal rights under the law, to reflect a more variegated set of interests. The black farmer in the rural south, the black State Employee in Michigan, the college student from a black upwardly mobile suburban family, the kept blacks on the Democrat Plantations of the Inner Cities, all have much more in common with their neighbors of other races and ethnicities than they do with each other! 
If the sound of ” The White Congressional caucus” sounds as intolerable to you as to me, then so too must the Black version! Their closed-ranks defense of the Attorney General is nothing more than primitive tribalism. 
Not one cent of Public Money should be used to support this racist caucus. Not one office in the Capitol should be set aside for the “Black Caucus”; not one cent for stationary bearing their racist designation, no official recognition as being a legitimate Congressional committee, not one concession should be made for them, unless an equivalent White Caucus would be equally treated.
Black Americans are equally affected by Gun and Drug violence emanating from Mexico. Drugs from Mexico have wreaked havoc upon inner city minorities.  Gang violence to establish territories have transformed many neighborhoods into places as violent as Baghdad or Gaza.   Law-abiding Black Americans are equally appalled at the attempt to overturn The Second Amendment’s recognition of the basic right of self-defense.  More than most, Black Americans recall that the first Gun Control Legislation was in the South, in the States that had made up the Confederacy.  Freed Blacks were “bad enough”.  But, armed and insistent at having their rights recognized was beyond what the white southerners could envisage.  The KKK’s night rides were meant to disarm former slaves.  The first Gun Laws also were aimed at the newly Freed Blacks.

So, one asks why the Black Liberal/Progressive Democrat Machine continues to partake in attempts at Gun Grabbing?  Another ethnic group that is largely in the pocket of the Left/Liberal Democrat Party is the Jewish People.  The Black and White imagery of trains, cattle cars, striped uniforms on skeletal bodies, tattooed arms, showers, hair collections, trenches where naked men and women were rushed along to the waiting shooters, wood palettes loaded with bodies brought into crematoria; how could it have happened?  Could not fifty men and women with absolutely nothing to lose overwhelm their captors, even briefly? Overwhelmed them and grabbed their guns? No.  Guns were mysterious to European Jewry.  Since the laws of Kashrut in essence make hunting game for food almost impossible, Jewish hunters were nonexistent.  Even if self-defense was motive enough, there was no need for it in civilized Germany.  In Russia, the Jewish Shtetls were painfully prostrate before any marauding horde of Cossacks.  Various theories are put forth.  Mainly, the fact that resistance to the Cossacks meant instant death, fathers, husbands, sons did not resist when their daughters wives and mothers were raped.  And if per chance the Jews drove off the Cossacks, they would return with stronger forces and massacre everyone.  So, was it just fatalism and the necessity to survive that explains the disgusting passivity?  Cowardice?

It is a fact that most American Jews from “Russia” who arrived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were from beyond the Pale.  The Pale was the entire swath of borderland to the west of Russia Proper.  Though part of the Russian Empire, these lands were not Russian.  Today they range from Estonia in the north, Latvia, Lithuania, eastern Poland, eastern Slovakia, eastern Hungary, Belarus, and the Ukraine.  Here Jews were barely tolerated.  In the eastern parts of the Pale, the western edge of the vast Asiatic Steppe began.  Here Jewish settlements took the form of isolated Shtetls.  These were isolated mostly self-sufficient towns set like islands in the grassy sea.  The Cossacks were like Pirates of the steppe.  They’d swoop in and rape, kill, and pillage and rob.   Our “Russian Jewish” ancestors were from this area.  It is perhaps this learned helplessness that informs their now maladaptive anti-Gun position.

But regardless  of etiology a fascinating chart found at the Web Site http://jpfo.org/pdf02/genocide-chart.pdf  This should grab the attention of every Black who believes the crap that this is a racist country; and every Jew who turns their nose up at the “in-bred Fly-Over goyiim with their guns and Bibles!

The chart above is about as clear cut a case as one can make.  The only reason the Left/ Progressive/ Democrat/Globalist side wants us disarmed is in order to make us as vulnerable as Jews in the Shtetls, or as Blacks after the Civil War with the KKK enforcing specific “gun control”.  I find it ironic that the two groups most associated with Gun Control in the US today are the very groups that ought to be armed to the teeth!

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