A Charlotte Ruse

A Charlotte Ruse

“Charlotte Democratic Mayor Anthony Foxx has laid out four so-called “legacies” for the convention to leave a positive impact on the city, including “Youth Employment and Civic Education,” “Healthy Children, Healthy Families,” “Building A Broader, More Inclusive Economy” and “Energy, Technology, Sustainability.””


Mayor FOXX: The role of legitimate municipal government is to provide Police, Fire Dept., Road maintenance, Parking regulations, local zoning, and, well, you know what I mean.  It is NOT a legitimate role of municipal government to involve itself in “youth employment and civic education“.

In a FREE COUNTRY employment occurs when a job needs to be done; not when it is desired.  Education is governed by local school boards.  They consist of elected individuals who have their own children’s welfare at heart.  And what is the “Civic” part of “education”?  I suspect it is not a rigorous course in Constitutional self-government befitting a moral republic.

“Healthy children, Healthy Families”?  Not even the absolute monarchs of Europe could command such a world.  King Canute, ruling over Viking Scandinavia and Britain demonstrated his lack of psychosis by showing his sycophants that the tide rolled in and out despite his commanding them to cease.  Not even Stalin could create Healthy Children and Healthy Families.  A middle-sized city and its mayor ought to be sure about the sewer system, which is hard enough!  The citizens are fully competent to raise their children in healthy lifestyles as they see fit.  Notice the “as they see fit” part; it means it is not within the scope of Municipal Government nor any level of Government to presume to care and know better than the children’s parents.  And it means that the children belong to their parents.  Not by tacit license under good behavior, but by the default position that families are the microcosm of self-government, and without the family having sovereignty over itself there is no Constitutional republic!  Or is that perhaps the goal?

“Building a Broader and More Inclusive Economy“: having checked with the list of legitimate interests of municipal government, I was unable to discover where the responsibility for building economies arises.

This is part of a major misunderstanding about the relationship of cities to the economy.  Cities developed organically.  For whatever reasons, location: at the confluence of trade routes, rivers, fords, lakes, mountain passes etc; at locations that afforded advantages in defense against attackers, whether Indians, Vikings, Goths, or whatever; around large institutions such as Universities, Cathedrals (more relevant in European history than ours), Military bases, etc. that require many services to be available.

On the eastern Seaboard of the USA there is a line traceable from Maine to Georgia.  It is the Falls-line, where the Appalachian highlands drop precipitously towards the coastal plain.  Falling water was one of the earliest sources of energy.  Up and down the Falls-line one can find old mill towns.  US route 202, for one follows much of this path.  This connects many old cities.  They developed as a consequence of waterpower, and their obvious accessibility to river transport.  Even non-navigable rivers present valleys through mountains and hills to accommodate roads.  Thus, when steam power was introduced the locale was still advantageous.  The mill town had already become the hub of a transportation system linking its raw materials to the market for its milled products.  The presence of water, and forests allowed the for steam power to quickly augment and replace waterpower.

The development of railroads, and internal combustion engines boosted the industrial revolution.  Still, these towns were well situated because of the roads, and railroads coursing through their valleys, the pre-placement of factories and a labor force familiar with mechanical manufacturing, and the growth of the entire host of services required by a population of workingmen and their families.  So long as industrial manufacturing and refining were a major component of the economy, these towns though perhaps somewhat grimy were bustling.  The old stone City Halls, libraries, churches; the occasional ornate theaters are now stranded like boulders left by a retreating glacier.  US Routes 202, 301 and the like connect these heartbreaks like a tarnished necklace now become a noose.  But Free Trade with slave-nations has its costs, not all are “merely” moral!
That was a tangent.  But when Mayors speak about “Building a Broader and More Inclusive Economy” the sheer ignorance necessary for that conceit is breathtaking!  Economies build cities, not the reverse!  Ask King Canute!
Inclusivity?  How does a Mayor build a more inclusive economy?  A mayor cannot build any economy, let alone an “inclusive” one.  How can people think in such obscenely totalitarian style and believe they are “liberal”?  Cities arose organically and will die back as a tree when its roots are cut off.  Want to “build” the economy: question the blind devotion to Free Trade! Want to create Potemkin villages, do what so many of the old mill towns have done.  Level the old “eye-sore” industrial area.  It is only a rusting wasteland anyway.  Go The State Capital and ask for “redevelopment funds”.  Have the State government go to Washington and ask for an “Investment In The Future”.   Always watch for the word “vibrant” it always appears in the Mission Statements created by “Private-Public Partnership For Tomorrow”-type organizations.  “Vibrant” describes the new downtown, replete with a Major Sports Team, Up-Scale Shopping, Enticing Restaurants and Nightlife, a Riverwalk (remember these old towns were built on rivers), and Public Summer Concerts “!”. (It also describes what a vibrator does to the place it sometimes finds itself, whether it gives consent or not!)
“Inclusive” , refers to the Federal Requirement that a certain percentage of contracts be given to Minority Groups.  These groups, like ACORN become centers of patronage.  They have plum jobs to give to uneducated “disadvantaged” yutes and young adults.  The empty Arenas need security men and women.  On days when the minor league Home Team plays, or when the Showstoppers Dance Competition comes to town, innumerable useless security men and women guard the doors to be certain no one brings in a Starbucks coffee or a Fuckin’ Donut.  No, the Arena has sold exclusionary concession rights to some friend of ACORN and they have their own coffee to sell thank you very much!

“Energy, Technology, Sustainability” The middle-sized city’s municipal government has made a commitment to a cleaner, greener tomorrow!  This translates into closing the streets parallel to Main Street to all but pedestrian traffic. Cobblestoned streets lined with fake gaslight lamps, absolutely no benches long enough for a homeless person to sleep on, and dying evergreens in cement planters chained to the pavement leads past empty storefronts.  Oh, there is a CVS!  Oh, but it, like everything else here in the vibrant downtown is closed on weekends.  It turns out that the only people who come here are the ones that are paid to work here.  Yes, the New City Hall is here, in its glass and cement Stalinist architecture, the Old stone-built Hall is condemned, but one can buy crack in the weed-choked parking lot out back.
Oh, and The Bicycles; we must not forget the bicycles!  They were provided by North Carolina Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Whenever I see a pathetic gesture like this, by a private company currying favor with The Party it makes me sad and angry!  I know Blue Cross Blue Shield is eager to be replaced by a National Health Plan; because who wouldn’t be in favor of  ”healthy children and healthy families”?   Who would dare?  But the bicycles will help by keeping the riders healthier and since “we are all in this together now, their health decisions are ours!” we all benefit.  (Except of course the bike riders who ride in the rain and get sick with pneumonia, or hit by a natural gas-powered truck; but whatever, it is the gesture that counts.  And besides no one is going to be riding them to the Convention!  Imagine middle-aged mid-level divorced female bureaucrats riding bikes to The DNC in their carefully thought out wimmins’suits, that must simultaneously evoke competence, authority, sympathy for the poor, defense of the “right to choose”, and a feminine touch, a broach, ala Madeleine Halfbright, or a well placed headscarf ala “Hill” when traveling in Muslim lands. [The wimmin all refer to Her as Hill, implying they are BFF’s with the former first lady cum Secretary of State])
I must return back to the energy sustainability, sorry for the brain emission.  Is brain gas considered a Green House Gas?  If so my footprint is very big!  And growing.  I am a veritable Yeti of a Bigfoot!
Sustainable like “vibrant” is a word that should alert one to proximity of bullshit.  It is such a neutral and kindly word.  It means an energy policy that closes coal-powered electricity plants.  Despite the fact that the USA is one of the richest countries in coal, we may not use it.  The technology is already available remove the actual pollutants from burning coal.  However, just to prove that reducing air pollution and acid rain was an excuse and not the reason for attacking Coal, the EPA has listed CO2 as a pollutant.  It is not a pollutant in any sense of the word, as we understand.    It does cause illness of any kind at the levels relevant to this issue.  It has been much higher in the remote past.  Global Warming is not happening.  It stopped warming at the end of the 20th century.  The Sun drives the earth’s temperature. Volcanism emits more noxious gases than humanity would ever succeed in doing; even if the CEO of “Helliburton” himself, whose name we must not utter were to become President of the USA.
“Sustainable” to these people means solar, wind, bio.  None of these are remotely capable of driving an industrial modern nation.  But, they mean diminish our access to cheap energy and reduce our lives to fit whatever energy solar, wind and bio can produce.  They are willing and eager to diminish the earth’s population by 2/3.  That is what they really mean when they say “sustainability”.  They see us as a cancer on the planet.  The pathetic mayor of Charlotte does not even know he and Charlotte are doomed to their fate.  Like the song “Bikepath to Hell”!

How could I have wasted a morning on the first headline I saw today?  Because this small story is as revealing as the leaked East Anglia University climate lies!
The assumptions under which the Democrat Party and the Moderate Republicans operate are false.  They are not accidentally false, based on incorrect data.  They are deliberately false.  Their assumptions are that wild humanity is a disease on the planet.
They believe we must be domesticated and culled.  A large industrial America is no longer required for their happiness.  The elites are happy to let China do the dirty work, and to allow poor Charlotte and all the other small to medium cities dry up and blow away.
This mayor, and the constituents of the Democrat party need to understand that globalization means their impoverishment, if not their outright death!  That this energy     policy coupled with free trade is designed to deliberately destroy America.

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